Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Forgotten Finish

Can you believe it?  I thought I had shared this finished quilt a few weeks ago but, nope.  I didn't share this one. The pattern is called Bright Boxes and used to be on Pattern Jam. I couldn't find it there today. 

I made the blocks as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge a couple of years ago.  It took me over a year to decide on the border as I didn't like the pattern's border. Here's my version of Bright Boxes. 

I'm not sure why I only made 9 colored blocks. In the center block I used one of each of the colors. 

I used a white So Fine thread and Classic Stipple for the quilting design.  

Do you recognize this backing?  I used it on another quilt that you can see here.  If you hang out with me you'll be seeing it again at least once over the next few weeks. I will still have enough left over fabric to do another smaller quilt.  I probably will use it on this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge is done.  

Check out that binding too!  I gathered bits and pieces of bright strips to make the binding.

Here's a final look at Bright Boxes.  I used 3.5" squares for the boxes and for border I used 3.5" unfinished half square triangles. Unfortunately, I like this quilt so much I really don't want to give it away.  I'm sure this one will be passed on to a charity soon. 

I'm going to link up with several Linky parties over the next few days.  Hopefully I'll remember to actually link up!  (I'm really early for a change.) 

Scrap Happy Saturday

A note about my pictures.  Several weeks ago we took the quilt down to Nags Head with us planning some gorgeous beach pictures.  It didn't happen. The first day was beautiful and sunny but we had things to do so the quilt didn't come out until the next day.  Then the wind was blowing like crazy and it poured rain all day too.  So our lovely new couch in the beach house served as the backdrop for the photos.  Not the beach but maybe a little beach feel? 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Monday Meanderings 5 - 16 - 2022

This was a great week for getting most of my goals done.  Onne goal we were looking forward to fell apart.  Our Spotsylvanian's concert had to be canceled for Saturday and the rain date of Sunday. Bummer. By Thursday the powers that be canceled the concert.  Weather report was calling for 80% change of thunderstorms on Saturday and 60% percent on Sunday.  And, a big AND, a singer tested positive for Covid on Wednesday after our Monday rehearsal. Although we were all masked, between that and the possibility of rain it was safer to reschedule.  We've tested once and we were both negative.  We'll test again in a day or so but I expect we'll continue to be negative. Plus, both Pat and I have kept up with all the vaccines that have been offered. So, the up side is I had all day Saturday and Sunday to sew.

Here's what last week's goal list looked like. 

✅Make 4 blocks for May UFO - I made a bunch of blocks and am still hand stitching a hexagon block.  Here's the one I'm still working on.

This is called Sew South and was designed by Jennifer Mathis. It was part of The Splendid Sampler in 2015. 

✅Continue on pyramid class project - One more row was sewn but the triangles were not cut out.

✅Make Sherri’s BOM - finished.

✅Make more FCQ Equilter blocks for Fran; Start Beth’s. I've made about 8 blocks for Fran, some still need trimming.  I didn't start Beth's. 

Enjoy the Spotsylvanian’s Concert 😟 Bummer.  We can't make the rescheduled concert. 


Finish hand stitching Sew South 

Sash blocks for May UFO

Make Beth’s FCQ Equilter blocks

Make some blocks for SAHRR (yep, I've ignored it for a while.) 

Get 3 packages in the mail 

Keep working on the pyramid class project

Here are the rest of the blocks for the May UFO Challenge. 

Hum, that center one in the bottom row doesn't look like it fits with the rest.  I'll decide whether it stays or gets replaced. Or maybe it would be fine if it is turned or placed somewhere else. We'll see how the blocks are arranged this week and hopefully get their sashing on.  

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I finally got my hummingbird feeder up Sunday.  Pat said a hummer visited while he was in the all weather room on the deck that day.  None visited while I was out there.  I hope they keep visiting. (And I get to see them.) 

Do you remember the nest we had in one of our trees? You can read about the nest here. After the mama Cardinal laid a few eggs something got to them.  One was found smashed on the steps coming from the deck.  A few days later several crows were hanging around the steps keeping an eye on the nest.  In the above picture the tree on the left is the holly where the nest was situated.  We do seem to have a couple of Robins who are not happy when we are outside so I bet they've got another nest under our deck. Last year they would squawk at me whenever I was in the backyard.  Hope their eggs/babies stay safe.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Monday Meanderings 5 - 9 - 2022

Weather -- it's been a mess for us.  It was lovely for the beginning of the week and then the rain came. And it poured, maybe 2" overnight.  Ugh.  I'm ready for more temperate weather and less rain.  I wish I could send the rain West where it is needed so badly. The weather looks dry until the weekend. OH no! (see below.) 

On to my goals this week: 


✅Work on pyramid class project — I made at least one more row of the triangles -- but they aren't sewn together yet.

✅Start May’s UFO challenge — a small start, I know what I want to do next. 

✅Quilt something — customer quilt. 

✅Work on Christmas ornaments — I’ve started the first one. 

Make Spider Web blocks — 2 done.

Not bad.  

I spent most time this past week making miscellaneous blocks. Yep, not really on the goals list! Here are a couple I made to send FCQ Equilter, Fran.  They're from a video by  Jenny Dolan from Missouri Star Quilters with the directions. Her method works well unless you realize you are using way more fabric on the four corners than what is needed.  

I eventually cut my squares smaller to save some fabric.  I'll take more pictures before I mail them off to Fran.

For the May UFO challenge number 11 came up. That meant I pulled out a series of blocks I had made from the book The Anniversary Sampler Quilt by Donna Lynn Thomas.  Country Piecemakers used the book as a block of the month a few years ago.  I have 16 6" blocks done.  I'm hoping to get another 9 blocks made and then sash them. I picked a new sashing fabric from stash. I will be making blocks from other sources -- ones easier to make. I want to get this at least to top stage.  We'll see how far I get done this week with this project.  Surprisingly enough I actually have a backing for this project. 

Here's my goals list for this week.  I've got a rehearsal and the concert all day on Saturday so I won't have as much time to quilt this coming week. We're all rooting for no rain as it is at an outside amphitheater. Here's what I hope to do: 


Make 4 (or more) blocks for May UFO

Continue progress on pyramid class project

Make Sherri’s BOM

Make more FCQ Equilter blocks for Fran; Start Beth’s. 

Enjoy the Spotsylvanian’s Concert

Even though I hadn't put these on my list, I did make several dog toys to sell at $10 and Under table at Faithful Circle Quilters show. It's  May 19th through 21 in Columbia, Maryland.  If you want to read more about it click on the link above.  If you live close by I hope you'll try to come by.  We have over 600 quilts entered.  Lots of wonderful eye candy to see. 

There are empty water bottles tied into the fleece covering.  The dogs love the crinkling sound as they chase and play with the toy.  I was happy to use up several pieces of fleece I had.  I still have some smaller pieces -- anyone have any good ideas to use them up? 

I've spent a lot of time reading recently, mostly because I had a bunch of reserved digital books delivered over the last week.  Time to get them read and back to the library. 

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I did a great job linking up after Monday last week.  Let's see how I do this week.  Enjoy your surfing. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Hip! Hip! Hurray! A Finish

 From start to finish this quilt only took 1 and a half years, or 18 months.  That may not be fast to you but it is to me!  You can see the beginning in January, 2021.  I often finish a top and then throw it in the to-be-quilted closet until I can get a backing for it.  

It's about an inch too long as the bottom rests on the top of the mantle. 

Here's a closer view. The blocks were made with Accuquilt's Glorified 9 Patch die and makes a 9" block. The quilt is approximately 44 x 44". 

I ended up having tried two different borders. The one below was the first attempt with several other fabrics also being auditioned. I was able to pull this border out of stash but ugh, it really did nothing for the quilt.  Neither the green or the blue did anything either. 

During the October 2021 retreat I took the top out to a fabric store with Sharon, MB, and Nancy and we found this polka dot fabric that worked perfectly. The polka dots are on a ground of typeset words.

You'll be seeing this same fabric soon as I used it for one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge tops too. I used a classic stipple that is built into the Quiltmagine  software. I tore the length of wide back in halve and loaded this quilt and another one one after another. Hopefully I'll be showing that one to you next Friday. 

And just to show off the rest of the quilt, check out this very cool backing fabric.  I bought this at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Feb. 2022.  It will be seen a couple more times as I have enough for 2 more of these smaller quilts with some left over to piece with too.  

This quilt will be living in my house for a while.  It fits nicely about the fireplace where I rotate quilts seasonally.  Although, it really doesn't go with the decor in the room.  I like how bright and fresh it looks so no worries there.  

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Enjoy your weekend.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Monday Meanderings 5 - 2 - 2022

 Tra La, It's May! The Lusty Month of May . . . . Do you know what musical these words are from?  We just saw it at a local theater. Hint -- it's a Lerner and Lowe musical. 2nd hint -- It started as a Broadway musical in 1960 starring Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet.  3rd hint -- It is based on T. H. White's book The Once and Future King. It was also made into a movie.  Have you guessed it yet?  I will share the answer at the bottom of this post.  My folks had a record of the Broadway cast which we must have played frequently since I remembered most of the songs and words during the recent play.  Pat and I both enjoy musicals so we go to see them at our local theater fairly frequently. 

Moving right along to my goals.  YES! It was a great week for finishing goals this past week.  Here's the list and how many I finished. 


✅ ✅ Quilt & Bind 2 Rainbow Scrap Challenges top -- both done! 

✅ Make a couple of dog toys -- 2 done, possibly 2 more to be done

✅ Make 3 RSC blocks in pink -- done waiting for May's color

✅ Finish improve top -- done (see below)

Work on Pyramid class project -- nothing, sigh!

I'll share the 2 RSC quilts during the next few weeks. I was so happy to get them finished.  The backing fabric was purchased in February.  I used half of it. So one more quilt will be done soon with enough left for another smaller quilt. 

Here are the last two RSC blocks in pink.

As I was making the top one I laid out the units incorrectly, see below.  Hum, I really like this block too.  Maybe another quilt will come from this design someday. 

Although it took me until Sunday to get most of these goals done, I am so happy to have all of them done especially the improv quilt top. It was also my UFO Challenge for April.  The top is awaiting quilting -- someday. I need to find a backing and I doubt I have enough of any fabric in my stash. 

When I finish all the fabrics I have for the dog toys I'll show them. It should be in the next week or so as I am taking them to Maryland for Faithful Circle Quilters' show May 19 - 21. They will be at the $10 and under table.  

Now let's see what is up for this week. 


Work on pyramid class project

Start May’s UFO challenge

Quilt something

Work on Christmas ornaments 

Make more Spider Web blocks

Although the list is the same length as last weeks I doubt if it will be as time consuming. Hopefully I'll make forward progress on all of those items. 

Ok, time for the Linky parties.

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Yep, I'm adding a few more parties.  We'll see if I can remember to actually link up with all of them. 

And the musical is .....   Camelot! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Friday, April 29, 2022

A Winner and a Finish

First the winner of the free digital pattern, Synergy, from Preeti. And the winner is Nancy who blogs at Wyoming Breezes! Congratulations. Enjoy your Synergy pattern from Sew Preeti Quilts

Yes, I have another finish.  Truth: I finished it last month -- I just didn't get the photo shoot done.  I took it with me when I did the Synergy photo shoot and took a few pictures of it too. So, with not further ado, here is Dogs and 9 Patches.

Here's a bit of the back and the front. 

I bought the backing while at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.  It was on a 4 yard bolt for a reasonable price.  My guess is it was an old fabric but it was perfect for this quilt back and it was new to me. Only draw back is I have nearly 3 yards left. (Bonus for either piecing or another smaller quilt!) 

And this last picture shows the rock that Synergy completely covered.  

Dogs and 9 Patches came from Even More Quilts for Baby: Easy as A B C by Ursula Reikes.  The copyright date is 2000.  Yes, it's old but I love this book.  In this third book of the Quilts for Baby series Ursula shared 20 quilts.  This one is actually called Nine Patch.  Part of the reason I love all 3 of Ursula's books is they are easy to make baby size quilts but if you want bigger quilts it isn't hard to make them bigger.  And, yes I own all three of the books and continue to use them to make quilts. I can't count how many quilts I've made from these three books. 

The quilting design is Puppy Paws from Urban Elements.  As usual, I used So Fine thread.

I probably will send this quilt to Cool Kids Clubhouse in North Carolina as part of Hands 2 Help.  You can read more about this great organization here.  How are you doing on your quilts for Hands 2 Help?  It's about time for me to pick which quilts are going there and get them in the mail. I'm sure they would appreciate it if you sent a few quilts there also. 

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I'm looking forward to some quiet surfing time this weekend as I finish another quilt.  I hope you can sneak a peek at some of these Linky parties to see what's new. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Monday Meanderings 4 - 25 - 2022

Do you realize we are almost finished with April?  Next week May will be here and then summer will come floating in.  I bring this up because I still haven't mentioned my March fabric use (or acquisition) numbers.  I figured them out, so here they are. Please take note of that nice "0" in the Fabric In category.  I was very good in March on not buying any fabric.  I might have a good April if I can get a couple more finishes this month.  


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year


In or Out Year



















Mondays are my day for looking at goals from last week and looking ahead to the coming week.  Last week was all successes. 


✅ Finish Secret project - Quilted & bound. Synergy was shared here.

✅ Quilt one of my quilts -  I counted Synergy as mine. 

✅ Border Stop Tossing Mystery - I'm calling it done. See below 

✅ Cut and sew strips for improv top - All ready to sew strips together.

✅ Finish Sherri’s BOM - April block is done. 

Cut fabrics for and attend Debby Kratovil class - Lots of fun, lots still to do! 

Here's Stop Tossing Mystery -- I am very pleased with it. It was suppose to have another border using the background fabric.  I'm not a fan of white outer borders so I've stopped at the inner border. I may eventually add a border but I'm letting it retire to the closet for now. (Unless I can find a backing fabric in my stash which isn't likely.) Thanks to Alycia at Alycia Quilts for running this on Mystery Quilts 4 Military.  I'm not sure where I'll be donating it but it will go to a good cause. 

Here's what I'm hoping to get done next week.  It's a long list but I'm expecting all projects will show forward movement. 


Quilt & Bind 2 Rainbow Scrap Challenges top

Make a couple of dog toys 

Make 3 RSC blocks in pink

Finish improve top

Work on Pyramid class project 

EEK!  That seems like a lot.  My plan is to load the RSC tops one after another on the backing fabric. Hopeful I'll get both bound before the end of the month.  I'd love to USE more fabric than I bring in this month.  

After the photo shoot for Synergy, Pat and I stopped for lunch at The Snack Shop near the Court House in Spotsylvania County. OH MY GOODNESS.  We had the best handmade milkshakes we've had in years.  Oh yea, we also had two very good sandwiches. We'll be back for some milkshakes. It was a beautiful day to eat outside too.  

Pat waiting for our order. It was busy but I tried to avoid the other customers waiting.

That's it for me today.  I'll be linking up with: 

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I sure hope you spend some time blog hopping to see what people are up to these days.  (I'll be linking up as the links become available.) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie