Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Stash Report

September Stash Report

Fabric Acquired:9 1/2 yards
Fabric Used: 5 1/2 yards
Net Fabric Acquired  : 4 yards

Year To Date Report
Fabric Acquired:  37 3/4 yards
Fabric Used: 35 yards
Net Fabric Acquired:  2 3/4 yards  (OOPS!) 

This is late because I've been off at a quilt retreat.  Internet access was so slow -- rather sew than wait for the internet to come up.  

Really, there is an excuse for buying 9 + yards of fabric -- borders.  You all remember the million pieces quilt, right?  I've picked an inner and outer border for it.  Hopefully I'll get those on soon.  I have a big piece of fabric for the background but will need to add to it so it is big enough.  Then some quilting, a bunch of binding and a finish.  I'm optimistic this will get done in October.  And, wow, what a big finish that would be!

I've finished all of this quilt except the eyes and mouths on the girl and cat.  This will be a donation to my local guild for a local hospital to use in the NICU.  I wouldn't normally make a hand applique quilt for charity but this little girl was a long time UFO.  I was able to buy some additional green and a brown to make a couple more rows of border to make it a smallish baby quilt.  I'm happy to have her done and, soon, out of the house.  I'll get a full picture after I get the faces on.  

Retreat was wonderful.  I'll have some photos of what I was working on and some of the other fun things we did.  

Now, I'm off to read a little and take a nap.  I'm adding "bring my own pillow" to my list of what to bring on a retreat.  

Happy Quilting All! 

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