Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Meanderings 5 - 24 - 2016

Retreat was fabulous as usual.  I slept well both nights which meant I was pretty productive during the days.  

Here's a short synopsis of the weekend. I drove up Thursday and got caught up in traffic.  That's pretty typical for the I 95 corridor and the 495 beltway.  My 3 and a half hour trip ended up being 5+ hours although I will admit that I spent more time than I usually do for lunch. Not a fun drive this time. 

Sharon and I left early Friday morning, went over the Bay Bridge and did our normal stop for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Yum.  We were set up for sewing by about 11 am.  It helps having the retreat start early Friday morning in terms of how much you can get done.  We all spend a lot of time catching up and chatting.  The first day I was working on finishing some projects so I put the binding on a quilt, a zipper in a pouch, binding on a kit for some sort of envelope.  Didn't get to finish the envelope because I failed to bring velcro I would need.  Sigh.  

Girl "Happy Quilt" from blocks made by FCQ E-Quilters. Pattern is here.  Mary has some wonderful, easy patterns. 
Saturday dawned with heavy clouds and all day rain in the forecast.  Perfect weather to keep us sewing! I pulled out my batik rails and got all the 6" rails sewn into 12" blocks and then sashed it all in black.  It seemed to take me forever although I will admit I had to make some more of the 6" blocks.  By the time I was done I was sick of working on this one.  It's going back into the UFO pile for a little while.  All I plan to do to finish it is put a small (maybe 3") border on it.  (Down at the bottom right you can see the small zippered bag I finished up.) 
Five years ago at the FCQ retreat we swapped 6.5" rail blocks made with either "hot" colors or "cool" colors.  It was time to do something with them.  Remember this quilt I shared from the FCQ show?  I think I like her more subtle colors.  This quilt will live with me for a while and then I'll give it away somewhere. 

Next out was blocks I won at Country Piecemakers retreat 2 or 3 years ago.  Before I left home I made one more block and organized them into rows so all I had to do was sew them together.  No individual picture of them but they are at the bottom left of the picture below. Sharon and I spread out everything we worked on on her family room floor. Brett was interested but didn't decide to curl up with any of the tops. 

The top two and middle left are Sharon's. The middle right and bottom two are mine.  The hot pads were a make and take.  Mine is blue and Sharon's had cute cooking chickens on it.  Definitely not her style but they looked great in a pot holder. 
My goals last week were so vague that I succeeded at all of them! 

May 16, 2016
View a couple of lighthouses in the Outer Banks of NC 
Enjoy fun times and good food with Bob and Barb 
Add a few pieces to each kit
Enjoy the FCQ retreat in Maryland
Sew like a fiend and get whatever I can done!

Now, this week is different.  I've got very specific things to get done! 

May 23, 2016
Load and quilt customer quilt: Slide Show
Clean and organize all spaces under the cutting table
Put borders on the batik rails
Start organizing the back bedroom closet
Pick a quilt in the waiting pile to quilt! Load & quilt.

And, here's why a lot of organizing and cleaning up will be going on in my household for the next several months.  First the back story.  Pat and I moved to central Virginia 6 years ago for a job.  We ended up about 40 minutes west of downtown Richmond because the job was another hour or so southwest in a very rural area.  For the first several years we loved it.  But as we've aged (gasp!) we realize that keeping 2+ acres of yard mowed and being 25 to 30 minutes from stores, hospitals and restaurants wasn't exactly part of our retirement plan.  

So the long and the short of it is we put our house on the market in late February.  It went under contract to the folks who saw it first. (Isn't that a nice reflection on all the things we did to the house?) Except, it was contingent on the sale of their house.  Which, didn't happen.  Eventually, a family who did not have a contingency made an offer we couldn't refuse. (Nor did we want to really!) 

We had been scouting 55+ communities a little farther north which would make us closer to our kids (1 hour and 1.5 hours away if there is no traffic on that blasted I 95 corridor.) One community we liked better than the other two and had a model that we like.  We'll be moving into a new home in the community although we looked at nearly every resale that came up for sale.  The whole let's move thing happens at the end of June.  Needless to say, once again it is time to clean up, clear out, downsize and ... well whatever else needs to be done.  We are selling some of our furniture and the lawn tractor and anything else we can move out.  So my postings won't be as quilt oriented and no doubt will be sparse as the move out date arrives.  

Here's the new house.  Reminds me of our years in California where the houses are close together. (Read that -- less yard to mow!) Sod is piled under the tarp ready to make the mud a yard. It's slightly smaller than our current house but I have a nice big space in the finished basement to set up the sewing studio.  Eventually we'll probably finish the other basement room to make an office for Pat which will leave us 3 bedrooms upstairs and we'll still have a lot unfinished basement to store odd ball things.  No doubt I'll continue to post about the move over the next few weeks.  

Today I'm linking up with Monday Makings, Main Crush Monday and Sew Cute Tuesday.  

That's it for me today.  I've got a closet to clean out! I will need to make a list of all the areas I need to work on and assign a day to them.  That way I will get it all done.  I'd rather spend the day sewing but that will be curtailed a lot over the next few weeks.  

Happy Quilting All! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Showing Off the Doggy Quilt

About a month ago I finished the doggy quilt for Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (MAESSR).  Life has been really busy so I haven't been blogging as much as I like to and I hadn't shown the finished quilt.  Here's the finished quilt. 

And the back.  I didn't think about the fact that part of the back would be trimmed after quilting.  So, some of the sayings are cut off.  Bummer. 

And close ups: 

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?,  and Thank Goodness It's Finished.  Check out what's going on in the Internet's quilting world.  (I'll try to link to Whoop, Whoop tomorrow but it might be later in the day before I can try that as Sharon and I are on our way to retreat!) 

Happy Quilting All!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Meanderings -- 5 - 17 - 2016

Monday went zooming by -- I never even thought about posting my normal Monday post.  We are down at the beach house with friends from college.  Bob and Pat rowed for University of Southern California together.  When Bob married Barb it turned out that we all became great friends. We go for too many years without seeing each other but we pick up our friendship without missing a beat.  

Here we are after finishing a great meal at Blue Moon Brewery in Manteo, NC.  We had spent the morning at the Fort Raleigh National Park on Roanoke Island.  This was the site of the first European settlement in America.  If you remember Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I, and the Lost Colony form American history, Fort Raleigh is where it took place.  Walter Raleigh organized the trip from England with the approval of Elizabeth I, the Virgin queen.  Raleigh was hoping to start a settlement of English and gather resources and wealth from the land. That's not what happened.  The governor of the land went back to England and couldn't get back to Roanoke Island for 3 years.  All English ships were being used to fight the Spanish Armada. Not good for the settlers.  They were gone when Governor White was able to return.  It's still a mystery of what happened to them, including the White's granddaughter who was the first European child born in the New World. 

Monday we spent exploring lighthouses in Cape Hatteras National Seashore.   I wasn't willing to go up the first one -- I'm slightly claustrophobic and the whole idea freaked me out. At the second lighthouse I decided to give it a try with everyone else. I got up two flights of spiral steps but -- nope -- not for me!  I've included a picture of the Bodie (pronounced like body) Light Station. Despite me chickening out we all had a great time.  (You should be able to click on the photos to see a larger pic.)

Bob and Barb go back to California tomorrow and we're headed home.  I leave the next day for Sharon's in MD and then on to retreat on Friday.  I have a little bit more cutting to do for the two main projects I'm bringing with me to work on.  And, of course, I need to clear out the suitcase and refill it with clean clothes.  I'll probably have less than 20 hour turn around.  

Here's Dorothy's quilt that I finished quilting last week.  She was happy to pick it up last Friday. The fabrics were so busy you really couldn't see the quilting, even close up.  It is a beautiful quilt -- I always like blue and yellow quilts. 

Here are my goals from last week.  Most got done.
May 9, 2016
Quilt customer quilt
Finish piecing CP orphan blocks √ only 1 seam left
Cut two quilt kits to sew up at retreat √ need to add some units to these
Make samples for flippy star presentation

And this week: 
May 16, 2016
View a couple of lighthouses in the Outer Banks of NC
Enjoy fun times and good food with Bob and Barb
Add a few pieces to each kit
Enjoy the FCQ retreat in Maryland
Sew like a fiend and get whatever I can done!

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Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Meandering 5 - 9 - 2016

A late Happy Mothers Day!  My son sent me a beautiful box full of tulips.  In fact, there were so many I put them in three different vases and took one up to the studio. It's hard to get a great picture but here they are with the under counter lights on.  I love this pitcher -- I'm sure it was one of my grandmother's.  I think it is Wedgwood but it's upstairs in the studio and I'm downstairs.  
I know you are wondering why I'm showing these off.  There is a definite quilty reason.  This vase and flowers went up to the studio and is sitting on the cutting table.  I was pulling fabric for a new quilt last evening and I pulled these: 
The pattern is from Accuquilt and has flying geese and flowers.  I needed four flying geese colors: green purple, blue and yellow.  All but the blue and green also will be flowers.  The green will be leaves and stems.  Except, looking at the picture I thought the yellow geese really stuck out.  And then I noticed the flowers. 
(darn blogger -- I was trying to add typing next to these flowers but it won't let me. Nor will it let me center it now. Grumble, grumble.)   I noticed I had the green, the yellow but, there is a beautiful rosy colored tulip hiding behind the pink one.  Could I find something that came close to that color? 

Why, yes, yes I can find a deep rose color.  Orange is for star flowers, yellow is for centers.  The rose and purple will be various flowers and the greens are still the stems and leaves.  I love this so far.  Today I cut out all of the flying geese parts and the white.  Tomorrow I will iron on the fusible web (hopefully I have enough) and then will cut them out.  This is all being kitted up for the FCQ retreat starting a week from Friday.  Sunday we are going to the beach house and meet some good friends from college days.  So I only have between now and Saturday to make up a few kits to take to retreat.

I also finished quilting a donation quilt for the hospital NICU.  It's hard to see but I was extremely lucky on this quilt.  I'm holding about 4" of thread which came off the bobbin on the last row.  Yep, for once I came very close but did not run out! YEA! I will probably cut and make the binding and then take that on retreat too. 

Getting this quilted leads me right into my weekly goals. I really didn't do all that well on them last week.  It's probably not going to be all that great this week either.  We've got several things planned that will have us out of the house.  
May 2, 2016

Quilt “Happy Quilt”
Layout and sew guild’s QOV
Sew batik rails into 4s. Cut out black sashing√ not finished but started
Finish piecing CP orphan blocks oops! Farther along but not a top yet
Quilt customer quilt √ partially loaded

May 9, 2016
Quilt customer quilt
Finish piecing CP orphan blocks
Cut two quilt kits to sew up at retreat
Make samples for flippy star presentation

That's enough goals for this week.  I'm linking up with Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward.  Take a look at what's happening in studios across the Internet. 

Happy Quilting All!