Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Meanderings 2 - 19 - 2018

Progress is being made on the Alphabet Challenge quilt.  I've got one more "word" to stitch on the top border and then it is on to the bottom border.  

Once the top and bottom borders are done I can bind it and call it done!  Hopefully by the end of this month.  
Big thanks go out to our granddaughter, Natalie, for buying us flowers yesterday.  We had a quick lunch with them and then off to watch her big sister's basketball game.  Then we zipped home (note -- you NEVER can zip home traveling on I 95.  It was a mess for part of the way.) Then we met my best friend from high school for dinner.  We've been in touch infrequently but whenever we get together we have a great time.  They live about an hour north west of us.  It was so much fun to catch up and remember previous times together.  
You might notice I'm not sharing much on the quilting front.  Yes, I've been working away but lots of what I've been working on are half square triangles and string blocks.  You've heard about them -- a lot. You've seen them -- a lot.  I'm closing in on the 840 (or was it 860?) I need to make.  I think I just need to make another 150 or so.  I still need 100 of the string blocks. Not my favorite but I am plugging away on it.  And, surprise!  Tomorrow is the class.  Hopefully I will take some pictures to share from it and the Bonnie Hunter lecture the next night.

And, then there is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival on Friday.  I've got 2 and a half months of pent up shopping to do.  I've got a list. I'm motivated -- we'll see if I go wild or not.  What 2 and a half months you ask? I haven't bought any fabric since November -- right after Thanksgiving.  Yea, I've got pent up shopping motivation!  

My goals got mostly done this past week.  And my list is pretty selective this week since so much else is going on. 
February 12, 2018
Sew more triangles and string blocks for class
Sew plus quilt together
Send Valentine’s cards to the grands
Keep sewing on the Alphabet Challenge
Work on Taps quilt
February 19, 2018
Prep for and attend Bonnie Hunter’s Jamestown Landing class (Whoop! Whoop!)
Attend Bonnie’s lecture
Attend Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show
Finish hand sewing on Alphabet Challenge
Put borders on Taps Quilt

Make 2 pillowcases

I'm linking up with my regular parties today: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Moving it Forward and Main Crush Monday. I'll be sneaking time this week to see what's up with quilters around the Internet.  I'm really hoping I don't find some wonderful quilt I just have to make. I've got enough going and UFOs for now! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top Done!

I started this Plus quilt in December.  I bought 5 matching charm packs from Connecting Threads when they were on sale for $1.00 each. BARGAIN! Except when I started planning the quilt I only used the fall colors leaving the brighter colors for another quilt.  I cut out several of the blocks from either fat quarters or yardage.  All of the background fabric came from stash. 

I've already started the backing.  I have a length of fabric that I will be splitting and then adding extra strip of plus blocks.  That should give me a backing from my stash. (Little Snoopy dance going on here since I can use only my stash for this quilt. Well, I did buy the charm packs but that was early last year!) 

I am linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?,  Finished or Not Friday, Wips In Progress. Some of these I'll have to link with tomorrow.  Spend some time checking out what folks are working on these days.  I always spend a bit of time checking out others blogs.  I really enjoy it but boy do I get way too many ideas.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Meanderings 2 - 12 - 2018

I've finished the heart table runner top. Wish it was quilted but I've been neglecting my quilting some what this week.  Here's what it looks like now.  I'm trying to decide whether I should quilt it on my Bernina with in the ditch stitching or whether I should go fancy and find a hear design to place in each heart thus needing to quilt on the long arm.   Hum.  I bet I finish it on my Bernina. But who knows when! 

I also spent a small amount of time making up a pillowcase from a kit I had cut out in January.  I bought the fabric last fall specifically to make pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles. But I bought way too much fabric.  I'll probably make some this year and more next year. 

This design drives me a bit crazy.  I wish it was designed so when made in a pillowcase everyone was right side up when shown on the side like this.  I'm sure some little person will like the rabbits doing things in the spring.  Now to get a few more made up.  I'd love to use it all up but probably won't happen any time soon. 

I did make progress on most of my goals. I started and finished a customer quilt yesterday so time I would have spent on my goals was hijacked.  I also figured out I wasn't putting the plus quilt together correctly so I'm fixing that little issue and trying to decide whether to make it longer than wider.  But it's already about 70" long and it is suppose to be a lap quilt. That seems long enough! 

February 5, 2018
Finish 10.5” string blocks
Make heart table runner √ not quilted yet
Sew plus quilt together √ made progress not a top  
Sew Taps quilt top Nothing, nada
Sew more triangles and string blocks for class

February 12, 2018
Sew more triangles and string blocks for class
Sew plus quilt together
Send Valentine’s cards to the grands
Keep sewing on the Alphabet Challenge
Work on Taps quilt

I should be able to do all of these this week.  But I am focusing on the blocks for the class. 

That's it for today.  I'm linking with Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward. I hope you join me at looking at what is being worked on across the Internet.  Enjoy! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Half Triangle Squares Progress

Progress is being made!  
I've actually got 480 of the 840 half triangle square I need for Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing class. I will probably make two pillow shams using  some of the same units. I'll probably need an extra 64 square units or more. (EEK!)  

The good news is the Accuquilt multiple triangle die is working great.  Cutting takes hardly any time (or so it seems.)  I'm sewing the units as leader enders and often sew 5 or 6 in a row.  

The goal is to have all of the necessary triangle square units done by the class on 2/20.  And, all of 168 of the white string quilt blocks done.  Even if I don't have them all done I will have a substantial amount of both of these units finished by then.  

I am using 2 plastic "scones boxes" for triangle squares storage.  My local Wegmans grocery sells some really good lemon scones in plastic boxes.  And as a bonus the boxes work great to store these units especially since you can see what's in them.  I'm using cherry tomato plastic boxes for the 4.5" string blocks.  Eventually, the boxes can be tossed in the recycling can.  I love when I can use things again before I recycle them. Do you use some non "quilt" things in your studio? 

Have you ever seen a sign like this?  I saw one at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse last week or so.  Pat and I really like their food.  Unfortunately, I hate beer so I don't enjoy the brews but, ahhhh, the food is good.  I think the sign is fairly new.  What a great way to assist our combat wounded veterans.  

I'm ready to get back to the sewing machine (you know those triangle units are calling my name.)  I'm linking up with the following linky parties: Needle and Thread Tursday, Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?, Finished or Not Friday, and Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Meanderings 2 - 5 - 2018

Here's one of the projects I worked on this week. It took me two weeks to finally cut out the Taps quilt but I started sewing it while I was sewing the Plus quilt blocks together.  Um, that Taps quilt went together really fast.

This pattern is called Two's Company from Kariepatch Designs. I've used it several times to make donation quilts.  So far the three rows are together.  Once I sew the rows together I'll figure out which fabrics I have enough of to do the borders with.  It is going to be 43 x 55" unless I make some changes to the borders to make it slightly bigger. 

Next I pulled some fabrics to make a Valentine's Day table runner.  Do you check in with Moda Bake Shop?  They have some lovely free patterns.  I fell for this one designed by Kristina of Center Streets Quilts.
I pulled fabrics over the weekend but haven't started cutting it. The table runner shown measures 62 x 41" which is way too long for my dining room table.  So I'll only be making 3 hearts instead of 5.  I've actually figured out how many pieces I need for the shortened quilt and should be ready to cut it out soon. (Hey, if I don't get it done by Valentine's Day that's ok.  I'll have it done before the next one.) 

Here's my stashbusting statistics for January.  I purposely held out from buying any fabric in January.  I really had enough hanging around the stash so I used it instead.  Note: Woohoo! I didn't buy any in December either.  Be prepared for some pent up stash enhancement going on in February although I've been out shopping -- just haven't found what I want. 
Fabric In Month
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

Here's the Weekly Goals lists. I did very well for the most part. 
January 29, 2018
Quilt 1st Rainbow Color Challenge Quilt
Cut Out Taps Quilt
Pick a new project, preferably a UFO to work on
Make 10.5” string blocks for Covered in Love started
Quilt Alphabet Challenge quilt

And here's what I'll be working on this week. 
February 5, 2018
Finish 10.5” string blocks
Make heart table runner
Sew plus quilt together
Sew Taps quilt top
Sew more triangles and string blocks for class

I'm linking up with my regular parties -- hope you take some time to see what people are up to these days.  Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Moving It Forward, and  Main Crush Monday. I'm heading off to these sites to see what folks are doing these days. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie