Monday, July 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday 7-14-2014

Yes, I did get a little sewing done this week.  But, no I'm not showing off anything on my design wall.  I got the rows together on a charity quilt.  I made one more star from the mystery quilt event from June.  What I really did was travel.  Pat and I were babysitters for Natalie so we headed up to Maryland on Monday.  I was able to sneak out to 3 quilt shops with Sharon and then on to a Faithful Circle Quilters meeting. 

The people behind the Row By Row Experience really know their stuff.  I have been adding to my stash this past week.  Pat and I took Natalie to Capital Quilts to pick up their very cute row and the kit for it. I'll make it up eventually and share it with you.  Natalie did very well but why not, her mommy is a quilter too and I'm sure she has been in a quilt store before.  Doesn't Natalie look cute with  her mom?  Jenny made the little peplum shirt using a piece of her purple short stack.  (Hey, I liked my short stacks so much I gave her a subscription for several months. And, now she has started her own subscription until she's gotten all 12 colors.) 

We had to come home Wednesday as I was shop hopping with friends on Thursday.  We often travel the dreaded I-95 getting between Maryland and home.  But checking the real time traffic on I-95 that morning there was no way we were going on that road.  It had long back ups half way to Richmond.  So, off we went to come home the back way.  Pat casually asked if I wanted to hit any quilt shops on the way down.  Well, sure thing!  We were able to go to two more.  I really enjoyed shopping at Kelly Ann's Quilting.  Heck, even Pat had a good time.  I walked out with way too many things including two nifty patterns. (I sure hope I make something from each of these patterns!) 

Thursday I joined 3 other gals and off we went to  Threads Run Through It, Rose Patch Creations and JoJo's.  Well, darn if I didn't need to get fabric just about everywhere I looked!  Without further ado, here's my stash additions. These 3 are going to become baby quilts. 

And now some more.  The train fabric will go in Rose Patch Creation's row.  (but definitely not with the pink!)  The red will become part of a backing.  Blue is going into another row. 

And, finally, a few fat quarters that were too good a deal to pass up. 

One day when I went outside to talk to Pat and found him eyeing this wildlife! 

We asked a few neighbors about the type of snake he (she) is.  Turns out it's a Eastern Garter snake -- thus not poisonous.  He is living in a bush in the front. Not too many people come to our front door so no problem.  I'm sure he eats things we'd like to be rid of.  Hopefully, he won't invite his mother, wife and the kids to join him there! 

As always, I'm linking up with Patchwork Times.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. We came across a garter snake on our walk yesterday.
    Your new fabric looks scrumptious, especially the green/white dots!

  2. What a great quilt shop hopping trip!

    Not a fan of snakes, even the harmless ones. I don't know why that is. . . might have to do with having brothers who would wrap them around my neck when I was little - YIKES! :) Boys!

  3. Okay, the snake is a bit more than creepy: I can't stand any kind of snake. You wouldn't catch me anywhere near this fella or his family.

    Great stash enhancements!

  4. For all the shop hopping you did, your acquisitions were pretty restrained, so you did really well there. Looks like you'll have lots of fun stuff to play with.

    Love that purple shirt on Natalie, it's very cute with that yellow skirt.


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