Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7/30/12

Yea!  I'm able to post on a Monday! This isn't on the design wall it's already been gifted to Natalie. 
This is my Scrap Squad #3.  It was highlighted a couple of weeks ago on the Quilty Pleasures blog. 

Check out these colors Jenny wanted me to use to match the stenciling she had done in the baby's room...
I am anxious to see how the quilt washes up as I used a water soluble stabilizer.  I cut out as much of it as I could so hopefully the rest rinses out in the wash.  
Here are the owls all lined up and ready to be attached to the quilt.  I used a  blanket stitch around all the body parts.... lots of body parts!   I still need to hand blanket stitch around the black eyes.  I figure it  would be easier to do those by hand  later.  Um,  I've tried it and, no, it isn't all that easy.  Which explains why only one eyeball has been done. You can get the owl pattern at Quiltmaker's web site. 

Owls in the room. Ok, for you sharp-eyed readers, yes this was before I put the binding on.  Thanks go to Mary of Making Scrap Quilts from Stash for the quilting design idea. And, Dawn at Pajama Quilter who inspired Mary. 

My owl quilt was published on Quilty Pleasures the day Natalie was born.  In the copy I said I was waiting for my grand baby to be born never dreaming she would arrive the very same day.  

For those of you who are looking for the latest installment of the 1800's quilt.  I'll be posting it soon, but in the mean time you can go to Country Piecemaker's web site to download a pdf for it. 
I get gold stars on my forehead for getting EVERYTHING done on my goal's list. 
Week of July 23
Have fun with Sophia
Try Christmas embroidery√  4 are completed
Load Flamingo quilt√ finished quilting, on to binding
Do a little on A Tisket, A Tasket blocks√ spent a day working on various parts
Week of July 30
Finish Christmas embroidery
Start Scrap Quilt #4
Bind Flamingo Quilt
Knit on Sophia's jacket
Wash hardwood floors
Don't forget to check out other blogger's design walls on Patchwork Times

Happy Quilting All! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Leaves

That's it -- just two leaves.   That's the only sewing I've done since last week before I got the "Natalie" call.  Well, it was Jenny calling asking me to come so I could take care of Sophia so she could have Natalie.  Poor little Natalie has been having a time with jaundice but it looks like she may have turned a corner.  

The left leaves are the ones I've been working on.  I hope to finish the top one today in between my taxi service and bathroom cleaning.  Maybe I'll get the embroidery done today also.  We'll see.  I've been working (not!) on this for many years.  I think I have most blocks done, or at least appliqued, except one.  At least that is what I hope!  Here are my goals from last week.  Not much on the list. This week doesn't look much better. 

Week of July 16
New grandbaby√ 
Take care of Sophia√
Do some knitting on jacket for Sophia
Week of July 23
Have fun with Sophia
Blanket stitch the owl's eyes
Try Christmas machine embroidery
Load Flamingo quilt
Do a little on A Tisket, A Tasket blocks

Tomorrow I will be relieved by Brian's mom.  Hopefully Jenny will be getting back her energy and stamina over the next few weeks.  I've got some pent up sewing to do. May be I'll have more to show folks soon.  

Happy Quilting All! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let Me Introduce

Natalie Anne
 born July 18th
7 lbs 14 oz. 

Proud parents
Jenny and Brian Lang
And the terrific big sister
Sophia Eloise 

Happy Quilting All

Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7-16-12

We are still on grand baby watch but hopefully something will happen soon.  Especially since I plan to drive home today.   I got a little bit of sewing done over the weekend.  It was a mystery weekend at Mysteries for Relay so I started on it.  Unfortunately Jenny's set up doesn't feel comfortable to me so I did 7 blocks and quit.  I'm hoping to use it as a donation quilt for Quilts of Valor or the Virginia Memorial project.  Go check out design walls across the internet at Patchwork Times.

Since I didn't post last Monday, I also didn't think about my weekly goals.  So, here's what I was trying to do 2 weeks ago. 
Week of July 2
Get Scrap Squad #3 top done
Start cleaning up the cutting table
Pick and cut fabric for next Mystery For Relay
Quilt a couple of quilts
Stay cool in the heat of summer
Put kitchen back together if possible
I finished my Scrap Squad #3 and I LOVE it.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Hopefully sometime this week.  I am at a loss as to what to set as my goals this week.  Maybe for Jenny to have the baby! 
Week of July 16
New grandbaby 
Take care of Sophia
Do some knitting on jacket for Sophia
It isn't much but it is a start.  If I make it home and have some time away from the jealous dogs, I'll do some sewing.  
Happy Sewing All! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Grand Baby Watch

Yep, I missed Design Wall Monday this week.  I was trying to finish quilting my most recent Scrap Squad quilt before I drove up to be with Jenny while we wait for the newest grand baby to join the world.  Sigh, nothing is happening.  We think she's ready to pop but not enough has been happening so here we wait. 
I've finished Scrap Squad #3 quilt, took pictures of it and wrote my part of the blog for Quilty Pleasure. I need to organize my thoughts so I can do my post here at the same time.  Just let me say I ADORE this quilt.  It is for the new baby but I want to keep it!  Ok, I'll be good and give it to him or her.  

I've had a nice week here in Maryland.  I was up for a dinner and gathering of the Cricket buddies.  Jenny met two other gals in a hs biology class when they did a cricket project, thus the name.  Since then lots of things have happened including each one having a daughter. So the girls, their daughters and the grandmothers got together.  Great fun. 

I promise to keep every one posted on baby watch.  

Happy Quilting, 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7-2-2012

Yes! I've been doing some sewing recently.  I got the dreaded message out of photo space again.  So, I've coughed up the credit card and I'm in business again.  25 G of space.  It took me nearly 4 years to use the 1 gig.  Hum, does that mean I've got 100 years of photos left?   
These are blocks for Pam from the FCQ Equilters group.  I have two more to make and then I'm sending them on to her. 

This little quilt is the Small Quilt Talk Yahoo Group's quilt of the month for February.  Yes, I'm a little behind on quilts.  Make that way behind.  I might do a few more, I really like having the little quilts hanging around but I've got a bunch of quilts I need to get finished waiting for me!

Week of June 25
Pick up stuff for kitchen remodel
Work on Scrap Squad #3
Draw applique designs on wonder under or the like√ (well 1 got drawn…)
Make blocks for Quilting Bee√ already in the mail!
Make blocks for FCQ Equilters√ 1 and a half more to finish
Fold fabrics from recent shopping excursion√ need to fold a few more of them
What's up for this week? 
Week of July 2
Get Scrap Squad #3 top done
Start cleaning up the cutting table
Pick and cut fabric for next Mystery For Relay
Quilt a couple of quilts
Stay cool in the heat of summer
Put kitchen back together if possible

Did I mention we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel?  I'll have pictures of before and after to show soon.  It's looking wonderful.  I can't wait to put everything back.  Of course, it is so dusty we'll have to wash everything before it goes back. Sigh.  We got all our good china washed and put away yesterday. Things are moving along.  
I'm focusing on Scrap Squad #3 several have already been shown on Quilty Pleasures, Quiltmaker's blog.  Do you check there? They often have giveaways so keep an eye on that blog if you like to get new things.  
Since this is a Design Wall Monday go check out Judy's Patchwork Times for links to postings across the internet. 
Happy Quilting All! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Stash Busting Hardly!

June vanished in no time at all -- or so it seemed.  Not as much sewing time as usual.  Here's the scoop on fabric in and out.  (I have no idea why the lines vanished... I just copy and paste the form and fill in the numbers -- this is what I get.) 

Year to Date
   31.750 yards
 76.42 yards
   2.50 yards
 -29.25  yards
 -24.70 yards

I went wild in Lancaster.  Except nearly every piece of fabric I purchased was for a specific reason. Maybe 5 yards of the 30 yards was on speculation.  I've got 3 baby/lap quilts with backing ready to quilt but just haven't gotten to it yet.  So, soon there will be some finishes coming.  In the mean time, sigh, I've been acquiring more than I'm using.

Check in tomorrow to see what I have on the design wall. 

Happy Quilting All!