Monday, October 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday 10-31-11

Not much to show on my design wall.  I made two of these blocks for a Halloween block of the month opportunity. I need to get them in the mail to my guild in Maryland.  I don't want to win them... I just want to use some fabric this month.  

Saturday we went to a big commercial craft fair.  None of us bought a whole lot but we did have a great time, as usual.  Here we are in the sales aisles. 
 We also stopped by to get a few grocery items.  Jennie really wanted this cat to put on her yard.  It was cool -- the eyes lighted up and it moved its head back and forth.  But where do you put the darn thing when Halloween is over?

Goals for Week of 10/24/11
Trim and bind Quilt for Kids√ need to sew it on but it’s pinned
Wash, iron, fold and put away recent fabric purchases √ at least some of it is… even used a piece
Quilt Kay’s quilt
Work on beige and turquoise quilt
Work on stars for stripes quilt
Sew rows together of 16 patch quilt

Last week wasn't the most successful week on record.  I spent more time reading and quilting on Ruthie than piecing.  Hopefully this week I'll get a few tops and quilts completely done. 

Goals for Week of 10/31/11
Finish binding on Quilt for Kids
Wash, package up and send Quilts for Kid quilts
Keep plugging away on beige and turquoise
Sew rows together on 16 patch quilt
Load red, white and blue twin size quilt on Ruthie
Make lavender wreath 

Mail packages

This weeks goals are modest.  Hum, does that mean I like to actually accomplish my goals?  I guess so.  I'll keep them light in hopes of actually getting some things done! 

I find it interesting to see how other people work on their quilts... the process they go through.  I noticed on Judy's design wall today she has the components to make up blocks.  Hum, does that mean she makes all the components up and then put all the blocks together?  I notice she made two sample blocks... Check out her design wall and others across the net. 

Happy quilting all! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip Part 2

Lunch came after our exhausting time in Mary Jo's.  Well, not all that exhausting we just needed re-charging for the next challenge.  We hit this barbecue restaurant.

 The help tried to talk us into barbecue with slaw.  Not my cup of tea but I did agree to slaw on the side. In fact most of us did.  Along with hush puppies, onion rings and fries. Nancy shared some of her fabulous chocolate chip cookies with the guys working at R.O.'s.  
Here we are regaining our strength and chowing down on everything.  The slaw was not the green cabbage type you'd normally expect.  It was more like a chili-flavored french dressing and it was fabulous. We all ended up putting it on the sandwiches.  Yummy.
After lunch it was on to our next destination. 

Nothing like a store with a big sense of humor.  Sharon immediately forwarded the picture to her husband.  I'll let Pat read it when he checks my blog next. 

Long Creek Mills sells threads.  Lots of it.  So we spent at least an hour, maybe longer trying to decide what to get.  If I had an embroidery machine this would have been heaven.  I ended up getting some cotton yarn in hopes that I can make Sophie a hoodie.  Probably will start later this year and try to get it to her in Feb/March.  I picked red and white varigated.   

We were able to peak in the back room and saw the cones being filled.  Not all that much to it.  Big cone of thread ran through the guides to fill little cone of thread. 

And here is one of the rows of thread -- the blue row.

They also had a few notions and ribbons.  I bought some ribbon, the red and white yarn and one spool of thread to try on Ruthie. 

We eventually headed for my house to hopefully get a good night's sleep and then my travel buddies headed north to Maryland.  Could this become an annual trip?  Maybe. 

Here's the results of our shopping at Mary Jo's.  Well, at least my purchases.   

From the Civil War row: 

A bright orange, a pale orange and a couple of yellows. 

A bright blue to replace the one I bought in August and all but used up... a couple of black on blacks and a cute black and white.
 Do you remember this green, red,white and gold fabric Kevin and Aimee brought me from Thailand?   Look at the gorgeous red and the gold and white go with fabrics I found.... Should be stunning when I find the pattern I want to use with it.  Now, where did I put the thing? 
 Here are a few of the items from the notions wall.  Chalk refill for a chalk marker.  A Row Marking Safety Pin set --  designed to let you pin an ID letter on your rows so you don't have to leave them on your design wall forever.  I am going to mark a 16 patch and take it off the design wall.  Of course, I've been telling myself to finish it for pity sakes.!  Sharon and I split some Genie washers. But the item I am tickled about is the mini scallop ruler.  I hope it will work really well on my little quilts.  I'll let you know later this year when I get to use it. 

The last part of the Mary Jo collection was some fabrics.  The royal blue is a wide back for the twin quilt that is ready to be quilted.  The rest are smaller pieces to use as "go withs." 

I have to admit I haven't used any of these since I got home.  The backing will be put to use as soon as I finish the quilt currently on Ruthie.  I've started Kay's quilt and hopefully will have it done by tomorrow.  I am not a really fast quilter but I work steadily -- with enough breaks to read or check my email. Now it's time to get back in the studio. 

Happy quilting all! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday 10-24-11

Yeah, right, like I got anything done quilting this past week... 

The road trip was fabulous.  Rather than showing you my work from this past week I'm going to share our whirlwind 48 hour trip to Gastonia, NC. 

I'm not sure where during the trip I took this photo but getting in and out of a car happened a lot during this trip.  Here are MaryBeth and Nancy, our driver.

We got down to Gastonia late evening... arriving at our hotel by 8:00pm or so.  We had a relaxing glass of wine or two and then hit the bed.  We needed our strength for tomorrow... 
 We begged some very nice woman to take our picture on the way in to Mary Jo's.  Poor lady didn't know we were all going to give her our cameras...   Here we are Bonnie, MaryBeth, Nancy and Sharon ready to shop. 

 MaryBeth shopping hard. It took us a good half hour to get beyond the notions wall. 
There were rows of Civil War fabrics.  All my Small Quilt Yahoo Group readers ... this one is for you. 

We got to the store about 9:30 am and it was after 1:00 pm when we left. Yikes, we were all exhausted and dying for a drink of water. 

Checking out -- Sharon, MaryBeth and Nancy

And the winner is ... MaryBeth

My purchases went into my Fabric Fondlers bag.... 
 And, another picture on the way out... this time a young gal volunteered to take a photo of all of us. 
The car seemed pretty full to me after this stop but we had one more place to go.   I'll post the next part of our trip another day.  

Goals for Week of 10/16/11
Bind Quilt for Kids
Make snap bags
Make gift bags
Change guest beds
Put outdoor cushions away (make big bag to store them in?)
Work on beige and turquoise quilt
Work on stars for stripes quilt

Most everything got done... now for the coming week... 
Goals for Week of 10/24/11
Trim and bind Quilt for Kids
Wash, iron, fold and put away recent fabric purchases
Quilt Kay’s quilt
Work on beige and turquoise quilt
Work on stars for stripes quilt
Sew rows together of 16 patch quilt

Not much on this list.  Note Quilt Kay's quilt.  Yes, I'm once again taking quilts to quilt on Ruthie.  I would be happy to quilt your quilt too.  I will commit to one quilt a week until December 15th or so.  If you are in need of utility quilting or basic meandering send me an email.  brsinstitches @ gmail . com. (take out the spaces...)  I'll get back to you with more information and pricing.  If you want custom quilting or IQ stitching I'd be happy to recommend some other quilters for you.  

Don't forget to view other design walls (oops, maybe I should take out "others" as my design wall is no where to be seen!) go visit Patchwork Times. I'm off to start on that goal list.  And, load Kay's quilt on Ruthie.  

Happy Quilting All! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Trip South

I'm going to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC today with friends from Maryland. Woot! Woot!

I finished my products for the Festival of the Grape. 

I packed my bag.

I'm waiting for  my friends to show up.  

And, dreaming of all the fabric I could be buying!  Or, not buying as the case may be. 

No quilting was done this week -- I was making snap bags and gift bags for wine bottles.  Didn't get all that many made but hopefully will sell enough to pay for my trip.  Thanks Jennie the baker for letting me add my stuff to your stuff. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday 10-17-11

Hum, I just threw this up on the design wall and took a picture.  This is from a Terry Atkinson book.  I thought it would make a great quilt for Quilts for Kids or some other organization that needs quilts for teen boys.  My starting fabric was the beige, brown and rust print in the lower left corner.  It's actually cowboy things.  I pulled other fabrics from my stash.  Looking at it here I think I might have too much contrast.  It's made with fat quarters.  I've had to augment it with yardage.  I've been calling this the beige and turquoise quilt.  I really hope I like it better after I get more pieces sewn together. Go check out Patchwork Times to see other design walls. 

Goals for Week of 10/10/11
Make up Potato Chip Bag
Work on stars for stripes quilt
Quilt Quilt for Kids quilt, bind
Work on beige and turquoise
Make cupcakes
Decide on UFO to work on and do something on it

Yep, I did pretty well on my goals.  Just don't ask how much I got on open ended ones starting work on....  I did get the Quilt for Kids quilt done really fast.  I think I had it completely quilted in 2.5 hours.  Amazing. Then we went out of town and I didn't get it bound.  

 Here's the Quilts for Kids quilt -- stippled (or is it meandered?) Used Glide thread with Magna Glide bobbin.  I love the sheen on this thread. The color is  Mango.  

Click on the little pic to see a close up of the meander. 

Goals for Week of 10/16/11
Bind Quilt for Kids
Make snap bags
Make wine gift bags
Change guest beds
Make shopping list for Mary Jos Cloth store trip
Put outdoor cushions away (make big bag to store them in?)
Work on beige and turquoise quilt
Work on stars for stripes quilt

Pretty weird goals list.  I agreed to do some products to sell in my neighbor's booth for the Powhatan Wine Festival.  So, I need to get some done NOW!  I'll be making a bunch of snap bags and wine gift bags from my stash.  Hey, I might actually make a dent in my stash.  Um, er, except I'm going to Mary Jo's this weekend.  And, if that falls through I'm working the booth at the festival.  Either way I'm having a great weekend. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thailand Treasures and a Purse

 Kevin and Aimee spent over two weeks in Thailand for their honeymoon. We were able to keep up with them through their Facebook posts.  Now they are home, back at work and trying to get back to their normal lives.  We had several large wedding presents stored in our back guest room which I begged Kevin to come retrieve as guests are coming in a week or so.  What I didn't realize is how much stuff Kevin would bring for us!  Fun.  

Thailand Deluxe is chocolates with nuts shaped like elephants. Too, too cute. The can is curry paste. They also shared some interesting chili peppers.  Hum, we'll need to search for recipes for these.  

Kevin says I'm easy to find things for -- look at this gorgeous cotton fabric they found.  It desperately needs to be washed as it has a strong chemical smell.  But, will it hold up to machine washing?  I think I'm going to try a small piece first.  If that goes well then I'll wash both pieces with lots of color catchers included. 

They also got me this gorgeous shawl with, yes, elephants on it.  

And yes, I've been doing some sewing. 

This is The Potato Chip Bag designed by Paula Hughes. Wow!  It was so easy I can see why it's called the Potato Chip Bag -- you can't make just one.  I picked three fabrics hanging around the studio and voila! A bag in not that much time.  I worked on it in small spurts for 3 or 4 days.  Nifty. There are four pockets in it. The strap is long -- I will probably wear it across  my body.  I like orange but this is really bright.  I may need to tone it down a bit on the next one. 
 Inside has two pockets.  There are pockets on the front and the back.  The front pocket is shallower than the back and inside pockets.  Here's a pic looking down at the purse with the flap opened.  (Hey, I'm trying to be artsy with the photogs!) 

The whole purse takes 3 fat quarters and lightweight interfacing.  I used a fusible fleece on the actual purse body and interfacing on the pockets.  I haven't loaded it up and tried it yet but I will soon.  I'll keep you posted.  I am thinking it would be easy to make it slightly larger by increasing the size of the front and back purse pieces. But, this may hold just the right amount of "stuff" for me. 
I was reviewing my weekly goals and was very happy to see I worked on everything listed with one exception... getting that little quilt quilted.  I've still got a few days so maybe I'll succeed.  

Happy quilting all!  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Field Trip to Wegmans.

Last week I took a field trip with my gal pals to Wegmans.  Yep, a field trip to a grocery store.  Weird, isn't it?  The closest Wegmans is an hour and a half away so it pretty much took up the whole day. 
Our first order of business was lunch.  I had a yummy burrito bowl, Jennie had a sampling of different chicken dishes and Diana had a meatball sub sandwich.  We ate slowly and enjoyed looking out over the main floor. (Darn, why didn't I take more pictures?) 

These were two appetizers in the cheese section.  They look scrumptious.  I did NOT take pictures of the desserts that looked equally scrumptious.  I'm sure there would have been an immediate calorie transfer from photographing them!

It took us hours to wind our way through the store.  Of course, we were in no hurry. What I loved looking at and snapped more pictures was the decorated table.

I wanted to remember the swirling netting around the floral arrangement.  I could do swirling netting!  And, it does such a good job of tying the whole table top together.  Of course, I think I will leave it out of the glasses. 

Check out was slow -- yes we all bought some groceries.  Luckily we didn't get caught in rush hour traffic. 

I have no idea where our next field trip will lead us.  

I've still got a few pictures to show from the quilt retreat.  Here's Sharon with two of the projects she worked on.  The banner is commemorating the 200th anniversary of Old Brick church, part of Christ Church Columbia.  And on the left she is adding buttons to a darling twister quilt.  (Hey, I get a little credit -- I gave her the charm pack of fabrics a couple of years ago.) 
That's it for now.  I'm heading upstairs to the studio to work on this week's goals.  I'm half way done with the Potato Chip bag.  It's really easy.  I also need to make some progress on two other quilts in progress.  

Happy Quilting!