Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-25-11

Another week has flown by ... and I got a lot done this week.  Here's what's on the design bed... well, not really, I carefully picked up the blocks so I could move them to the design wall when it is empty.  Which should be soon as I can take down the quilt on it as it is all pieced.   I showed a different lay out last week but decided I like a straight set rather than on point. Visit other design walls at Patchwork Times. 

 Saturday Pat had to drive to Stanton, Va to do an interview. (He's the human resources weenie, as he calls himself.)  It's a two hour drive so he asked me to come with him.  And, the enticement was Rachel's Quilt Patch.

The shop is housed in the old train depot.  It looked like it might have been a big quilt store based on how many doors were leading into it.  Except, once inside I realized there were doors for the "old" space and the new space.  I guess they've moved from the space at the left to the space at the right. I enjoyed my time there and bought too many yards of fabric.  I was looking for new white on white.  And, yahoo! they had a couple of P&B whites.  And, they were reasonably priced and I had a discount coupon.  Yee HAW!  I bought 4 yds of wow, a half yard of lime green that goes with a fat quarter I got at the preview party at Quilter's Corner last week and a fat quarter with wine corks on it.  

But it only took me 30 minutes or so and Pat thought he'd be 2 hours in the interview.  Bummer.  What to do.  I drove over to the local Staples to buy ink cartridges for the printer.  Then because it was so hot and I didn't want to walk around the cute stores downtown, I drove around town.  It is a charming little town.  Mary Baldwin College is there along with Woodrow Wilson's Presidential Library.  There were also metal statues in various places around town.  This watering can was the only one I could take a picture. And darn the sign is blocking part of it. 

Pat thought you would all enjoy a photo of a train engine with its cover off.  (Nod your heads in agreement, honestly you don't see this everyday.)  Here's one of Buckingham Branch Rail Road's engines being repaired.  Hum, take the cover off and you see a lot of grey metal.

Goals for week of 7/18/11
Put the borders on Chunky Churn Dash
Figure out the backing for Chunky…
Sew rows together of Winter Rail Fence
Figure out the backing for Winter Rail Fence. Picked, not cut.
Quilt:     Double Bow Tie
            2nd Quilts for Kids Quilt
Cut and sew together Disappearing 9 Patch
Begin looking for mom of the groom dress… ugh not my favorite thing to do but …       looked in catalogs… blah√
Take Raggs in for teeth cleaning.
Make blocks for quilt Jenny and I are making together.
Put a border on charity round robin quilt from the FCQ Equilters.

Goals for week of 7/25/11
Quilt Jennie the Baker’s quilt
Finish Quilting Charity Quilt
Quilt      Chunky Churn Dash
            Winter Rail Fence
Bind      Chunky Churn Dash
            Winter Rail Fence
            Double Bow Tie
Sew the Disappearing 9 Patch blocks together
Piece the quilt Jenny & I are making
Plan a border for charity round robin quilt from the FCQ Equilters.

Raggs got his teeth cleaned last week along with a couple of polyps removed from his ears.  Yikes, poor doggy.  They removed 5 of his teeth also.  I need to figure out how to brush his teeth so he doesn't lose any more of his chompers.  Although he was surprised when he tried to eat his kibble the next day the missing teeth don't seem to bother him at all.  
Happy Quilting All! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Good and the Bad

The good:  A new upstairs air conditioner is being installed today.  It will work on keeping the upstairs studio cool!  That's the new one on the left.  The one on its side is the old HOLEY one.

 Here's the lonely pad where the ac unit goes.  And, below, the air handler -- I think that is what it is called.

The Bad:    No air conditioning working in the downstairs while they are working.  Except, now that they are done 6 hours later it turns out the two units weren't on the same panel/switch whatever you turn off so you don't electrocute yourself while you are working on major appliances.  So,  I could have had ac all day.  Sigh.  It was closing in on 80 downstairs where I had moved some of my piecing needs to sew at the dining room table. But it was the wrong height.  It was a mere 92 upstairs!

Here's yesterday's work on Ruthie.  I decided the centers of these bowties would make a good place to put a motif rather than just stipple.  My way of handling it was to draw the flower on a piece of newsprint and attach it to the quilt and quilt through the paper.  Drawing looks great...

 Quilting just doesn't quite look as good.  But, honestly, it will be fine.  This one is going to hang in our new bathroom.  I've already bought red throw rugs and blue towels.  Can't wait until I get this hung in there.
 My plan was to work on a  Disappearing 9 patch UFO.  Just before I left PA one of my guilds had a d9p challenge.  Every one was given enough of 2 different fabrics to use as one block in  in a 9 patch.  We were to make 12 blocks using one constant in the center square and the other square where every we wanted it in the block. Then we swapped the 9 patches.   Today, I cut up the 9 patch blocks.  And, remade a couple -- only one was way off from the size and one someone cut a square wrong and brought the rest as is -- I think she ran out of time.
So using a design bed, I came up with this layout.  Except -- I have one more block to cut up.  And, then I'd need some triangles to fill the side spaces.  Hum, the colors in this picture don't look as rich as it looks  in real life.  You can just barely see two triangles in a green fossil forest.  I will probably try a couple of other settings over the next few days.  I like it on point but I'm not sure I will like all the setting triangles the same fabric -- none of which is in the rest of the top.

I guess this won't be a super easy finish after all.  Sigh.

So here's what the rest of the week looks like temperature-wise. Really, 102??  Hum, I see the nights are at least going into the 70's.  One forecast called for low 80's for a couple of nights.

I'm feeling a nap coming on... the heat must be making me sluggish.  Or, staying up reading a novel too late and getting up at 7.  Oh well.  Nap time it is!

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-18-11

 Here's a new quilt I started this week instead of working on my disappearing 9 patch UFO. Kevin gave me a fat eighth bundle from Connecting Threads for Christmas in 2009.  January of this year I went somewhat wild buying fabric to go with the bundle. See all of them here?  It was one of the projects on my I-want-to-make-this-year list.  I was browsing various patterns and web sites and found the rail fence with extras that I mentioned last week.  It is working really well except those holes you see at the bottom.  I ran out of the light blue and have added in another light blue.  It is very obviously different in real life so I'm placing the blocks made with the darker blue in specific areas. To do that I've been taking apart blocks and moving them around so it all works.  And, I've cut some more solid blocks.  Tomorrow I hope to finish this top.  

 Here are a couple of pairs of sunglasses from Jenny's quilt.  Note the cool placement of fabric on the pair on the left.  Clever girl that Jenny. (You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the detail.) 
This double bow tie is up next on Ruthie.  It's been a top for several months.  I'll be happy to get it finished so I can hang it in the bathroom.  

Goals from week of 7/11/11
Sew Chunky Churn Dash rows together, think about border. √ Done and border chosen but not on yet.
Get last border on 2nd Quilt for Kids √ quilt top done.
Begin work on UFO – Disappearing 9 Patch Oops started a new quilt instead!
If Ruthie is back up and working Quilt:
      Jenny’s quilt √ done.
      Double Bow Tie ready to load.
      2nd Quilt for Kids Quilt

Goals for week of 7;18/11
Put the borders on Chunky Churn Dash.
Figure out the backing for Chunky…
Sew rows together of winter rail fence.
Figure out the backing for winter rail fence.
Quilt:     Double Bow Tie
            2nd Quilts for Kids Quilt
Cut and sew together Disappearing 9 Patch.
Begin looking for mom of the groom dress… ugh not my favorite thing to do.     
Take Raggs in for teeth cleaning.
Make blocks for quilt Jenny and I are making together.
Put a border on charity round robin quilt from the FCQ Equilters.  

I'm feeling pretty good about reaching most of my goals this week.  I always like to have more than I am likely to achieve just in case I am super productive.  (Hey it happens, seldom but every once and a while!)  More often I end up getting engrossed in a novel so I don't get everything done.  This list does keep me focused.  

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times to visit blogs around the country/world to see what's on folk's design wall. 
Happy Quilting All!  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life Is Good . . .

she's better than ever! 
Bill, our very mechanically inclined neighbor and Diana's husband, replaced one guide and the whole hook assembly.  I also got a new bobbin case.  Pat worked hard on it too but didn't have enough time to spend, well he does have to go to work.  Thanks bunches Bill.  Now, how are you on iPods?  
The first quilt up is this baby quilt Jenny did and boy howdy -- it is definitely fun to quilt!
 I'm stitching in the ditch on each of the squares and then stippling around the applique. 

Yesterday was a preview party for Quilter's Corner. Tiffany Sherman is the new owner.  She closed the store for a couple of days and reopened with a big hoopla. What better place to go with folks who are interested in quilting?  So I dragged invited Diana and Jennie to come with me.  After an early dinner we descended on the store. (Along with a nice crowd of interested folks.) We stayed for several hours enjoying the sights.  Diana even won one of the door prizes.  Needless to say I was terribly jealous when I realized the prize was a bunch of batiks.  I think she said they were 10 x 10" pieces.  Hey, I could definitely find something to do with those!  We all got a goody bag that included a fat quarter, a pen and chocolate.  I don't know why I have no pictures of Diana but here's Jennie checking out a quilt she likes and some fabric. 
If I didn't mention before we live on 2 acres in a small subdivision.  And, we have some serious gardeners living nearby.  I have been the grateful recipient of quite a lot of veggies and fruits.  Here's some of what we've recently received.  I call it Vegetable Still Life.  No zucchinis but lots of cucumbers. 

Half of tomorrow will be spent on Ruthie trying to finish Jenny's quilt.  The other half I plan to put together the baby quilt I've been working on.  Hopefully I'll post a picture of the top on Monday.  

Happy Quilting All!  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Project

Yesterday I started a new project.  Sorry, no photos yet.  But I did use this pattern from Mary Quilts.  My quilt is using fussy cuts from several fat eighths that Kevin bought me for Christmas two years ago.  Ok, I never showed the fat eighths, sorry.  Anyway they were an entire line from Connecting Threads with a snow/winter theme.  In January I bought a bunch of fabric as go withs for the fat eighths.  Of course, I didn't know how I planned to use them so I've run out of some of the rails and have substituted but I think it will be fine once I scatter the substitutes through out the quilt.  This is going to be a baby quilt to be given to Quilts for Kids when I return the two kits I'm working on. 

Saturday was Brian's birthday and he, Jenny and Sophia were here on their way back from Jenny's recruiting trip.  So, knowing he loves cupcakes, I made some with his favorite frosting of Cool Whip and chocolate pudding.  I filled the cupcakes with a squirt of the frosting and then topped them with the same frosting.  My finale was a squeeze of the green creme de mint frosting I used on brownies for the Fourth of July party.  

I'm getting pretty good at this.  One problem though.  As I was squeezing the frosting out the pastry bag was falling apart -- frosting came oozing out of the side seam. No problem, change to another bag.  Except that bag fell apart too.  I had one more bag left and it lasted until I got all the little green flowers on it and fell apart also.  Good Grief.... just because the bags were from the early 80's they didn't need to fall completely apart!  

Tuesday I went out to lunch with Jennie, the baker next door, and a quick trip to JoAnns.  Needless to say, I bought a new pastry bag, just in case I decide to be creative any time soon.  
Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-11-11

The design wall still has the Chunky Churn Dash top on it.  It is now 9 rows. 
I am also almost finished with this Quilts for Kids top. I need to put one more border on it. 

Goals for week of 7/4/11
Clean house, prep food & host 4th of July Barbecue
Put binding on 1st Quilt for Kids quilt.
Sew top of Chunky Churn Dash quilt together. In rows
Quilt Jenny’s beach quilt. Bummer… see below
Quilt charity quilt. Double bummer . . . see below
Get 2nd Quilt for Kids quilt to flimsie stage. Still needs one border
Read Sophia new books. 
Keep trying to make Ruthie happy.  She’s still not happy – new part on order…. 

Goals for week of 7/11/11
Sew Chunky Churn Dash rows together, think about border.
Get  last border on 2nd Quilt for Kids quilt.
Begin work on UFO – Disappearing 9 Patch.
Cut fabric for retreat drawings.
If Ruthie is back up and working Quilt:
      Jenny’s quilt
      Double Bow Tie
      2nd Quilt for Kids Quilt

Lookie, lookie see my toothies! 
Sophia was fascinated with the VCR flap and kept putting her fingers in there.  Hope it still works! 

Don't forget to check out other's design walls by visiting Patchwork Times. Oops, Judy doesn't have the design wall post up yet.  I'll come back and post the link when it is available.   I don't know when Judy remembered but I've been busily working away on this week's goals.  One seam left for the Quilt for Kids quilt.  And, half way done sewing the Chunky Churn Dash rows together and I found a perfect border fabric for it in my stash.  YEA for stashbusting. I may not have put enough things on this list (especially if Ruthie doesn't get up and running soon!)
Happy Quilting! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Onesie Modeled

 Miss Sophia doesn't quite have the runway walk down yet but she stood still long enough for me to get a photo.  Then Mom moved a bit too.

And finally, another self portrait with Sophia and Grammie.

Ruthie report:  she's closer to getting back on track.  I've ordered a new part.  I'm going to try to use her today to baste a quilt.  And, hopefully next weekend she'll be back to normal.  Oh please, let's hope so!  Not much sewing going on the last few days.  Hopefully today I'll get some done but first grocery shopping.  Bummer.

Happy Quilting All!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Rain Out

It was a super hot Fourth of July but neighbors braved the heat to hang out on the new deck and pergola. 

Some chatted on the steps. 
 Pat started grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs.  But look at that sky -- it isn't sunny blue any more. 
The next thing we know the wind is whipping around, thunder is booming in the distance and the heavens opened up with a torrent of rain. We fled to the house with our plates. 
By about 6:30 it was pitch dark outside.  Then the lightening started up -- and it was close.  The booming got louder and sooner after the lightening. 
 But we partied on enjoying chatting with our neighbors. 
 And then, amidst all the noise, lightening, food and friends -- the power went out.  Luckily I could put my hands on a lot of candles pretty darn fast.  So we moved on to dessert and settled in doors.  

Once the rain and lightening let up folks scattered back to their own homes.  Those with generators fired them up. The rest of us sweated it out.  Power was restored about 4 hours later.  

Needless to say no sewing was done on the 4th or, for that matter, the 5th of July around here.  I was totally worn out.  More work is being done on Ruthie though and hopefully she'll be happy by Thursday.  I've got several more things to try.  Bill, a neighbor, has been checking her over carefully.  He polished some metal on her and called with some suggestions to try.  I'll give them a try sometime today.  And, if not, he's coming back tomorrow to try something else. 

Another negative of the heavy storms... our cell tower was knocked off line so I really don't have phone service at home now.  BUMMER -- not that I get that many calls but, darn, I like to be able to make calls. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-4-11


Nothing will be happening in the studio today.  The design wall is just a little changed from this week.  I finished all of the broken dishes blocks and all of the chunky churn dash blocks.  I've started to sew the blocks into rows.  (hum, maybe I should have taken a picture....) 

Here are a couple of little things I finished this week. 

I made these towels based on a design by Karen Comstock.  They actually are for three little quilts that can be displayed on a triplet metal frame.  I thought they would look great on a couple of hand towels for my bathroom.  Bad me!  I didn't think about how the lame would react to washing.  So, if it falls apart I will cover the gold lame stars with yellow cotton fabric.  I'll find out soon how well it holds up.  

Hopefully soon  I will be able to get a picture of this little onesie dress modeled by Sophie.  I didn't have a pattern just a picture on my cell phone of the dress on display at a fabric store.  I think I should have cut the onesie up a little higher.  And, probably put a little more fabric into the skirt.  That said, I think it will look great on Sophie unless the onesie is way too big on her.  

Goals for week of 6/27/11
Wash and then mail doll quilt. √ finally sent! 
Quilt and bind Easter Quilt. √ again, finally done! 
Finish the rest of the broken dishes blocks.
Make the 2nd Quilts for Kids quilt. In rows but not a flimsie yet. 
Get invites out for July 4 picnic.
Quilt something on Ruthie. Sigh, Pat & I have been working on Ruthie every day of the weekend and we still don't have it right. Double sigh.
Make Onesie dress for Sophia

Pretty successful week in terms of my goals.  I'm not sure how successful I'll be this coming week due to the holiday and Jen, Brian, and Sophia coming for a visit. 

Goals for week of 7/4/11
Clean house, prep food & host 4th of July Barbecue
Put binding on 1st Quilt for Kids quilt.
Sew top of Chunky Churn Dash quilt together.
Quilt Jenny’s beach quilt.
Quilt charity quilt.
Get 2nd Quilt for Kids quilt to flimsie stage. 
Read Sophia new books. 
Keep trying to make Ruthie happy.  

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times to visit blogs across the Internet sharing their writer's design walls. 

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July all!