Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Day

I was all ready to go to the Wednesday Quilters even though we have snow on the streets and driveway.   And, it is still snowing.  I am showered, dressed and ready to go.  (well, hadn't made my lunch yet but that wouldn't have taken long.)  The phone rang.  No Wed. quilting today.  It makes sense but I was going to give it a try.  Now, I have a day stretching out in front of me and a few decisions to make.  What to do? What to do?  . . . 

Here is a photo of the carousel horse. Yuck. This photo doesn't make it look very good does it?  It is better in person.  Plus, I took this in the evening when the light gets weird. I need to make about 20 more blocks to go with these to make it a reasonable size.  So I will stash dive again and see what I can find.  I have been using up odd pieces of fabrics with this.  I purchased the pink stripe and the blue (both around the center block).  The pink will also be the border.  I have lots of the dark green left.  We'll see what happens when I get more blocks done.  I don't want to sew it together until all blocks are put together.  
And, hearts ... remember Valentine's Day isn't that far off!   These are fun, easy hearts to make.  Get the direction's from my friend Marge, at Delaware Quilts.  They are called Scrappy Hearts.   Marge also runs Mysteries for Relay.  You can access that yahoo group by the button in my sidebar.  So all you mystery lovers here is another choice for mystery quilt directions.  

Snow continues to fall.  Or as of right now -- blow sideways.  Guess I shouldn't have been planning a day out when I really didn't need to be out and about.  It's upstairs to the studio for another round of quilting.   (after the towels finish spinning that is!) 

Happy Quilting All.  And, may 2009 find you well.  Bonnie 

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Apron

So, yes, I do cook every once in a while.  I'm showing off my new apron.  Although you can't see the bottom part it says "Quilters love you to pieces."  It was a Christmas present from Pat.  I was pretty tired of my blue apron that I got when I lived in Atlanta area 15 years ago!  Pat did a great job with quilty presents this year.  

Now, what was dinner?  It was a chicken and penne pasta dish.  My chicken added to a box from the Macaroni Grill.  Not bad.  It needed a few more spices.  I'll add some to the leftovers.  

Quilting activities today:  I worked on some blocks that will be mailed out to a friend who is putting a quilt together.  I also continue making random bowtie blocks.  When I cut other projects I also cut blocks for the bowties.  Eventually I'll put the bowties together for a quilt.  I've also been putting some "stuff" away.  The studio had gotten pretty messy.  I'll try to snap some pics of the blocks before they fly away to their new home. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Onward and Upward

I am soooo tired of being worn out, tired, etc.  I've spent the last few days reading, playing on the computer, watching TV and movies.  I am ready to hit the studio.  Of course, I'm not sure whether the hike up the stairs will do me in but I am ready to move on. 

I'll be back to the Wonder Blocks quilt if all goes well.  Then I will probably try putting some things away.  I know the studio was degenerating into a mess when last I was working up there.  Who knows what else I will try up in the studio.  

If any thing gets worthy of a picture or a shout out I'll be back and let you know. 

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Quick Hello

No, we didn't go away for the holidays, we didn't have a houseful of guests.  I got the flu Monday night.  I started feeling  human again on Wednesday night but no energy.  Today I've started eating more than saltines and jello!  No quilting done.  But, an enjoyable quiet day for Pat and I.  

Hope your holidays were everything you wish them to be. 

Happy quilting.  Bonnie

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Finish!

I have finally finished the wallhanging for our bedroom.  I'd done the pillow shams earlier.  We are really pleased with the way it looks.  Eventually I need to have the chairs reupholstered.  I've been eyeing fabrics but haven't found exactly what I want.  Then I'll need to find something for the wall across from the bed.  Hum, maybe another quilt -- but bigger.  

Sorry this isn't a bigger picture but it is really difficult to set this up the way I want to.  And, then when I have it exactly as i want it I look at a preview.  And, everything changes.  Then when I upload it, it looks different from the preview and the composing screen.  Go figure.  Hum, I wonder if there is a Blogger for Dummies book? Maybe that would help. 

I haven't been able to sew for several days now. All the Christmas cards are made and will be dropped at the post office tomorrow. What is next for me? Tomorrow I will try to work on the carousel quilt.  Then I'll need to re-evaluate what I have to work on over the next weeks.  I want to make some fabric postcards too.  Actually, that should be on the list above the carousel quilt.  Hopefully I will remember that in the morning.  

Hope every one is doing well and keeping warm!  Happy Quilting. Bonnie 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Ornaments

I am blessed to own several ornaments that were on my mother's Christmas tree when she was a girl.  I'm pretty sure this was on Mom's tree.  I had a santa that was on my grandfather's tree but I'm not sure which one it is!  It was a santa sitting on a log.  And, for some reason I have two of them!  Both look old although one is a fairly recent acquisition!  So, I'm not sharing a picture of that one.  

I've also acquired a few unusual ornaments from various places we've lived.  So check out this next ornament.  Have you figured out what it is?  Take a guess..... 

Santa's got a little dimension and is painted on ... (a little trumpet fanfare please,) an okra.  Yes, a dried okra.  I'm not sure why he hasn't drawn vermin or bugs, but he hasn't.  

No quilting today.  But I have just about finished making 35 Christmas cards.  Now to finish signing, addressing and mailing them.  

Tomorrow's plans:  back to the quilt studio after church, grocery store and maybe lunch out.  I did finish the wall hanging for our bedroom.  In fact, Pat got i hung today so I'll post a picture tomorrow.    In fact he hung something else I will show off tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

Happy quilting!  Bonnie

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Here!

Oh yes, sir-ee.  The snow arrived around 9:30 this am.  Light little snowflakes coming down heavily.  It's been snowing ever since.  I'm hearing a bit of "ping" now so it might be turning to snow and sleet.  We've got about 5" so far, probably more because I went out an hour or so ago.  The birds devoured the food in the feeder so when I stopped for lunch I refilled the feeder. 

It's like Grand Central Station at the feeder.  Because of the pole you can't see all the birds gathering around the feeder.  But they are in and out like a major airport at Thanksgiving. 

And here the birds are waiting to get to the feeder.  Hum, does that make it Grand Central Station Waiting Room? 

I spent the morning in the studio working on a Project Linus quilt.  Remember that Carousel Horse panel I showed the other day?  I'm working on blocks to go with that. It isn't going as fast as I would like it to but it is going.  I don't think I will make it as large as I originally had planned or I'll be at it until March.  I'm thinking in terms of 80 to 90 blocks now.  I have about 30.  I'm going to have to find a few more fabrics to go with it.  I've already cut up and used about 5 dabs of fabric -- fat quarters or less.  Time to go make some cookies.  Nothing like baking on a cold afternoon!  

Happy Quilting All.  Stay warm and dry!  Bonnie  

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scrappy Quilt for Eye Candy

Debbie had this quilt at our Wednesday quilt group.  I fell in love with it because 1) it is scrappy and 2) it uses rectangles.  I'll pass on book title when she tells me what it is.  Enjoy! (It really isn't this yellow looking, the greens are much darker and richer.) 

Off to sew a few seams and then think about making and sending my Christmas cards. 
Happy Quilting all!  Bonnie in the Poconos where the sun is peeping out just a  bit.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Snow Storm(s)

Weather word is a little rain tonight, a couple inches of snow, a little icy rain in the am.  Oh fun.  And, then Friday maybe some more snow and then Sunday some more, maybe.  


No more.  And, winter hasn't even started.  

Today, labeled, wrapped and shipped off the rag quilt.  I decided to write directly on the flannel for the label.  Not the best way to go about it.  Maybe next one I'll sign the square before it is made into the quilt.  My guess is the label will fade out after 4 or 5 washes any way.  

I started making blocks to go with the Carousel Horse today.  I was going to design the quilt using grid paper.  Except... I couldn't find my tablet. URG.  And, I didn't think about printing a sheet from the Internet until right now.   I got 6 blocks done before I had to go out.  I'll start again tomorrow and I'll see if I can print some grid paper or find my tablet.  

Happy quilting all! Bonnie

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi, My Name is Bonnie and I am a Fabricholic . . .

That's the only reason I can figure for hitting Jo-Ann and doing some damage to my low buy decision.  Yes, I went into the big city of Scranton today and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  I returned something.  And then I went to Jo-Ann with one 50% off coupon and a list of what I thought I might "need" that was on sale at Jo-Ann.  Some was to fill low spots in the stash. Some were not at all necesary and some were go withs to a project I have in mind.  And, then there was stuff for Christmas cards, a knitting project book. and  .... you get the picture.

I had this cute carousel horse piece hanging around the studio.  "Ah ha!" says I,  "That would look cute in a Project Linus quilt."   I rummaged on the shelves and came up with the cream at the top right and the green -- which might be a bit too bright but what the hey!  I also found some little pieces of pink and blue to go with but not enough.  So, all those pieces went shopping with me.  (Hum, were they doing a mind meld on me and convincing me I had to get more fabrics??) I thought the pink stripe would be really cute with the horse. And then the blue was another go with.  Now, I plan to cut this up as soon as it all gets washed.  So, maybe this will be a top in the very near future.  I thought I might use the pink for the borders (if I use borders, and if not, the backing.) We'll see what gets done. 

I also found this really cute kitty cat fabric ... on sale, of course.  And the moose fabric is flannel.  I thought it might go in another rag quilt. Am I totally out of my mind.  I don't need any of this.  But, if I get snowed in this winter (when it officially arrives) I'll have lots to work on unless we lose electricity again! The center piece is Kona unbleached muslin from Jo-Ann.  I happened to have some other Kona -- it felt very similar.  This is just to have around.  I find I like to use the same neutral fabric in my scrap quilts.  So this will serve the purpose.  

On to dinner -- I'll be slaving away over a hot oven when I put the frozen pizza in!  

Hope to actually get a few more stitches in to the binding of the wall hanging.  I thought it would be up on the wall by Sunday, but didn't happen.  As always, there is always tomorrow! 

Happy quilting.  Bonnie

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here's a Finish!

Santa drove through our neighborhood on a fire truck.  Here he is -- freezing.  We have no street lights so the picture isn't very good... and who could see anyway!  We waited outside for a couple minutes.  Yikes did we get cold.  It was about 20º or so.  Hum, that pillow is sinking badly!  But he was a good sport.  

No quilting done today.  Long choir rehearsal after church as we tried to learn the music for next week.  This is a very low key choir... we only practice Sunday  for less than an hour.  Not too bad sound wise (unless you are music major!) Then we had a little bit of shopping to do.  Later we went to a party in the neighborhood.  Nice day but, as I said, no quilting really.  

But here are a couple of pictures of my finished rag quilt.  I had all the fabric and batting except one yard of red I purchased to add a little more color.  Pretty  cool.  This is the quilt that Pat helped with clipping.  I've already started the trimming and cutting of another rag quilt.  Don't know when I will make it but at least some of the cutting is done.  This is a present that I'll need to get out in the mail in the next day or two.  The recipient should enjoy it thoroughly! 

What a fun and fast quilt this is!  I'm sure a second, and maybe a third one is in my future.  I still have enough flannel for at least two more.  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Saturday Afternoon? Already?

tick tock time has gotten away from me.  . . 
Here's the cookies for the swap already to go. I thought I was really creative and organized to have the cute bags.  Made some cute tags that weren't on when I took the photo.  

But a lot of the ladies were creative and on top of things.  There were lots of cute boxes, tins and bags filled with yummy cookies.

I tried to make "4 patches" but they didn't turn out that well.  So, complaining and carrying on I tried to follow the directions for the pinwheels.  The directions weren't spectacular.  But surprisingly the cookies looked fairly decent.  (not against the red but it seemed like a good idea at the moment!)  And, there really were 5 dozen cookies in the dough. Amazing. I made some other ones also.  But used the pinwheels for the exchange. 

My Christmas cactus is blooming away.  It is a new one.  The old one is in shock from moving.  It bloomed with a few flowers in November.  Usually it has lots of flowers but two moves in 12 months gave it fits!  But this little one is giving its all. 
I haven't been up to the studio working since Tuesday.  Although I did quilty things on Wed.  I have also done some more quilting on Carolina Lily.  The Rag Quilt has been clipped -- special thanks go to DH, Pat for doing all the vertical clipping.  It is in the drier as we speak.  I'll get a picture after it dries.  

Santa will be coming through our neighborhood in a bit.  So I'll work in the studio until he arrives.  We decided we wouldn't go to the community party for the kids. But we'll snap photos of Santa and wave as he drives by.  Probably not enough snow for a sleigh but . . .  

Happy quilting all. Bonnie  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookie Day

Ok, I admit it.  I stayed up waaaay too late last night.  I'm going to a cookie swap today and have to have 5 dozen cookies to take.  I'm adventurous I try new things... I was making pinwheel cookies.  I thought it sounded quilty also.  So too late last night I made the dough which has to be refrigerated for 8 hours.  It was sticky.  It was nasty to roll out.  It looked cute but no way there are 5 dozen cookies in what I got.  So, now I am avoiding making a decision.  Oh well.  The blog definitely needs to be written. Right? 

I got a quilt back from my friend Ruth. She has a business with her long arm machine.  And, she did a wonderful job.  I'll get pictures up eventually.  Hey, I bought the fabric for this in April 2008.  Made the top in June,  and did the borders after I could find some matching fabric.  Amazing.  Another quilt started and finished in the same year.  Wow. 

I spent yesterday clipping the rag quilt.  I've got more to do but no motivation.  Hey, the cookies are calling me.  

This will stay short because I need to do those blankety, blank cookies.  I hope we actually have this cookie swap as it is raining (thank you, it's not snow... that's tomorrow) and icy.  Evidently the driveway has a nice glaze on it.  Oh fun.  
Happy quilting, or for me baking!  Bonnie 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, the question is who has been walking across the driveway?  When we got back from church Sunday there was this perfect set of footprints. What animal made them? I am guessing a squirrel.  Any naturalists out there who can verify this? 

The rag quilt is sewn together ready for clipping the fringe.  That will be done over a few days so as not to destroy the hands.  I should have done some yesterday but I didn't.  I did get some hand quilting done on the carolina lilies quilt.  The quilting in the blank squares looks great and I like to do it.  The quilting in the pieced blocks is a pain and looks... um... well add the word of your choice.  I have one motif in the plain block and then I need to mark the corners that are plain quarter blocks.  (and, a million pieced blocks .. ok 8 or 10) I will probably start the borders as soon as all of the plain inner blocks are done. 

Late in the day I made some Raisin Rats for Pat to take to work.  He loves raisins so I thought I would try the recipe.  Yum. I made them with golden raisins.   I have 5 dozen cookies to make for  a community cookie swap.  Haven't made up my mind what I will take.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking of doing pressed sugar cookies in the shape of trees. Except they make such small cookies. But they would look Christmas-y.

I'm off to finish quilting the wall hanging.  I hope to get it hung this weekend and then I'll add a picture here.  Ruth emailed to say she has my quilt ready that she was long arming (is that a verb?) so will have to get the binding ready for that.  And, the clipping... it should be at least started!!  
Happy quilting all!  Stay warm (or cool if you're down under!) Bonnie   

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Moving Along

I was able to get all the threads tied off on my wallhanging. I also made the binding and hanging sleeve.  Then I sewed blocks into rows of the rag quilt - got 5 rows done.  Tomorrow I'll get the rest of the rows done and then sew the rows together.  We'll see what else I'll get done because I have some errands to do also. 

Here are some more photos of Christmas decorations.  I really like these guys who sit on the landing of the stairs.  
And, here are some snowmen who are guarding the stairs.  Actually they are really hiding some electrical wires.  
Have a great quilting day.  Bonnie 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Waa Hoo Christmas Came Early!

See my Christmas present?  Pat and I had said we weren't going to exchange presents this year.  A couple of weeks later he mentioned he had gotten me something.  Well it came while I was in the shower today.  He decided to give it to me so I can use it!  Wow, this is the chair of chairs.  It has about 4 different places you can customise -- the seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle and lumbar support.  We saw this at the quilt show in Hershey, Pa and I told him I would like one. (hey I had two office type chairs in my studio and both of them would sink down without any particular reason.) 

I got him a table saw. Nah, he asked for it and picked it out but it was from me! He's making stuff for me with it -- or at least I think he is! 

I got a lot done in the studio today.  I only have the borders to do on the bedroom wall hanging.  And, tying off all the threads on the areas I did today.  I hate that part of machine quilting. Some people don't worry about it but I always tie them off and bury the threads.  

Pat also gets great husband stars today for doing some more decorating in the house.  He's done all of the outside and has moved into the inside.  He has put lights and garlands around the bannisters.  Today he cleared off the Thanksgiving decorations and put out Christmas stuff on the mantel.  

I bought this lovely Santa at a vendor at the quilt show in Lancaster, PA many years ago.  I fell in love with it -- probably because of his old quilt coat.  He is proudly displayed on the mantel with several other Santas I have.  I don't think Pat pulled out all of the Santas but they are peaking out of lots of nooks and crannies of the house.    This one was the beginning of my Santas and now I must have 15 or so. Some are stuffed, some are floppy, some I've made and some have been given to me. Over the next few days I will try to add more pictures of our Christmas decorations.   

We will be putting up a small tree next weekend.  Since the kids were here for Thanksgiving they won't be here for Christmas. Supposedly we aren't going all out with our decorating.  Jen will be going to Brian's Mom's house in Ohio. Kevin will be going to Tennessee with Aimee. We were thinking of going to California for the Rose Bowl but, wow, airline prices are out of sight.  We'll keep looking but it doesn't look good at this point.  Pat and I went to Univ. of Southern California and lived in California ten years before we moved east.  California in December/January looks good compared to the Pocono Mountains.  And, since we get Rose Bowl tickets every year it's good to go to the games every once in a while.  USC just beat UCLA so SC will be the Pac 10 representative.  
And, just to give Pat equal time:  Here is his workshop out in the garage (heated garage). It is always this neat except when he is working in it.  He is very neat, unlike me!  I'm better than I was but I'm not completely cured of my messier nature!  

Happy quilting all.  Bonnie 

Lazy Morning

I've been reading emails and blog surfing for two hours or so.  Must be time to get up and move on to something else. 

My to do list in the studio includes:
 • finish sewing the mystery quilt together.  Pictures will be posted after Jan. 1, 2009. You'll just have to wait to see this great quilt. 
• finish the rag quilt up to the hand snipping part
• finish machine quilting the wall hanging for our bedroom. 
* review the to do list to make sure I stay on task -- now where did I put that list??? 

Hope you have a great day.  I'm off to get going on my day. 

Happy quilting from chilly (13º degrees this am at home) Pennsylvania, USA.  Bonnie

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Productive Day

I spent most of today in the studio machine quilting the wall hanging for our bedroom.  I must have spent 5 to 6 hours stitching and then tying off and burying the threads.  I finally got bored around 4:30 and started on sewing a mystery quilt together.  I only have one row left to add to it. Then I'll make decisions regarding borders on that.  
Tomorrow's plans include finishing the sewing part of the rag quilt. (I ordered more fabric through  late Tuesday night and it arrived here today.) The flannel was in the wash with in 15 minutes of being in the house.  Yes, I know I shouldn't preshrink it but all the other fabric was and I was worried about it shrinking too much so went ahead and washed.  And, I'll try to get the last row of the mystery quilt on.  I'll probably do some more on the wallhanging too. 
Pat has been busy for the last few weekends getting the lights set out on our new house.  Doesn't it look great?  We're having snow on Sunday so I'll have to see whether we can get a picture with snow.  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Peak into the Studio

Here's what I've been working on for the last few days.  This is all from the stash.  I did order 2 different reds to add to the mix.  I probably could have done without them but ... I've got to help the economy somewhat!  Today I sewed about 40 blocks with the X.  Then I laid them out to start to get a sense of what this rag quilt will look like.  I thought I would have enough of the dark green and black plaid to do the whole back. Of course not.  I'm not all that much short so I thought I could pop in some of the black and brown plaid. And, as I was laying it all out I thought putting some of the green/black on the top would add interest.  I've got what I have made laid out but will not angst over it until the other colors come in.   And, while I've been cutting all this if I didn't have enough left for the 8" blocks I've cut them all to a smaller size.  So, I might make another rag quilt down the line.

At Wed. sewing group I basted that wall hanging for our bedroom.  It will be quilted this afternoon.  Or at least it will be started.  The rest of Wed. I hand quilted on a Christmas lap quilt.  I'm not really fast but I keep plugging away.  I have most of the motifs done in the open squares.  I still need to mark the quarter squares in the corners.  And, I have most of the pieced blocks to outline quilt. And, not to mention the border.  I was happy to see I have the border stencil that goes with the blocks. The quilt is a Carolina Lily that I made as a mystery at a retreat many years ago.  I am sure it will continue to be worked on, especially on Wednesdays, because it is easy to grab and go and it helps keep me warm!  

Back to the studio.  I really want to get a few more quilts quilted.  I think I have 2 lap size and one table runner basted and ready to go.  We'll see whether I can get them done! 

Happy quilting from rainy, northeastern Pennsylvania.  Thank goodness it isn't cold enough to be snow! Bonnie 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick Notes and Then Back to the Studio

I have been trying to take a picture of the woodpecker that visits my bird feeder.  This is really a small bird feeder but the smart woodpecker has figured out he (she? -- don't know where the bird book is since the move.) can sit on the outside and still reach the seed through the cage that keeps the bigger birds out.  Man does the feeder rock and roll when the woodpecker comes for a visit. The feeder can be viewed from our great room and every time I see the woodpecker visiting I grab my camera and go to a window without the screen and try to snap the picture.  He never stays around long enough to get the picture.  Now my plan is to get him used to someone being in the room looking at him. Ha!  As if that will happen.  

I'm going to put dinner together and then go back to working on the current quilt.  It's going to be a Christmas present -- don't tell my friend who is getting this!  It will be a cozy rag quilt.  And this recipient lives where the snow falls -- quite a bit some years!  

Have a quilty Tuesday -- happy quilting.  Bonnie

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to the Studio

Truth be told I didn't spend a whole lot of time sewing yesterday.  I did start the mystery quilt over at Mysteries for Relay.  YIKES.  It is labor intensive.  I may use it as a leaders/enders project cause it has lots of sewing and cutting in it.   Oh boy another start with a finish in the far distant future! 

It is time to prioritize what needs to be done.  I decided to make one Christmas present this year and the cutting is started for it.  So, I guess that will be the top of the list.  I have one top I need backing for -- or I need to piece bits of fabrics so I have enough backing.  It is going in our bedroom as a wall hanging so I would like to get it done.  And, I have one quilt ready to be quilted.  (basted and sitting in a roll in the studio.) I guess that is my to do list for now.  

The last thing I really need to do is figure out where all my UFO's are.  In other words, take an inventory.  I doubt I remember all the pieces I have started.  And, there is no central location in the studio where UFOs reside.  (Nor will there be one probably.) 

That pretty much identifies my week.   I keep trying to get on Joann's website but it is overwhelmed and I can't get through. Oh well.  Maybe later.  Happy quilting all. Bonnie