Mysteries and Quilt Alongs

 Since I write a monthly article for Faithful Circle Quilters on the mystery quilts and quilt alongs I find each month, it makes sense to me to actually write a blog post listing them too.  I am notoriously bad about time management -- that said, I will ""try" to get the info published at the beginning of each month. (Please don't be too disappointed if I'm late.   

If you are sponsoring any mysteries or quilt alongs please drop me a note.  I'll add it in the next appropriate post. 

I've started using dollar signs ($) for the ones that cost money.  Mentally, I'm using $ for under $50 and $$ for $50 and over.  

Have fun finding a new project to work on! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

May Mysteries and Quilt Alongs 5/2023  (May 16)

April Mysteries and Quilt Alongs 4/2023 (Mar. 30)

No, I didn't get a March post done. 

February Mysteries and Quilt Alongs 2/2023  (Feb. 8)

January Mysteries and Quilt Alongs  1/2023 (reposted Mar. 30)

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