Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Retreat Report

 Sharon and MaryBeth are goofing off in the room before the sewing begins... 

There was a lot of tracing, cutting, ironing, cutting and layering before the project took shape.  This is the beginning of the sun and moon.  

Mr. Sun is getting more face detail.  

Sheila Reiss designed this wall hanging and taught the class.  Although some of us complained about how much prep work went into it we are thrilled with our projects. Sheila lives in Maryland and would be happy to teach at your guild or retreat.  Drop me a note if you would like her email address.  She's had several pieces accepted in the Hoffman challenge the last few years. 

Here's the background fabrics with the template/drawing we worked from. Everyone got to the point of stitching down the pieces. (Inlcuding me!)  

Here are our projects.  That's me on the bottom right with the loose heads.  I decided I wanted to do the satin stitch on the sunburst before I put the faces down.  

Enough sharing for today.  Not every one was doing this project.  I'll post what others were working on soon. Today I need to work on making some bridal shower invitations.  Hopefully it won't take all that long. And, then I hope to get some quilting done.  Hum, note to self take some photos of what I bought when we visited 2 quilt stores.  (yep, I bought some fabric -- not good for stash busting but fun!) 
Happy quilting all! 


  1. Beautiful work! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Wow, I feel famous, LOL. Had such fun last weekend!

    Mary Beth looks familiar...are you from the Philadelphia PA area by any chance?


  4. What a fun project, and sounds like a fun time too! Thanks for sharing, LOVE the sun's face.

    - Mary


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