Friday, May 29, 2015

No Quilting Going On Here

I finally got all the string blocks sewn to fit the top and bottom borders of Love Shack. It's ready to quilt.  I'm thinking of doing big stitch hand quilting.  Except I really want it finished and heavens know it will take me years to do this by hand.  
And here are the two new pillows done and on the couch with the others.  The new pillows are 20", the old ones are 16". When I made the first big pillow cover I was reading directions for an 18" cover and oops!  I cut the fabric 18" as the directions said.  I decided to proceed anyway because I didn't have any more fabric and I had bought the last piece of it.  Surprise.  18" sewn to about 17" worked just fine.  The second cover was a bit bigger but not much.  I had to wrestle the forms into the covers but don't they look nice now? 

And here are a few pictures of nature around us.  

And I leave you with a photo from the beach.                           

Although I'm not getting any quilting done here -- didn't even bring any down with me -- Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Design Wall Monday 5 - 25 -2015

How could a whole week just fly by?  I have little to show that I worked on this past week.  I did get some more units of the Galaxy blocks done.  Here are some that need to be trimmed up.  Although it sounds daunting to trim up each unit for a block the end results are fabulous.  I just haven't hung around the tv recently to actually trim stuff up. It's hard to complain when perfect "V Blocks" result from that trimming up. 
This is new fabric for some more pillows for the beach house. The leaves fabric was used for the 16" pillows I did before. The pillows look lost on the couch. So, I'm going to make 2 20" pillows today.  They are so darn fast I can do them sandwiched in whatever else I decide to do today, besides a bit of lawn work. 

Goals were met this week for the most part but I don't feel like I've sewn for days -- although I know I have. 
Week of May 18, 2015
Continue on Galaxy Blocks
Load and begin to quilt Wild Dogs √ loaded the backing but nothing else done
Keep progressing on Love Shack √ almost done
Figure out Christmas blocks to make a table runner Nothing done…

Week of May 25, 2015
Finish something before June 1, anything!
Sew last 2 borders on Love Shack and maybe quilt it
Make pillow covers
Enjoy the beach 
Read some books

Summer has finally settled in on us. The weather recently has been warm but the humidity is low. It makes the days so nice whether indoors or outdoors.  I was helping with yard work. (Who me??? I hate yard work.  I am not a gardener!) I was shocked to find the deer in the neighborhood had chewed my hydrangea.  They don't always feast on it so I was surprised.  Lots of stems with no leaves sticking up.  Darn. 

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May we all take a little time today to honor our military who continuously work so that we may enjoy freedom. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Design Wall Monday 5 - 18 - 2015

I had a good sewing day while at the beach house last week.  I am now working on finishing two of the three newest quilts I have started.   I've got the inner border sewn.  I'm now sewing the string pieced blocks together for Love Shack.  I see a finished top coming soon! 

I spent more time yesterday working on Galaxy than I did on Love Shack.  With the V Block ruler from Studio 180, as with all Deb Tucker's rulers that I own, you make the block slightly larger and trim it to the exact size.  The down side of this is that's a LOT of trimming.  The up side is the blocks go together perfectly and you don't need to trim the blocks up at the end. I ran out of units just as I was finishing up for the day yesterday.  

On to my goals.  Last week I was very successful.  Let's hope I can continue the trend for this week! 
Week of May 11, 2015
Trim antique quilt
Make and apply binding to antique quilt
Work on Galaxy blocks
Work on Love Shack
Have fun at the beach

Week of May 18, 2015
Continue on Galaxy Blocks
Load and begin to quilt Wild Dogs
Keep progressing on Love Shack
Figure out Christmas blocks to make a table runner 

I leave you with a picture of Pat and I on the Nags Head Pier.  It was chilly most of the days we were there but we did spend a little time sitting on the beach and enjoying the surf.  

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Happy Quilting All!