Monday, April 11, 2011

A Reason to the Rising Cotton Prices

I found this blog from Sabra at that talks about the many reasons cotton fabric prices are going up (and up.)  I knew of the weather problems and a bit about India and China not exporting as much but the concept of a soft dollar hadn't crossed my mind.  Transportation costs have continued to rise.  If you'd like to get a better idea of some of the things that are impacting our cotton fabric check out this FabricLoversBlog.  I, unfortunately, peg how high cotton fabric is getting from my time in the mid 90's working at a quilt store. Cheaper quilt store fabrics were about $6 a yard.  The high end stuff was about $8 and I seldom would even consider that fabric.  So that makes today's prices seem outrageous.  And, might be why I do tend to use the stash rather than buy fabric. 

That said, I personally assisted the economy today with a little internet shopping for clothes.  And, a little shopping at JoAnns for two pieces of cotton.  One is going to be used for the backing of this quilt. 

 The other is a white on white that I was getting low on. (Darn, I didn't read the coupons correctly so I didn't get 50% off of each of them.) But it wasn't all that bad.  

Yikes.  I never post twice in one day but I was impressed with that article about cotton prices.  So, there you go, two in one day.  

Happy Quilting 

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