Monday, June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday 6-30-2014

Good Morning All! 

Here's what is residing on my design wall today.  Yes, it's something new!  Amazing. 
These were last year's Brown Bag Blocks.  I put the precut strips of fabric for the baskets in the brown bag along with a cute little dresden plate ruler and the background fabric.  Each person who got the bag was asked to make a half dresden plate and then baste it to the background using a large machine stitch. I had 10 blocks which included my sample block.  It's going on the back with the names of the block makers on it...or at least that is my plan! 

Black handle with small rick rack.

The Country Piecemaker guild saves August for the time to return the Brown Bags to the owners and for members to bring in finished BB projects to share.  I decided it was time to get hopping on these blocks.  I am hand appliquéing them to the background and putting the center circle on them. Then I'll be machine stitching the rick rack down to make the handle.  Do you agree with me?  The purple is way too big!  The black is just some rick rack I had hanging around the studio.  I think it looks pretty good.  What do you think? 
Large purple rick rack handle

Hum, I may need to hit JoAnns to see if there is a bigger size than the black but smaller than the purple.  I can do that sometime this week before I need to sew the blocks together.

On to the weekly goals... 
Week of June 23, 2014
Quilt Rail Fence Stars currently loaded on Ruthie
Pull out last year’s brown bag and figure out what to do
Finish the embroidery on the A Tisket, A Tasket blocks√ (ok, I need one tail to finish them…)
Keep working on pieced border for Carolina Christmas
Begin to finish all the blocks for the Mystery of Powhatan

Plan next BOM for Country Piecemakers√ it’s planned but I still need to make a sample and write the directions

Yep, it looks like every item is marked off.  I actually finished the Rail Fence Stars quilt.  Photos to come soon. Now what's up for this week? Not as much as we are having some neighbors over for a Fourth of July barbecue.  We'll need to spend some time on that this week.  

Week of June 30, 2014
Finish quilting fish quilt
Bind fish quilt
Keep sewing Dresden plates to background
Make star blocks for Mystery of Powhatan
Make sample block and write direction for BOM
Clean house for a neighborhood July 4th party

I'm linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.  Come on over to visit a lot of design walls.  You might want to get your coffee or tea first so you can enjoy the journey. 

Happy Quilting All! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Color Challenge Block -- Done in the Nick of Time!

Here's the yellow block for the color challenge sponsored by SOScraps.  I'm getting pretty good at these blocks although I still grab my notes for the number of each units I need to cut. All the triangles are cut on my Sizzix which makes them go really fast. 

I'm not sure I shared these blocks before or not.  These chicks are FCQ Equilter blocks and are way overdue! I lost the eyes for the longest time. Pam sent us buttons to use.  I finished the blocks probably after the due date.  Then went to sew the buttons on but couldn't find them.  Yet I knew I had seen them fairly recently.  Fast forward another month or so as June was really busy.  I've been completing several hand projects and was sifting through my pouch of hand sewing stuff.  Low and behold I found the 6 buttons sitting in the pouch carefully put away so I wouldn't lose them.  Forget them?  Definitely.  But lose them -- no!  It was short work to give these chickies sight.  Next week they will go in the mail. They are so darn cute I might need to make a flock for myself. 

Joan's blocks which we are suppose to finish during May and June are also done.  They were fun to do and went together quickly.  No doubt I'll stick these in the mail at the same time I send Pam's and I'll be ready for the next block assignment.  

I'm connecting up with Soscrappy:  Scrap Happy Saturday -- Farewell to Yellow.   Hum, I wonder what color will come up in July? 

It's time to hit the studio to sew.  I've got a quilt to get the binding on and sewn down by Monday.  Another one awaits on Ruthie.  Time's a flying! 

Happy Quilting All. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


I have diligently been working on A Tisket, A Tasket appliqué blocks.  Guess what?  Yea, I am two ears and a tail away from being done.  Ok, and a little flag but the end is in sight.  Here's two blocks that are now done but weren't when this photo was taken.  I hope to have the last block embroidered by the end of the weekend.  

The rail fence star quilt came off of Ruthie earlier this week.  I'll be making the binding and getting it on before the end of the month.  The next baby charity quilt is ready to go on... in fact the backing is already on the frame, I need to hunt for the right size of batting to put on next.  

Just did a quick review of my goals and I should be able to put a lot of check marks next to my items on Monday.  Now, time to get off the computer and in to the studio.  

Happy Quilting All!