Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wiener Mobile

Kim -- this one's for you. Plus you need a laugh. (no dogs were hurt during this event.)

Kim at Kim's Big Quilt Adventure commented that Oscar G. Mayer chairman of the meat company that bears his name, died in early July at the age of 95. She included a picture of the famous, or is that infamous, Wienermobile. When I saw this I laughed and decided to dedicate this post to Kim for her astute surfing abilities.
This is from USA Today, July 18th. Want to read the whole article? Click on the title/date link.

Very little quilting is getting done around here and yep that Hanky Challenge deadline is looming big -- like Monday. The only thing I am working on is it.

I succeeded in getting into Scranton to buy dog food. Raggs won't be starving this time. And, I bought yarn for a baby sweater that needs to be done in about 3 weeks. YIKES.

With no further ado, I wish every one, Happy Quilting.

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  1. I liked the part of the story where is said something about the driver thinking she was backing up but was really going forward. If you're driving around in a hot dog, IS THERE REALLY A FRONT AND BACK AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!!! LOL!


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