Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not Quilting but Cute

I've actually been quilting a lot this week.  YEA!  But what I have to share are two cute snowmen Diana and I made.  She had already made one and I really wanted one too.  I spent the morning with her yesterday and we each made one.  Here's mine.
And, here's Diana's. It will look really nice with her original snowman which is made on a Pringles can. 

And here they are together.  I used a Pringles can and Diana had an old Slim Jim container.  I think we may need to find something else to do together as we had a great time.  We bought the same kit for making berry baskets while on vacation (separate vacations, go figure!) so that may be our next effort.  We  decided to wait until the cooler days of fall to work on them.

Next up two cute snowmen! 

I'm hoping to post again tomorrow with a finished quilt!  Now, back to quilting. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Design Wall Monday 7-21-2014

It's Monday again! Wow ... this week went flying by and I didn't get all that much done in the studio.  Saturday I was able to visit one store on the way to Kevin and Aimee's.  That may become a normal stop as it isn't all that far from their house.  We had a fun time visiting and playing with Ellie.  Check her picture out at the bottom of the post.  She is just a happy girl and easy to be around. Rumor has it she was awake crying for an hour overnight but Pat and I slept through it.

Here's what's been getting worked on recently. I have only one more basket to sew on to the background.  I tried putting the handle on and sewing one together.  Hum, I'm going to need to make sure the handle is evenly rounded.  But I am happy that the whole idea actually works.  I'd like to get all the handles done and blocks made this week.

I've been working on the row from Rose Patch Creations.  I didn't buy the kit, only a piece of the fabric with the winter scene on it.  Kim had a much better blue than mine.  Mine seems a bit too grey.  But it does have some wonderful snowflakes on it.  And, I am happy to use a bit of fabric I've had for many years! It still needs a border of the blue and then it will be done.

I joined Kay at Quilter's Corner to attend an Anita Gooddesign session.  They are running a monthly session where you make a couple of projects and get the designs on a disk with instructions.  I was really taken with this little bear done on paper.  Hum, maybe I could do this for my Christmas cards this year.  Of course, I would need to start NOW to do it. And, I might change how they chose to do it.  There was a second design on the disk that was very nice but would be a lot less time consuming. He would also look good on a sweatshirt for Sophie, Natalie or Ellie.  Well, he might be too big for anything for Ellie yet. 

Surprisingly, I did get something done on most of my goals but definitely not all of them.  This week I hope to stay focused on my quilting.  Well, at least most of the week. 

Week of July 14, 2014
Make up a couple of the rows from the Row by Row Experience√ one almost finished
Finish the fish quilt sigh, not worked on
Make some more star blocks from the mystery quilt
Keep working on the Dresden baskets
Visit Ellie! √√
Sew the charity quilt together and plan backing fabric

Week of July 21, 2014
Make the Rainbow Color Challenge Block – red
Finish the fish quilt (quilt and bind!)
Get all handles on Dresden baskets
Make backing for charity quilt
Continue making star blocks for mystery quilt
Make a snowman decoration at Diana’s
Make the 3 yards, 3 baby quilts quilt

I'm connecting with Patchwork Times.  And, now, it's time to get my day going!

Happy Quilting All! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Goals, But a Bit Late

I had every intention of posting my goals Tuesday after not putting them in my normal Monday post. Um, forgot all about it.  So here it is Friday and I've finally realized that I haven't posted any goals yet.  Heck, most of my week is over and I have made some progress on the goals but not as much as I had hoped. 

Let's start with last week's goals.  
Week of July 7, 2014
Stop by several quilt stores to pick up their rows for the Row by Row Experience
Finish quilting fish quilt oops!
Bind fish quilt double oops!!
Finish sewing the last 3 dresden plates to the background Again, oops athough I did work on them a bit.
Guild meeting this week
Visit the grands and babysit a day

Make last block for the charity quilt

Week of July 14, 2014
Make up a couple of the rows from the Row by Row Experience
Finish the fish quilt
Make some more star blocks from the mystery quilt
Keep working on the Dresden baskets
Visit Ellie!
Sew the charity quilt together and plan backing fabric

I have a distinct feeling that poor fish quilt is not getting finished this week. Sigh. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we were southwest of Richmond and, yep, you guessed it, we hit two more quilt shops on the Row by Row Experience!  First we went to Smith Mountain General Store which has a quilt shop in the basement. The General Store has beautiful merchandise upstairs -- I really wanted to buy a great tea pot but decided I might have a really hard time finding some place to put another tea pot. Downstairs is a full service quilt store.  I was tickled to pick up a nice book with various hand embroidery stitches in it.  Of course I also picked up the row, and got an idea.   Do you do this?  You see a tile floor and think it would be a great quilt block?  I'll keep you posted if I make a block like this floor. 

The drive up to Roanoke was only 45 minutes or so. Of course we could swing up to check out another shop!   Creative Quilting Connection is a lovely shop where, um, er, I did buy another piece of fabric!  I think I mentioned I had bought a pattern or two at one of the shops I hit earlier?  Well, I bought some fabric to make the table runner.  Now to schedule some time in the studio to actually do some sewing!  I'm hoping to hit a couple of shops this weekend.  Sorry, I should have asked Pat to smile, he was trying to hold the row so I could get a good picture of it.  I would suggest you take pictures of the store's rows as a lot of time the pictures on the directions are not in color.  It took about 12 stores before I realized it! 

Today I am heading out again to meet a friend for lunch and head to Hancock's Fabrics.  The local store is closing because the are opening a bigger store farther away.  I don't go to Hancock's all that often so I won't miss it a lot.  Who knows, maybe I'll find some fantastic fabric at a ridiculous low price today.  (Yea, like I really need more fabric!)  

Despite my lack of sewing time this week I do hope I get all the dresden plate baskets sewn to the background by hand.  Heck, I only have 1 1/2 baskets to do so there is a good possibility that will get done.  Then I can start sewing the rick rack handles on to the backing so that I can put the blocks together.  Check back on Monday to see if I've gotten any more sewing done. 

Happy Quilting All!