Monday, July 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday 7-7-2014

 Are you participating in the Row by Row Experience? I am to a degree.  Saturday I went to my local quilt shop, Quilter's Corner, to pick up their row pattern.  I decided to buy the kit for this as the elements were already fused and cut out.  Let's make life really easy here! This picture was taken before I did the stitching. I buttonhole stitched around these pieces.  I used silver thread around the snowflakes which make them pop nicely.  Right now it is missing the little berries and leaves on the branch and the beak of the bird.  I will work on this this week to finish it. 

For those who haven't heard, the Row by Row Experience is a new type of Shop Hop.  There are no passports and no costs unless you buy the kit some stores are offering.  Stores across the US and some in Canada are participating by offering a free row pattern. I'm going out one day this week with a group of friends and we're hitting 3 stores together.  While I am in Maryland the next few days I hope to hit 3 more stores. The theme of the rows this year is Seasons.  That explains the cute cardinal and snowflakes in Quilter's Corner's row.  I've seen some very cute rows for summer offered by some of the quilt stores near beaches.  You can only get them by going in person to pick them up. So when you are traveling this summer check the website to see what stores near your itinerary are participating.   

I wasn't immersed in quilting this week as I usually am.  I'm making progress on several projects but not enough to show new pictures.  So, the goals show limited success but definitely forward progress.  This week has a lot going on so I don't anticipate lots of progress either. 

Week of June 30, 2014
Finish quilting fish quilt√ at least 2/3rd done
Bind fish quilt OOPS – binding is ready at least!
Keep sewing Dresden plates to background√
Make star blocks for Mystery of Powhatan√ not finished but I make one or two a day
Make sample block and write direction for BOM√

Clean house for a neighborhood July 4th party√
Week of July 7, 2014
Stop by several quilt stores to pick up their rows for the Row by Row Experience
Finish quilting fish quilt
Bind fish quilt
Finish sewing the last 3 dresden plates to the background
Guild meeting this week
Visit the grands and babysit a day
Make last block for the charity quilt

I leave you with a Bear and Husky hanging around a little tumbler flag quilt.

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Happy Quilting All! 

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