Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Meandering 10 - 16 - 2017

Halloween is brewing around here! 

For several years I've made the grands shirts embroidered with Halloween designs. This year I'm adding a couple of 3 tiered skirts to go with the shirts for Ellie and Natalie.  Sophie would never wear a skirt so she's on her own for pants to go with her shirt.  Theo doesn't have a lot of say on his clothing right now so he'll be wearing his shirt whether he likes it or not. (But of course he'll like it!)  

Here's one of the finished skirts with the shirt to go with it.  I was quite pleased to find this cute little skeleton to go with the skeletons on the middle tier of the skirt.  Unfortunately, I got the shirts (navy blue shown here for Ellie while Natalie's is black) before I decided to make the skirts.  I'm sure no one will care.  

To add pizzazz to the shirt design I got some glow-in-the-dark thread.  It is pretty cool. (On the other hand it seemed ridiculously expensive.)  Hopefully I can do the other 2 shirts for the girls with it.  Theo got a bright orange
You notice something odd in this picture?

Yep, I'm missing one block.  I was at the community quilt gathering stitching away on these blocks and ran out of the kite shapes.  UGH.  I guess I don't count so well!  I'll cut out one more pair and get them sewn up so I can start on the borders.  This is my OMG for October and it is half over already.  Yikes. Have you finished your October One Monthly Goal? 

So my weekly goals were somewhat successful.
October 9, 2017
Cut out and piece star quilt√ -1 – oops!
Make another log cabin block didn’t happen
Start 3 tiered skirt √ 1 done, 1 started
Start the Halloween shirts√ 2 done
Finish binding the trip around the world quilt ¼ done…

Here's what's going to be done by next week... hopefully.  Everything except the kite block and binding needs to be ready to take to Ellie and Theo's birthday celebration on Saturday.  Good thing I can sew fast! 
October 16, 2017
Finish 2nd skirt
Embroider 2 more shirts
Make 2 baby doll outfits
Make last kite block
Finish binding the trip around the world quilt

That's it  for me today.  I need to get sewing to get all this done and presents wrapped by Saturday! I'm linking up with my regular linky parties: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  Take some time to see what folks are doing these days by visiting these linky parties.  Enjoy. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Meanderings 10 - 9 - 2017

Karen Eckmeier showing us how to line up our log cabins when we sew them together. 
What a great weekend!  I write this sitting in Sharon's house after a great weekend of quilting classes. Karen Eckmeier came in to teach two classes: Scrappy Layered Log Cabin and Happy Villages.  They were great fun and very easy, mellow classes. You can see Karen's work at her website The Quilted Lizard.  Here are the scrappy log cabin blocks we made: 
My scrappy log cabin blocks. 
Sharon's scrappy log cabin blocks with the triangles added.  Hers turned out a bit smaller than mine and she added the little triangles. I wasn't going to add them but decide they really add to the whole block.  The whole technique was easy, no stress piecing. 

I'm looking forward to finishing these, especially the log cabin.  I'll share the Happy Village pictures later this week.  It was so much fun to just go with the flow -- no precision piecing, lots of chatting while working.  Most of us got 4 to 6 log cabins finished.  Some got way more.  But I'm always so happy to see friends I don't see on a regular basis that I spend a bit of time chatting when I could be focusing on the class.  It was all good.  

My goals for last week were pretty well accomplished.  

October 2, 2017
Cut out & piece star quilt nope     
Finish quilting TAW
Prep fabrics for weekend class
Enjoy classes in Maryland

This week I'm hoping to get more done on specific projects. 
October 9, 2017
Cut out and piece star quilt
Make another log cabin block
Start 3 tiered skirt
Start the Halloween shirts
Finish binding the trip around the world quilt

I'm off to do a little piecing before I head home to Virginia.  Once I'm home I'll probably spend a little time surfing the web to see what folks are doing this week.  Check out these linky parties: Monday Making, Moving It Forward, Oh Scrap!, and Main Crush Monday.

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Rinse, Repeat OMG

Do you remember old shampoo that said wash, rinse and repeat?  That's what I feel like this is.  A rinse and a repeat of my September One Monthly Goal.  That goal just didn't get done because I didn't count the pieces correctly and ran out of them after 10 blocks while I was on retreat, at the end of the month.  Sigh.  Here's 9 of them that did get done. 
I must say I really like how it is turning out even if I didn't get the 20 blocks all made, bordered and a complete top during September.  My OMG for October is to get this quilt to top stage.  If I'm really lucky I'll get it quilted and bound during the month but I'm not offering up that as my goal.  I'm ready for another success! 

Happily, I can report that Ruthie, the long arm, is repaired and quilting like a champ.  I've finished another row of quilting with 3 more to go.  Darn this holly design is really dense as it is taking 25+ minutes to stitch each row.  But I must say it looks terrific on the Christmas trip around the world.  My preference is for looser quilting but I am thrilled with the results so far.  

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal October Link-Up and Mid-Week Makers.  Take some time to see what folks are working on around the Internet.  

That's it for me.  I've got to get downstairs to finish quilting my Trip Around the World today. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Meanderings 10 - 2 - 2017

Post Retreat! 
Retreat was -- fun, fabulous, well organized, tiring and yet also relaxing!  Just a few thoughts on Country Piecemaker's retreat near Harrisonburg, Va.  I've been going to this retreat for 7 years and they keep getting better and better.  Since I've moved an hour and a half away I don't make it to guild meetings often.  But I so enjoyed seeing everyone and sewing with friends.  Sharon has been coming to it for 6 years.  (They have always taken outside folks and when Sharon first started they had spaces to fill.) We have a couple of ladies from Ohio and one from Connecticut.  

I didn't take too many pictures but I will share what I have over the next few days.  Here are some of the things I worked on over the four days. 
A reindeer ornament. Some how seeing this as a picture I'm thinking, "a bell for a tongue???" Hum, looking at the pattern picture I may have sewn the bell on too tight.  When I first did the piecing I made a mistake which I didn't notice until after I turned him.  Oh well.  So, he looks more like a bull than a reindeer! You can see him made up the way he is suppose to look here.

My big project was an epic failure.  Here's a reminder of what the block looked like.  I had planned to make 19 more of these blocks, put them together, and put two borders on.  Well, er, um ... I didn't count correctly.  I needed 8 of the navy blue pieces for each block.  Somehow I only cut enough of the pieces to make 10 blocks all together.  No one has ever said I can do math.  Evidently, I can't count either.  I have half the blocks done.  It's an epic failure because it was suppose to be my One Monthly Goal.  Um, no, didn't get it finished.  I was wondering if something would go wrong when I planned to make this at retreat during the last 3 days of September.  Oh well, I'll be deciding my next monthly goal in the next few days. 

Below is my back-up project -- I evidently counted just fine with this project.  It went together fast and accurately. (Phew, glad something got totally done!) 
And a closeup:
I'll be sharing more about retreat and pictures this week.  I am fairly shocked to know I didn't take very many pictures at all.  I guess I was too busy chatting and sewing. 

Needless to say I have mostly failures this week when I look at the goals. I'm not stressing over any of it as I did have one big success and that was having fun at retreat! 
Sept 25, 2017
Finish quilting Trip Around the World not yet,
Make and add binding to TAW well, not yet
Piece 2 baby quilts um, 1 finished, 1 fail
Finish snowman mini quilt√ except for hand sewingthebinding down
Finish reindeer ornament√ except for hot gluing the lights on
Have a GREAT time at retreat! √√√√√ Victory!

October 2, 2017
Cut out & piece star quilt
Finish quilting TAW (assuming Ruthie is fixed!) 
Prep fabrics for weekend class
Enjoy classes in Maryland 

I have a busy week so some of these goals may not happen based on whether the long arm is fixed in time.  If not, I should be able to get the Ninja Star quilt top finished. (Assuming I don't goof off too much!) 

I'm connecting with my regular linky parties: Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, Oh ScrapMoving It Forward.  I'm looking forward to cruising the blogs to see what other folks are doing.  

That's it for me today. 
Happy Quilting!  Bonnie