Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's Up Saturday?

I made this block yesterday for Helen of FCQ Equilters.  Helen sent us each a fat quarter and said to make a block up to 18" as she is going to make bags with the blocks.  I suspect we all got different fabrics too.  I LOVED the print fabric I got.  I used a block called Tumbleweeds that was in an early 1990's book from Eleanor Burns.  The directions seem really strange but the end results are always great!  There is a lot of waste with the method but, heh, those parts all seem to end up so perfect! Honest, the red borders match the print better than the camera shows!

Today I had a community association meeting.  Once home I got a wild hair to clean. (Quick, feel my forehead, maybe I have a fever!) Anyway, Pat and I moved furniture, I vacuumed.  We rolled up the rug, I vacuumed some more. We turned the rug.  Then we got out two different mops and started mopping the hard wood floors.  The whole downstairs is this gorgeous hardwood flooring.  I haven't washed it in ages (well, not true, I washed part of it last week.) Anyway, we got the great room, kitchen and sitting room done.  I did part of the bedroom (where lots of little dog paws always show up.)  Now, I am too pooped to move.  I'm going to take a slight reading break.  

After that I am in charge of making a boat sling.  Should be interesting and probably not all that hard either.  I'll show pictures if the thing works!  Pat made the frame, all I have to do is the fabric.  On to a bit of reading and then maybe the sling.  

Happy Quilting All  

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