Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooking not Quilting

Today Jen and I are hostessing a bridal shower for Aimee.  I volunteered to do cupcakes for the event.  (Hey, I live next door to a former bakery owner, I'm no dummy!) This morning I went over to Jennie's house for lessons in baking and decorating cupcakes. (yes, it is very confusing having a daughter, Jen or Jenny and a next door neighbor Jennie!)  The chosen flavor is lemon.  Here's what we did. 

 We started with a Duncan Hines lemon cake mix.  Yum! 

Here they are just out of the oven.  

Jennie put in some wonderful lemon filling in them before they were frosted.

Jennie is showing me how to frost them with a bit of panache. 

How many cupcakes? 

Jennie then put a little yelllow dab in the middle.  Very nice looking cupcakes.  (And, almost professional looking!) 

All done and ready to take home. I let Pat sample one last night.  Well, my idea was to split one between us but before I knew what happened the cupcake I gave him was gone.  I got my own cupcake and cut it in half and the second half vanished somewhere near Pat also.  My half was fabulous, if I do say so myself.  

A big thank you to Jennie for teaching me how to frost cupcakes with quite a professional look.  Notice I'm not letting you have a close up view! (honest, I just forgot to take a closeup.  Maybe I'll get one at the shower tomorrow.)

On the quilt front I did get all the hand quilting done on the doll quilt.  Tomorrow I hope to get the binding on and sewn down.  Then I can put it in the mail to Australia on Monday. Then I need to do some serious work on getting a quilt or two done as the month is almost over and I will have to share my fabric ins and outs.  

Happy Quilting All (and baking too!) 


  1. They look just beautiful, and I'll bet they were yummy!

  2. They look very professional to me, Bonnie!! Have fun at the shower!

  3. My cupcakes always stick to the liner and are a huge mess to eat. Did your baker friend give any tips on how to avoid that?

    I like the idea of adding a filling to the cupcakes. I bet they are yummy!


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