Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday Meandering 8 - 14 - 2017

Here's what I've done this week:
I finished binding this and it is on the table. Do you put labels on your finished table runners or toppers?  I've put one on this but I haven't sewn it completely down.  I'm thinking I might want to use the reverse side sometime so I'm considering removing the label.  Scroll down this page to see what the reverse looks like. 

I've got one set of threads to tie off on this wall hanging and then it is time to find a backing and quilt it.  Now I wonder if I want to make another project from this Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts.  I'm planning on quilting on Bernie rather than the long arm.  It shouldn't take all that long once I get started.  I will also be using a wider binding as the butterfly at the top will get lost under the hanger I plan to use so a wider binding should help her show.  

FYI -- both of these quilts were made from my scraps, except the binding on the table topper.  I ran out of the navy blue Kona.  Once it was replenished I was able to finish this off. 

The weather at the beach was pretty iffy for most of the days we were there.  (Heck, we were only there for 48 hours and we got to the beach both days.) The humidity was relatively low until the day we left.  Unfortunately, Natalie was sick when we got there.  It turns out that a fever and throwing up are symptoms of strep throat which is what she had.  Who knew?  Jenny had plenty of ear infections and strep as a child but neither of us remember any nausea.  Natalie is well on the road to recovery now. 

Because I planned my goals for the amount of time I had available I was able to check off every item on the list this week. 
Aug 7, 2017
Finish the floral wallhanging to top stage
Bind orange and blue table topper
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Enjoy a few days with the grands at the beach√]

And now this coming week . . . 
Aug 14, 2017
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Make backing for floral wallhanging
Cut out a Streak of Lightening Quilt
Make Flying Geese blocks for retreat
Quilt geese and flowers wall hanging

If I can keep focused this week I should be able to get a little done on each project. 

I'm linking up with my regular group of linky parties: Monday Making, Moving It Forward and Main Crush Monday. I'll check in Monday morning to add links to the other two blogs.  I'm so proud of myself when I can get my blog written Sunday evening.  Usually I'm taking pictures on Monday morning and then writing.  I just realized that Oh Scrap is up on Sunday so why haven't I been linking to it?  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Monday Meanderings 8 - 7 - 2017

Late in July I finished a really old UFO, A Tisket, A Tasket.  It was designed by Bunny Hill Designs and was a free block of the month in 2009. The whole pattern is for sale now.  I was surprised that there is a new Christmas block of the week going on at Bunny Hill Designs. I'm saving them but heaven knows I don't need another Christmas quilt.  A Tisket, A Tasket is all hand appliqué in quilting cottons and some wool.  There was a lot of hand embroidery which I also enjoyed.  After looking at all the wonderful designs I realized I could use a new appliqué wall hanging for Easter.  Hum... 

Here it is hanging in the guest room. I won the quilt on the bed from Northern Virginia Quilters Unlimited show in 2001.  I attended the show with a group of guild buddies and as I walked in I stopped to buy tickets (6) for the quilt.  No one else bought tickets. You have to buy tickets to win!  I try to support guilds by buying raffle quilt tickets -- especially if I like the quilts.  Do you buy raffle quilt tickets? 
Current projects are being moved forward!  Here's a peak at the table topper that is almost done.  It just needs binding. (Actually, it still needed trimming when I took this picture.) 
And the back which shows off the quilting quite well.  I can imagine using this side if I'm tired of the orange and navy! (Most photos on the blog can be enlarged.) 
It was part of my goals list this past week.  I'm very happy with my overall progress from last week.  
July 31, 2017
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Get serious on finishing floral wallhanging
Figure out and quilt the orange and navy table topper
Make a fabric box
Here's what's going to be worked on this week.  
Aug 7, 2017
Finish the floral wallhanging to top stage
Bind orange and blue table topper
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Enjoy a few days with the grands at the beach

I'm linking up with my regular Monday linky parties:  Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving it Forward.  I enjoy spending time during the week looking at what others are doing across the internet.  I'll update inactive links as I find they are available. 

That's it for me today.  
Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Stashbusting Stats and One Monthly Goal

Another month when I've used more fabric than I brought in!  Ok, I only used 1/2 yard more than I bought but at least it is using more than I'm bringing in.

Fabric In Month
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

I'm hoping I can control myself this month and not go wild buying fabric. I was at my LQS today but couldn't decide what I wanted to use with the spool blocks  swap from the retreat in May.  So I didn't get anything. Amazing! 
Floral Wallhanging start.

It's time to make a goal for the one monthly goal.  I've decided to work on the floral wall hanging. I've been ignoring it for too many weeks months.  I'm hoping to get all the pieces fused down and zigzagged (or blanket stitched) around them. I'd love to get it finished but I don't hold out much hope for doing that.  We are going to be traveling a bit this month so it may cut into my stitching time.  

I'd like to get this done early in the month so I can hang it before fall comes. I'm tired of the Fourth of July wall hangings. 

I have been making progress on the Christmas Trip Around the World.  All four strata are sewn.  I need to go back to Confessions of a Fabric Addict to figure out the next step. (If you want to see the directions for Sarah's Trip Around the World Quilt Along scroll down to the Blog Archive and click on July. Then click on the first day of the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop. The directions are at the bottom of each post.)  I'll show pictures of mine once I get a quarter done.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks! 

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, Elm Street Quilts goal setting, and Can I Gt a Whoop Whoop?  Be sure to take a break and check out others' blogs.

Happy Quilting All. Bonnie 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Meandering 7 - 31 - 2017

What?  Who said we are more than half way done with 2017?  Yikes the time does seem to fly by.  I'm happy to say that July was a really productive month for me.  I met my OMG mid month so I went on to finish the entire Grid Lock quilt.  I am tickled with how it turned out.  My friend Beth and I auditioned a lot of colors for the two borders and we both liked the pale yellow with the turquoise.  I think it really lightens the whole look of the quilt.  I took it out this morning for a photo shoot on the deck.  

I used a Pellon 60/40 batt for this quilt.  I really like how it allows the quilting to show off.  Do you notice a small blue square on the white square on the left side of the quilt?  OOPS!  That's painter's tape that I use to mark the next row after I finish a row of quilting.  I never even noticed that while taking pictures.  Most of them I had already removed.  Sigh. The design is Ginger Flower by Apricot Moon. This is one of my go to designs along with Ginger Snap and Ginger Star.  It always quilts out nicely and it doesn't require fill-in at the top or bottom of the quilt because it is a straight line across the top and bottom.  I haven't bought Ginger Skeeter (yes mosquitos!), Ginger Ice (snowflakes) and Ginger Flight (butterflies.) Although I may add Ginger Ice at some point.   
I was ecstatic to find a backing that would go with the quilt front.  I bought this fabric from Connecting Threads years ago.  Those are little "asterisk" symbols on the back.  Hum, that backing goes really well with our patio furniture.  I didn't quite have enough fabric so I used another piece of fabric in the bottom section.   On one hand I hated to use it on the back of a quilt since it is so gorgeous.  But I realized I'd had it in my stash for 10+ years so I might as well use some of it!  The binding is Kona navy blue. (FYI -- I didn't write down the name of the blue so that is describing it rather than naming it.  I was looking online at JoAnns and was surprised to see about 3 colors that could be what I bought. BTW -- it's on sale now.) 
I use MS Word to make my labels and print it on our inkjet printer.  I've begun to give credit to the pattern designer on some of my labels.  Most of the time when I make a label I have lots of excess room left and I don't want to waste my label sheet.  So I've been making a few labels with just my name, location and the year.  I've got about 4 of them hanging around but haven't used them.  Must make a few more small items so I can put them to use! 

I was really working from my goal list this week.  Most of the items got check marks.  My goals often repeat, such as the quilt on the Civil War quilt.  I'm using the goals to get something specific accomplished.  Sometimes I can finish a project off with one or two listings but most of the time I'm going to repeat the goal until I'm done with it no matter how long it takes unless I get distracted!  Are you motivated by a weekly/monthly/yearly goal list?  
July 24, 2017
Make backing for Grid Lock
Quilt Grid Lock
Bind A Tisket, A Tasket
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Do something on the floral wallhanging oops!
Make a fabric box

This week's list looks shorter because I finished several quilts. (Yippee!) I am still deciding about August's One Monthly Goal.  It may be the floral wall hanging... or I might pull out a UFO or ... Here's my list which will start August .
July 31, 2017
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Get serious on finishing floral wallhanging
Quilt and bind the orange and navy table topper
Make a fabric box

That's it for me except to tell about the fabulous weather we are having here in the Mid Atlantic states.  It's been cool in the morning and evenings with reasonable humidity.  Temps are in the mid 80s which makes the days wonderful.  We've even had a few mornings where the windows are open and fresh air can replace the air conditioned air.  Don't get me wrong -- I love our ac but it is nice to have windows open and the bird song filling the house. 

I'm joining up with my regular linky parties: Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  I've taken a peak at Monday Making and honestly, you need to take a look at all the cute baby quilts with babies on them!  Too, too cute.  Grab some ice tea and settle at your computer to look over what folks are working on.  Great inspiration. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July OMG Achieved

Grid Lock is now a top!  And, with any luck I should have it quilted and bound by the end of the month.  I'm planning on spending the next two days to get it finished.  My One Monthly Goal was to get it to top stage and I did that by last week. So I will be pushing myself to get it totally finished.  

I should have a finished A Tisket, A Tasket quilt by Monday.  I need to get the label done for it and attached.  Believe me when I say I will be really happy to get it finished. It will be hung in the guest bedroom when totally done. 

I've also been sneaking in some strip sewing for the Trip Around the World that was the Quilt Along with the 12 Days of Christmas that Sarah Craig sponsored.    I'm not whizzing through it but I now have two of the four strata sewn.  Once they are all done I'll start slicing them up and putting them together.  I'd just finished the second strata when I snapped this picture of the back. I've pressed the seams open as instructed. If you want to make one, you can go to Confessions of a Fabric Addict here to start your own version.  This is on my ironing station Pat made for me several years ago.  Tomorrow I'll sew this one into a tube.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up but the directions are there and I plan to finish soon... ok, sometime in August if I'm lucky. 

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts linky party for finished OMGs, Needle and Thread Thursday and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop. (I'll update with the link to Whoop Whoop when it is posted.)   Enjoy your favorite beverage and do a little Internet surfing.  Who knows, maybe you'll talk yourself into a new quilt too!  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Meandering 7 - 24 - 2017

I was able to get two borders on Grid Lock which is exactly how many I had planned!  But boy, was it close on the bigger border. 
This is all I had left of the 20" of fabric I used for the 2nd border. I made the border the size that my fabric allowed. Do you ever do that? Size the border to available fabric?  I'm happy to report that the entire top has come from stash.  Now if I can just find enough material to get a backing from my stash I'll be thrilled.  

I turned A Tisket, A Tasket on the long arm and finished up the quilting.  Next up binding!  I'm pretty sure I've got fabric saved for the binding and I have the label already made.  (At least I think I do!) 

Once these two quilts are done I'm going to focus on the floral wallhanging and the new TAW. (TAW, better known as Trip Around the World.) 

I was surprised I did well on my goals.  I spent most of Sunday in my studio that allowed me to check off several items.  Here's the results. 

July 17, 2017
Sew borders on Grid Lock
Finish quilting A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Keep working on the floral walhanging didn’t get to this
Hand quilt another block of the Civil WarQuilt making a little progress

Enjoy Natalie’s Birthday adventure

And this week I'll be working on these projects.
July 24, 2017
Make backing for Grid Lock
Quilt Grid Lock
Bind A Tisket, A Tasket
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Do something on the floral wallhanging
Make a fabric box

Natalie's birthday adventure was great except poor Natalie wasn't feeling well.  For the most part she was a real trooper.  I sent her an invitation to meet me at the American Girl Store so she could pick out her own AG doll.  Mom didn't give her the invite until that morning when she also got some accessories for the doll.  We took her all around the store and introduced her to all the different dolls.  I thought she might like a doll that looked like her but in the end she chose Julie, a doll from the 1970s.  WAIT!  I lived those hippie days in California.  Well, no, I wasn't really a hippy but I remember all the events that were going on. Were you a hippie in the 70s?  Here she is waiting for our lunch reservation.  She was doing pretty well.  But as the day progressed she was starting to feel worse. 
I'd invited her other grandma to join us so Nana and Grammy (that's me) got her the doll and one outfit.  Lunch was at the American Girl Cafe.  There were little chairs for the doll to sit up at the table.  The goodies included a decorated pony tale holder, a tea cup for the doll, a tiara for both the BD girl and her doll and a new T shirt for the doll.  I'm sure I left something out. Oh yes a birthday cake with ice cream.  I'm sorry Natalie wasn't feeling well but she did really well considering how she felt. 
I'm linking with my normal parties: Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward. I really enjoy spending a bit of time surfing the links you see so many inspiring quilts. Sometimes there are tutorials and/or directions to make all sorts of fun things.  I know there will be some 18" doll clothes in my future -- I've already bought the book with patterns in it.  Christmas is coming! 

That's it for me today.  Time to get on with the morning. (Or spend a little of that time checking out those links!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie