Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Meandering 7 - 24 - 2017

I was able to get two borders on Grid Lock which is exactly how many I had planned!  But boy, was it close on the bigger border. 
This is all I had left of the 20" of fabric I used for the 2nd border. I made the border the size that my fabric allowed. Do you ever do that? Size the border to available fabric?  I'm happy to report that the entire top has come from stash.  Now if I can just find enough material to get a backing from my stash I'll be thrilled.  

I turned A Tisket, A Tasket on the long arm and finished up the quilting.  Next up binding!  I'm pretty sure I've got fabric saved for the binding and I have the label already made.  (At least I think I do!) 

Once these two quilts are done I'm going to focus on the floral wallhanging and the new TAW. (TAW, better known as Trip Around the World.) 

I was surprised I did well on my goals.  I spent most of Sunday in my studio that allowed me to check off several items.  Here's the results. 

July 17, 2017
Sew borders on Grid Lock
Finish quilting A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Keep working on the floral walhanging didn’t get to this
Hand quilt another block of the Civil WarQuilt making a little progress

Enjoy Natalie’s Birthday adventure

And this week I'll be working on these projects.
July 24, 2017
Make backing for Grid Lock
Quilt Grid Lock
Bind A Tisket, A Tasket
Work on Christmas TAW
Keep hand quilting Civil War Quilt
Do something on the floral wallhanging
Make a fabric box

Natalie's birthday adventure was great except poor Natalie wasn't feeling well.  For the most part she was a real trooper.  I sent her an invitation to meet me at the American Girl Store so she could pick out her own AG doll.  Mom didn't give her the invite until that morning when she also got some accessories for the doll.  We took her all around the store and introduced her to all the different dolls.  I thought she might like a doll that looked like her but in the end she chose Julie, a doll from the 1970s.  WAIT!  I lived those hippie days in California.  Well, no, I wasn't really a hippy but I remember all the events that were going on. Were you a hippie in the 70s?  Here she is waiting for our lunch reservation.  She was doing pretty well.  But as the day progressed she was starting to feel worse. 
I'd invited her other grandma to join us so Nana and Grammy (that's me) got her the doll and one outfit.  Lunch was at the American Girl Cafe.  There were little chairs for the doll to sit up at the table.  The goodies included a decorated pony tale holder, a tea cup for the doll, a tiara for both the BD girl and her doll and a new T shirt for the doll.  I'm sure I left something out. Oh yes a birthday cake with ice cream.  I'm sorry Natalie wasn't feeling well but she did really well considering how she felt. 
I'm linking with my normal parties: Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward. I really enjoy spending a bit of time surfing the links you see so many inspiring quilts. Sometimes there are tutorials and/or directions to make all sorts of fun things.  I know there will be some 18" doll clothes in my future -- I've already bought the book with patterns in it.  Christmas is coming! 

That's it for me today.  Time to get on with the morning. (Or spend a little of that time checking out those links!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I started a new quilt on Tuesday.  Do you read Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict?  She is running a 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop.  In addition she is offering a quilt along to make a Trip Around the World quilt.  It only takes 10" of fabric -- well times 16 fabrics.  Several days in I decided I could probably come up with some fabric for this.
Next thing I know I have 18 fabrics out.  I eliminate two and I'm cranking out 2 1/2" strips on my Go Cutter before I really think about what I'm doing. (And if you believe that whopper I have a bridge I can sell you too!)  I used 5 Christmas fabrics and filled in with light, medium and dark fabrics to get to 16. I started sewing the first strip set.  It's going to be a little longer than I thought to catch up.  Plus I still want to get my weekly goals accomplished.  So this strip set may not see its other 3 mates for a bit.  I'll keep you posted.  Here's what it looks like minus the three lightest fabrics shown on the left above. (And the strip on the far right is showing the wrong side as it is pinned, ready to sew.) 
It's time to get to the studio or I won't get anything done today! I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? on Friday if it becomes available.  It's on the same blog as the Christmas in July event. I'll be taking some time later today to do a little blog hopping to see what's going on. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie   

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Monday Meanderings 7 - 17 - 17

It's a palindrome.  Check out the date 7 - 17 - 17 it's the same reading it both left to right and right to left.  Every "teen" number this month works out as a palindrome. See  7 - 12 - 17.  A little cool fact to start your week. 

I am sharing the beginning of my quilting on A Tisket, A Tasket.  I loaded it up this week and got all of the quilting going from top to bottom done.  Next I'll reload it so the long sides will run parallel to the rails on the long arm.  Then I will quilt two different borders. The feathers you can see below and a stitch in the ditch where the green fabric meets the darker pink. All that will be left is binding it.  This time I will machine sew my binding on only one side so that I can hand sew it down to the back.  When finished this quilt will be hung in the guest bedroom.  (This photo should enlarge when clicked on.) 
Faithful Circle Quilters' next quilt show is spring of 2018.  I've done several quilts in the last year or so that I'm planning on hanging in the show.   I'm happy to get this one done early.  Reminder to self:  put a hanging sleeve on the back. 

Pat and I got to spend a little time with Kevin and Theo on Saturday morning.  Theo was all smiles!  

I surprised myself by achieving most of my goals this week. 
July 10, 2017

Continue stitching Grid Lock together √ The center is done, next up borders
Keep hand quilting on Civil War Quilt 
Start quilting A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Make a fabric box didn’t happen!
Iron the applique flowers on to the wallhanging√ haven’t actually gotten to the flowers but I am working on this wallhanging

July 17, 2017

Sew borders on Grid Lock
Finish quilting A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Keep working on the floral walhanging
Hand quilt another block of the Civil War Quilt
Enjoy Natalie’s Birthday adventure 

I'm linking up with Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward. (Yep, I'm ahead of the game -- I'll link with the other blogs when they go live.Done √)  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


My mojo is back. I may not be moving ahead at full speed but I have definitely enjoyed some time in the studio the last few days. 

First up is progress on Scrappy Gridlock. The diagonal rows are sewn.  I'm in the process of adding white setting triangles.  The yellow and turquoise are thoughts on a border.  Yellow would be about an inch while the turquoise -- maybe 3".  A lot depends on how much fabric I have.  Beth was over Tuesday morning and we dragged out all sorts of different colors to audition the borders.  We liked this combo the best.  But, I'm planning on having the inside sewn together by this coming Tuesday and we'll be auditioning fabric again.  This quilt is coming from the stash.  I'm really hoping to finish the top and get it quilted this month.  Time will tell. 
The Scrappy Gridlock pattern is available for sale on Marge Gordon's Delaware Quilts Patterns page. Marge uses her patterns to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  For a long time she ran a Mysteries for Relay group and held retreats.  She is no longer doing those, but these patterns remain for sale on her site.  I changed up the pattern just a little by putting setting triangles in white instead of scrappy triangles. 

Next up is my flowers wall hanging. You remember it -- the one that I put away so carefully I couldn't find it for a few weeks!  I got the flower stems on and added the last border.  The funny green things pinned around the quilt are little wonky squares that get appliqu├ęd down.  I'm trying to get the colors sorted so I can actually do some zigzagging or buttonhole or however I decide to do the finishing.  Above it is one of the blocks that goes to my FCQ Equilter this month.  Out of her fat quarter and my added fabrics I was able to get 3 12" fin. blocks.  I still have some left and I'm thinking about whether I could make one more block! My design wall is chalk full of projects.  I think I need to finish some so it isn't so crowded. 
That's it for now.  I'm linking up with MidWeek MakersNeedle and Thread Thursdayand Can I Get a Whoop Whoop. (Links will be added as available.) 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Monday Meandering 7 - 10 - 2017

Do you have weeks where you don't feel very motivated to sew?  Or do much of anything?  That's what this week has been for me.  I was busy most of two days so I couldn't go to the studio.  The rest of the time I was all ho hum... don't really feel like hitting the studio all that much.  I did make some progress but nothing spectacular.

I did load the backing for the A Tisket, A Tasket quilt.  But once I figured out how I was going to quilt it I realized I didn't have a wide enough piece.  I have an 18" long arm so I can only do long passes of the machine on the width.  My solution is super easy although a bit time consuming.  I quilt the top except for the lengthwise borders.  Then I remove the quilt from the machine and reload it turned a quarter turn and I can finish the long borders.  It works well unless I don't have a wide enough backing.  And, I don't -- I bought only one length of fabric.    Because I still want to quilt the borders separately I decided I needed to augment the width.  I won't actually need the width as part of the backing; I just need it to attach to the long arm.  My solution is adding two 6 1/2" pieces to the sides of the backing.  I used a bigger stitch to attach them to the backing so they will be easy to remove when I'm done. 

Hopefully, I'll reload the backing and then add the batting and the top and actually start to quilt A Tisket, A Tasket.  Time will tell! 

As you might expect, I didn't do so well on my goals this past week.  Yes, I did do some hand quilting -- maybe three 18" threads worth.  It looks like I did nearly everything on the list but honestly, I don't feel like I got much done. Sigh. 

July 3, 2017
Stitch Grid Lock quilt together only started
Keep hand quilting on Civil War Quilt
Load and quilt A Tisket, A Tasket quilt didn’t happen
Make a couple of giant flying geese blocks

July 10, 2017
Continue stitching Grid Lock together
Keep hand quilting on Civil War Quilt
Start quilting A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Make a fabric box
Iron the applique flowers on to the wallhanging

I don't have much to share today -- I didn't do all that much this week.  But I'm sure lots of folks across the Internet got some wonderfully inspiring projects worked on.  I'm linking up with Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward. 

Hopefully I'll be more enthused to be working in the studio this week. I am enthused because a hummingbird has actually been spotted on our deck recently.  Of course, I didn't see him but I'm hoping he keeps coming back.  Tomorrow I'll clean the feeder and put fresh nectar in so maybe he'll come to visit again. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Acquisitions and Visitors

Last week I drove out to Kelly Ann's Quilting shop in Warrenton, Va. with a quilting buddy.  We had been the week before for a Accuquilt Go presentation. I had purchased a die that had to be ordered, hence the second trip to Kelly Ann's.  I've now got a 6.5" square die to add to my collection.  (Did I mention I also bought the kite die recently?)  And, we picked up the row by row instructions. Kelly Ann's is a cute shop with lots of fun fabric, some wools, patterns and a lot of Accuquilt dies.  (If you've never been to an Accuquilt presentation -- go.  You'll learn tips and techniques to get more out of your dies.) 

As we were walking back to the car after lunch I noticed this great mural on the side of a building. I haven't been able to find out much about it except it does represent Civil War times and the building is called the Mural Building. I like how the artist extended the picture with the trees and the look out. 

Do you know about Massdrop? It's an e commerce site where customers help decide what to buy and employees arrange the deals.  I don't buy a lot from them but when I do I generally choose items I need (or want) that provide a decent discount. I'm a member of the quilting community (which has recently added knitting items.)  My most recent purchase were these Presencia threads. 
The price seemed good to me especially considering the suggested retail price on Presencia's website.  I'm happy to see my thread bin has been replenished. Over the next few months I'll probably augment this with some brighter colors.  It's always nice to have a collection of colored threads when you need just the perfect color. 

Yesterday we had some visitors.  We'd planned to go to the pool but almost immediately upon arriving it started pouring rain.  (We needed it so we're happy to have the rain.) 
Theo, 9 months, after his nap.
Ellie, 3 1/2 years, after her nap.
I was pleasantly surprised how well both slept here.  The adults were able to enjoy some quiet time together on the deck. 

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday. Make sure you take a little time to enjoy the various blogs and inspiration. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Meanders 7 - 3 - 2017

With July comes the new block information for the FCQ E Quilters.   
Pat sent us a fat quarter of bright, print fabric and asked us to make a 12" finished block with it.  I knew right away I wanted to make a Dutchman's puzzle with it.  But I also figured we should be able to get more than 1 block out of it.  So, I made a star block too.  I still have a 5" or so by 18" strip of fabric left so I am thinking about what other block I can make.  Here are the two blocks I've made so far.

The first one just didn't turn out the way I thought it would.  But I'm leaving it as is.  The second one is exactly how I thought it would turn out.

For those who only read on Mondays -- I found my lost project in an already used project box.  Sigh.  Now it has a label including the info on the floral wall hanging! 

It's time to pick a new project for One Monthly Goal.  So, continuing on my effort to finish a UFO I've picked Grid Lock. I hope to have it to top stage by the end of July. It's a scrappy project I started a couple of years ago to try to use up some of my 2" strips.  Here it is on the design wall. (And, no, it hardly made a dent in my strips!) 

It's hard to see but I have all the white squares in between the rail fence blocks.  (Yes, I've got one section at the sewing machine.) I'll be using this as a leader/ender for a while.  

I'll also be working on the new color at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge: blue.  I should have plenty of blues to work with.  I've been using my 2.5" strips to pull scraps for the challenge each month. No, this is not part of my OMG.  Just a reminder to myself to keep working on it. 

I did really well on my goals list last week.  (Surprisingly since I spent a bunch of time reading.) 

June 26, 2017
Bind pinwheel quilt (#3)
Keep hand quilting on Civil War Quilt
Make some fabric boxes
Layout UFO Grid Lock and start sewing into a top
Make backing for pinwheel quilt #4 and quilt it

July 3, 2017
Stitch Grid Lock quilt together
Keep hand quilting on Civil War Quilt
Load and quilt A Tisket, A Tasket quilt
Make a couple of giant flying geese blocks
Start on floral wallhanging 

I'm linking up with my regular parties: Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  And, because it is the beginning of a month I'm also linking up to Elm Creek Quilts July Goal Setting party. 

Here's a peak at the newest bird to our bird feeder. (Sorry about the fuzziness.  I use the iPhone for my pictures and this was taken through a window in the basement looking up at the feeder. I'm sure if I tried to go outside to take the picture the birds would have left immediately.) I think they are yellow finches.  

Have a great 4th of July and Happy Quilting All! Bonnie