Thursday, June 4, 2015

Twas the Night Before Retreat

and we're all in our beds about to dream of piecing, quilting, laughing and sharing.  I arrived safely at Sharon's house in decent time but with a bunch of rain off and on during the drive.  Luck was on my side because traffic on I 95 wasn't bad.  After doing a little shopping at the local mall, or at least trying to shop, I headed over to Sharon's house reading on my cell phone while I waited for her to come home.  

I still can't show everyone what I've been working on over the past few days so let me start my own personal rant about Captchas.  Blogger has upgraded from the poorly visible numbers to pictures.  Except the pictures aren't all that clear on smaller devices.  Sometimes they want you to find all of the pizza in number of pictures.  I'm squinting and thinking is that pizza or is it spaghetti. Or maybe it's really chocolate cake.  I guess I have old eyes.  The following pictures are screen shots I took Monday as I visited various blogs.
Is that bread in the middle or ???

Hum, upper right -- hamburger or a piece of cake? 

This one was easier because most of the drinks were really obvious.  When I eliminated the drinks food was left.  
I've learned by trial and error that I can usually identify two to three of the items and it is enough to get the computer to realize I am a human and let me post my comment.  I don't particularly like captchas but I understand why folks want them.  I choose not to and I end up getting comments that really are ads.  Luckily, Blogger has pretty good security that identifies the ads before they post to a blog.  I check my email coming in and won't approve any comment that blatantly asks someone to go to their site.  If I know the person and recognize the web site, then I'll approve the comment.  Otherwise comments asking you to visit their site don't get approved.   I'm officially off of my rant about captchas and I feel so much better!  Can you figure out the pictures?  Or is it my crummy eyes? 

Tomorrow Sharon and I are heading to the Eastern Shore by about 8:15 am.  We're meeting a friend for breakfast and then we hope to arrive at the retreat site by about 10:30 and be sewing before lunch.  I've brought 3 projects and some fabric to make some blocks.  I'm hoping I'm focused enough to get one, maybe two, projects to top stage. The third project I' hope to get the units made into blocks.  We'll see whether I've brought more than what I can accomplish or not.  

Happy Quilting All!


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  3. I detest those picture captchas, too, especially the sushi one. I almost prefer the blurry numbers.

    Have fun at the retreat and take lots of photos to share.

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  5. I prefer the pictures to the blurry numbers, but I don't usually use my phone for commenting. Hope your retreat was a lot of fun and very productive.


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