Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Design Wall Tuesday 10-28-2014

I missed Monday so here I am late on Tuesday evening.  I'm going to link up with Show and Tell Tuesday at I Have to Say and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.  

I "had planned" to post again last week but honestly, 4 days out of the seven I had things going on that took up nearly the full day.  Monday I enjoyed a day of embroidery with Kay, Dorothy, and Janet.  I worked on the grand's Halloween shirts.  Usually I've gotten black t shirts (generally purchased from the boy's department at Target.) This time I shopped a bit earlier and got some light colored waffle shirts. 

The color is off but you get the idea.  Here are closeups of each shirt. Ellie's shirt has a dog that looks like Cassie. 

Natalie's features a cat -- kind of like Max, the cat in her family. This is a really peachy colored shirt and I had a heck of a time finding anything that would go with that color until I decided to do everything with contrasting color! 
And here's Sophia's shirt. She got a little monster.  This shirt is really a nice turquoise but sure looks light green on my computer! All of these designs are from Designs by Juju in the set Too Cute to Spook.  OOOH they still have them on sale -- 12 designs for $4.00.  I think I need to look over the new designs as I've already bought several design sets from here. 

Friday the same group of ladies plus Carolyn, a non-quilter,  got together in my studio to make pillowcases for the hospice that Kay's sister works for.  We got 25 pillow cases done.  Kay had them cut and color coordinated before she got to my house.  We all had jobs to do from pinning, ironing, stitching the cuffs on, serging the edges and the final turning, ironing and folding.  Needless to say I forgot to take any pictures.  I was a very tired camper that night.  I tend to work a bit, rest a bit, work a bit until I'm totally worn out.  

Saturday I drove back up to Kevin and Aimee's to help celebrate Ellie's first birthday while Pat was in New Jersey with competing in the regional Barbershop competition. I'll try to post pictures from the birthday celebration later this week. Pat's chorus was pleased with their placement. Both of us were tired of driving. 

By Sunday, Pat and I were packing up both cars to drive to OBX for beach week.  (Pat is doing a lot of work while I'm doing just a little work on the house.) We also did a day of shopping on Monday -- got a couple of new beds for the house.  But I also found a small quilt shop Shoreline Handwerks in Manteo. (It's pronounced as if it were spelled Maneo,  man e o with the accent on the O.) They do a big online business but also have a shop with Bernina sales and service.  And, should I mention I went to the outlet stores and bought a couple pairs of shoes?  I only brought one pair of leather athletic shoes and my feet have been way too hot.  It's been beautiful here so far this week.

I'm also spending my time doing this: 
Sewing at the beach. It's a nice view out although no ocean is visible. That probably helps me to keep focused. 
Once again, I'm working on Easy Street, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery from 2012.  I've almost gotten all of the units prepped so I can start sewing the blocks together.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make a queen size quilt! Who knows where I'll put this quilt when it is finished.  I love these bright colors -- lime green, turquoise, grey and black and whites.   I had to replenish my black and whites hence the trip to Shoreline Handwerks. 

Sunset was great Sunday night.  I use my cell phone for most of the pictures I post here.  The color isn't quite right but it is pretty none the less. October has been beautiful in the Outer Banks. 

And, I'll leave you with the view out our window during dinner tonight.  We ate at Lone Cedar Cafe.  Pat had Blackened Tuna Tacos and I had broiled shrimp.  Yummy food and a nice view. This restaurant is about 10 minutes from our house with views of the sound from both sides of the restaurant.  Never did see who uses this big nest.  
Pat and I were hoping to see the rocket launch from Wallup Island, Virginia pass over our area.  But, yikes, the rocket blew up shortly after launch.  We were standing in the restaurant parking lot keeping an eye on the sky.  As it got past the time we thought we should have seen it Pat had the web site up on his cell phone and we saw the rocket blow up.  YIKES.  Not a good out come.  

We aren't doing a lot of beachy things this week but we're both enjoying our selves.  I've got a few rugs to scrub and wash to try to get some stains out.  A few cabinets will be getting shelf paper.  The dining room chairs need to be scrubbed to get some dirt off.  But really, I'd rather sew.  

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday 10-20-2014

I didn't get a whole lot of quilting done last week.  Yes, I finished the Carolina Christmas top which I showed here.  What I did do was figure out what I needed to do on Easy Street to move it along.  I have most of the units done.  I was able to do a little toward the last bit before I can start putting the bricks together.  Here's what all the bits look like: 
That polka dot part is a folder with all the directions in it. I'm hoping to get more of it worked on over the next few weeks.  But I've got a lot of quilts waiting to be put on Ruthie.  Hopefully I'll finish the sail boat quilt this week. 

Here's the sad tale of my goals. 
Week of October 13, 2014
Quilt sailboat quilt √ started but didn’t get far
Work on Easy Street √ a little was done
Put the last border on Carolina Christmas
Hang out with Kevin and Ellie while Aimee is traveling
Finish Grim Ripper nope, didn’t happen
Bind the sailboat quilt nope, didn’t happen either

And here's what I hope to do this week.  I've got a couple of all day events so I may not get lots of other things done.  

Week of October 20, 2014
Finish quilting sailboat quilt
Bind sailboat quilt
Spend a day embroidering with friends
Work on Easy Street, if there is time
Host Pillow Case day in the studio
Finish Grim Ripper?
Attend Ellie’s birthday party!

Driving home from staying with Ellie I saw great gas prices but didn't stop to fill the tank.  I was tickled to find the same prices at our local Sheetz.  Wow! Part of the benefit of living in Va is they have rather low gas tax so our prices are always better than DC and Maryland.  Can't speak about the rest of the nation. 

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times so go take a look at what's happening in studios this week. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Top Done!

That is the top only, not quilted yet.  

I brought Carolina Christmas and Easy Street to work on while providing a bit of coverage for Kevin while Aimee was on a work trip to South Korea.  (Yep, a way far away trip!)  I'm basically dropping off Ellie and picking her up from day care which works nicely for all of us.  I planned to do some heavy duty sewing on these two quilts.  

It was working well until yesterday afternoon when daycare called to tell us that Ellie was puking.  Yuck.  Everything she ate at lunch was gone through the wrong end.  Pat and I scurried over there to to pick her up.  No day care for Ellie for a while.  Kevin made a doctor's appt for us to take her in the next day.  

At dinner she had another "episode"  but it might have been more that she was eating too fast and perhaps too much.  Who knew there was faucet from stomach back to mouth?  

Fast forward to this am.  She slept really well last night.  Drank a tiny bit of formula and a ate little bit of oatmeal.  A little bit more liquid.  Dr. says, sorry, some sort of stomach bug and don't be surprised if you get it too.  OH FUN.  On the other hand, Ellie has kept everything I have given her down today.  I've upped her formula to 4 oz and she slurped it down so fast I thought we might turn that faucet on again.  But, no.  (Thank you very much.)  She's even slept through some work being done on the house.  I can't imagine she'll sleep all that much longer but she might.  

I did get this Carolina Christmas top completely done.  Remember last picture of it here? No one commented about the left border and the right border not being put on the same way.  I didn't notice it until I was fixing the upper left block of the top border.  The whole left side was put on facing the wrong way.  I ripped and re sewed that.  I fixed the corner block.  I've sewn the bottom border together and then onto the quilt.  It is DONE. (subject to careful review to make sure everything is in the right place.)  Once I get backing for it I will get this one quilted and bound.  Hopefully, soon although I have a lot of things planned over the next few weeks.  

Maybe tomorrow during Ellie's naps I can get a bit farther on my Easy Street. I'm at step 6 but I need to review everything from the first clue to see if I wrote notes about how many blocks I was actually going to make of this quilt.  Ellie can use an extra day away from day care so she doesn't get this bug again. (can bugs repeat once you've had them?) 

I'll be going back home on Saturday unless I have succumbed to the bug.  (I'm having very positive thoughts that I won't get this bug!)  I'll probably sleep for several days cause it is tiring playing with Ellie.  I'll be coming back up for her birthday party next Saturday.  Then it's going to be beach time again.  Not as much quilting getting done but having a good time with Ellie. 

Happy Quilting All.