Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why I'm NOT Blogging

Here is the mess of the studio.  The design wall is down.  All yardage from the shelves are packed.  The fat quarter baskets and boxes are still on top of the bookshelves for the professionals to do.

The cutting table is being taken apart tomorrow.  It's empty for the most part. Just too much still on the top of it.

I'm tired of doing this.  Another week and the packers come for two days.  Then a weekend without stuff happening.  Then Monday and Tuesday the trucks will be loaded.  Yep you read that right.  The truckS. We have a long narrow driveway that a big truck can't get down.  So we will have two smaller trucks coming.  With luck, by Friday everything will be delivered and unloaded.  And more work putting things away.  

I have given away a lot of stuff with more still to be gotten rid of.  Sorry for the dangling preposition -- I'm tired and it is late!  Time to post this and get to bed! 

Happy quilting to all who are quilting, Bonnie 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Meandering 6 - 7 - 2016

Here it is Tuesday again and I didn't blog my normal Monday blog.  I bet you can guess the reason too.  It's this moving thing, again. I did get some sewing done last week.  And, here it is, in all of its excitement! 

Say, what is that? I am cursed blessed with lots of silver serving pieces. (Who needs 3 tea services?) We've slowly gotten rid of some of the pieces over the years but we really still have a lot.  Until I finally got brave and cut a lot of them out of my life.  Pat took them to be sold for the silver content the other day but most couldn't be sold as it is silver plate. (Not surprising they were wedding gifts for the most part.) What didn't sell we passed on to a thrift store run by the local Quakers.  Love that all proceeds go to local charities.  They were happy to receive what was left. 

What you see above is me making silver cloth bags for what I've kept.  I've been polishing silver and then making bags for the individual pieces I am keeping.  I had some of the silver in the cloth before but decided it didn't take long to make the bags so that's what I'm doing. I'm not even taking time to finish the edges.  Yea! I'm sewing.  Boo, it isn't a lot of fun.  I still have more to do so I will be getting some more sewing done over the next week .  

I did get one of my baby quilts done on Ruthie this past week.  I am trying to use of some of the excess batting I have so it made sense to quilt this top, bind it, and pass it on to the hospital. I tend to buy batting when it is on sale at JoAnns, especially if I have a 20% off everything coupon to pair with the sale. But, I really don't need to take 5 queen batts with me if I can use them and move the quilt out of the house! 
This quilting design is called Ginger Snap by Apricot Moon.  I like it because it does not nest -- all the rows are straight across the top and bottom.  Makes for a faster quilting job and I don't need lots of extra backing fabric so I can run a partial row off of the top and bottom. Must get the binding chosen, cut and sewn.  

On to my goals from last week.
May 30, 2016
Quilt one QOV
Finish cleaning and organizing front bedroom
Clean and organize all spaces under the cutting table Ha! Started on batting but the rest... nope, didn't happen. 
Have fun with the grands visiting this weekend Nope, they had to cancel
Spend some time sewing something!√ even if it was just silver bags.

This week's goals -- 
June 6, 2016
Finish making bags for silver
Quilt 2nd QOV
Organize and Pack items under cutting table
Enjoy seeing Ellie and fix her shorts
Spend a day sewing with friends

That's it for today.  As much as I'd like to post 2 blogs a week I doubt that will happen.  I am aiming for my Monday blog every week but obviously, it might be late.  Sigh.  I'm linking up with Monday Makings, Main Crush Monday and Free Motion by the River.  Enjoy some quiet time surfing quilting blogs for inspiration.  I'm still getting a little quilting inspiration in each day. 

Happy Quilting All!  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

OMG! and Stashbusting

First stash busting building is going on over here. GASP!  I did not buy one piece of fabric this month and yet the stash grows.  I received 1.75 yards of fabric as fat quarters -- some from the recent retreat and some from an FCQ E Quilter sharing!  And, I only had one measly finish that half the blocks were from the E Quilters group.  Sigh. 

Fabric In Month
Fabric in Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year


Next up is my OMG (One Monthly Goal) report for May.  You might have guessed I missed my goal.  Sigh again.  After 4 straight months of success I just don't have sewing time right now.  So my lovely batik quilt is going back into the UFO storage bin until after the move.  It is definitely much farther along than it was so that is great.  

My OMG for June is going to be very small, I am stealing time for sewing from working on going through things to clear out before the move.  So, I am planning on quilting and binding the quilt I put together at the end of the retreat.  The turquoise fabric to the back left is all ready to load on Ruthie.  Hum, blue next to the purple in the top row is actually more turquoise.  For some reason it looks more cadet blue in this picture.  (Hey, what do I expect when I take pictures at night???) 

I'm linking up with Red Letter Quilts, Can I get a Whoop Whoop?, Let's Be Social, and Needle and Thread Thursday. (Some of these are not "live" yet so I'll come back tomorrow morning to link with them.)   Take some time to hop over to these linky parties to see what folks are doing this week.  

On a more personal note every thing is coming along nicely for the move.  We are selling unwanted things hand over foot.  The new house is smaller on the main living floor.  The finished basement will be great for a new studio but won't have an office for Pat although that may be in the future plans as there is an unfinished room that could be finished.  I've gone through the 2 extra bedrooms (closets and dressers) and have pretty much cleaned out what we don't want.  I've stashed quilts or bedding in the dresser drawers.  (AGH -- I haven't even made a dent in storing all the quilts.) Tomorrow I go back to clearing out and dropping things off at Goodwill. Packing starts on the 23 of this month. (Double AGH!) 

Happy Quilting All!