Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quilt Show And You're Invited

Faithful Circle Quilter's Biannual Quilt Show
at the First Presbyterian Church,
Columbia, Maryland
Thurs. and Friday 4/29 & 30 -- 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday, May 1 10 am to 4 pm
for more information

If you would like a chance to own this little quilt, come to the show and make a bid. The silent auction will end Saturday, probably around 3 pm... or so. This is a fabulous quilt show with over 300 quilts hung. Demos will be going on during all three days. We'd love to share our quilts with you.

I arrived in Maryland on Tuesday afternoon to help out at the quilt show. And, I've been busy constantly since then, or so it seems.

Tuesday evening -- washed poles in preparation for hanging quilts on Wednesday
  • set up part of the poles.
Wednesday -- arrived at location at 7:30 AM. (yes, really, it might have been 7:15 but I forgot to check.)
  • helped set up poles in one room, hung quilts,
  • talked to friends, ate yummy chicken salad
  • put label on my little pinwheel quilt
  • talked to more friends, ate homemade carrot cake YUM
  • helped hang quilts in the hall way
  • sat around and chatted with more friends... sigh ... it was great
  • helped a vendor unpack and got to fondle some really lovely fabric
Home to Sharon's and a great steak dinner cooked by her hubby, Dale. Dale is a terrific cook and I know we all enjoyed it. Thanks bunches for doing this as we were both exhausted.

Off to the local high school band concert to see her son perform. Wow, Mr. D, the band director at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Maryland has been there for 30 years. His time as band director was celebrated by more than 35 former students returning to add their words to the tribute. It was truly uplifting to hear the positive impact Mr. D had on these students. I'm just really sorry neither of my two kids knew about it or they would have been there too. Awesome tribute and evening.

Tomorrow we'll be at the quilt show most of the day. We are taking a break around 1 to meet Jenny, Heidi and maybe Sharon's daughter, Kim, for lunch. Then Jenny & Heidi will be coming to the show.

It's now WAY past my bedtime. So, will end now and get some shut eye before another long but fun day.
Happy Quilting All!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Cake Please

Jen and Brian asked Pat and I to come for dinner and stay with them yesterday on our way back from Virginia. (Ooops forgot to mention we made a quick trip to Virginia more about that in future blogs.) So, we got there a bit before dinner. And, then Aimee and Kevin arrived. The big family dinner was all about a big announcement. It was baby's sex announcement night. But would Jenny tell us? No -- we had to wait through dinner prep, dinner, and clean up. She had made a cake for dessert and dyed it either blue or pink. Except, she covered it with white frosting so we couldn't even peak. I did a finger check when I got there but evidently she didn't spill food coloring on her fingers when she made the cake. Rats. We all had to wait for the cake cutting.

And the baby is


Aimee brought two presents one for a girl and one for a boy:

Did I mention that Aimee is a fingerprint expert with the FBI?

Kevin and Aimee were leaving for Costa Rica early this morning. Lucky folks Aimee bought a jacket to match Kevin's so they could find each other easily in the rain forest. Sounds like they'll have a great time.

So PINK is the color of the day, week, month year. And, maybe some turquoise, yellow, peach, lavender, purple...

Pat and I went to Sauders Fabrics on the way home today and I went wild buying fabric. Oops. I needed some for the string quilt I'm making. Of course, the prices are so good there I bought a "little" extra. I am so not looking forward to my next Stash Report. I'm out of town so much this month I can't get much done but I've been doing some serious shopping! Fun NEW fabrics.
Tomorrow back to quilting! Happy Quilting Everyone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Odds and Ends from MQX

There were a lot of wonderful, interesting quilts on display at MQX in Providence, RI last week. I got a big kick out of this one. People were oohing and awing over this wonderful Baltimore Album quilt. Getting closer and closer and oops ... it is a beautifully printed cloth with nice quilting on it. With my warped sense of humor, I enjoyed standing by it and watching people respond to it. Several times as they got closer and closer I broke the spell by saying, you realize it is printed don't you. Uh, um, no... When I do my Baltimore Album it will most likely be done this way. Mimi Dietrich do you have another line out? I don't have the swags and border for the last line you did!
Then there was this lovely ensemble that was shown with the wearables. (No one said who got to wear it!) I forget the title but it was a lovely coat/dress? for a doggy. And, it earned a blue ribbon. If it were a different color I am sure Raggs would look stunning in it. Yea, right. But I did think it was cute. And, notice the shoes. What clever quilters there are in the world.
Last, I'll share this dog quilt. (Is there a theme going on here?) I took this picture specifically because I've got about 6 blocks of this quilt done. I need to haul it out and work on the machine applique again and finish the darn blocks. I think I only got 9 of the doggies instead of all 12. There were bone shapes quilted in the sashing and dog paws in the borders. Arf!
Tomorrow I'll be in Maryland as Jenny and Brian reveal the sex of the soon to be first grandchild. (Well, 4 and half more months soon.) Jen said something about making a cake and coloring it pink or blue on the inside to let us know. Hum, I wonder what they'll do if the baby is turned the wrong way? I'm 2 rows into that darling baby sweater and stopped because you knit the buttonholes on one side if female and the other for a boy. Rats. So, maybe I'll start up again on it if they are pretty sure about it. And, does the little tyke really care what side the buttons go up? I don't think so. When I get back to home I'll only have a few days to finish a top, sew some hanging sleeves on, organize stuff to sell at the peddlers table and finish a mini quilt. Yea, right. Something will have to give no doubt.
Happy Quilting All!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been back from Rhode Island for a day or so. I'm exhausted. But what a great time. Gail and I took a hands on class. We got someone to snap our picture.
Caught up with Debby Brown from Hired Hands She wanted to shoot me for taking the picture but I think she looks cute. Hi Deb ~~~~~ waving at you. (You do look tired here though... hope you've caught up on your sleep!)
Learned a lot of new things. I sure hope it is easy. It uses a melon shaped ruler. I need to get that asap. This was a class taught by Kim Brunner.
Bought some pretties. I was in the pastel mood for the most part. You know, new baby coming in the future. I have a quilt that the olive green solid or variegated will go with. I've already used up 2 mini cones of red so decided to go for a big cone.

Time to get some sewing done. I'm getting ready to go to Maryland next week to help out at Faithful Circle Quilters quilt show. More on that in the future.
Happy Quilting All!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reports from MQX

Gail and I are having a blast. We are eating great food --
We've taken some interesting classes --
We saw some interesting displays -- this froggy was made with cans of food, spaghetti noodle boxes and bottled water. It's part of CAN-struction a design/build competition that eventually benefits the local food bank.
Here's another -- a surfer in a pipeline (is that the right term? I don't surf at all!) and the wave with the foam on it.
We hit the show preview tonight and did a bit of shopping. Not too bad so far, but wait until tomorrow when I buy some thread. OOOOHHHH. Look at all the pretty colors!

Tomorrow's a long day. Several classes, more shopping and viewing of quilts and an evening class that is hands on.

Happy Quilting All!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Bags Are Packed

I'm ready to go . . .

I'll be leaving for MQX in Rhode Island in a couple of hours. (how about an hour and a half...) So I leave you with photos of Raggs and his toy. Here's the Tiger he got for Christmas right after it came out of the wash. Raggs gets his soft toys so dirty that Pat finally tried one in the washer. Since it didn't destroy the toy (or the squeaker) all the toys have been going through the wash.
I was messing around with Raggs before bed last night. I put him on his back on our bed and waited for Pat to go to bed. Raggs sat (laid?) that way for a good 5 minutes with me in the hall reminding him to stay. Pat roared with laughter when he walked into the room and saw him. I told him to stay (again) and ran off to get the camera.
Hope you have a laid back day!

I'm off to the shower to get ready to go on the road. Hopefully my next post will be from the MQX show or at least on the road to it.
Happy Quilting All

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finished Quilt

I was suppose to show these pictures last week but the next thing I know it's Sunday afternoon. Yikes, time flies when you are having fun. The is Heidi's quilt that I finished last week. I'm disappointed in this picture because you can't see the quilting but it certainly shows off this wonderful quilt.
Here's the back of it. And, you can't see the quilting on this photo either.
So how about this close up? You can see some of the freehand quilting and some of the "l"s and "e"s.
I've finished the blocks for the Small Quilt Talk yahoo group signature swap. Then I made 4 of 5 blocks for a challenge for the same group. I think this little quilt will be my donation quilt for the upcoming Faithful Circle Quilters' show. We always have a silent auction to raise funds for education. (Read that as guest speakers and teachers.)

Now I'm getting ready to go to MQX -- Machine Quilters Expo. Gail and I are meeting up there and are going together. We've got several classes planned, some hot shopping to do and lots of quilts to view. I'll try to send some reports from up in Providence also. I plan to leave early on Tuesday morning. (Early being sometime after 9 am...)

Time to get some hand applique organized to go with me. (And, watching an old Doris Day - Cary Grant movie -- A Touch of Mink.

Back to work now. Happy Sewing All! I know I'm going to miss actually sewing this week but I'm sure I'll be having a great time so it won't be too bad!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Plaza del Sol

Here's the finished version of Plaza del Sol. This is an original design that was inspired by a plaza in Mexico. The blocks were made by the members of the 2009 Faithful Circle E Quilters. Of course, it took me a while to get back to the blocks and finish them. As always, I learned some more about long arm quilting. You can't see it here but I ripped out a whole bunch on the little turquoise border. This attempt at a ribbon looks much better than the original.
And, my loopy "l"s -- ugh... the pieces were too wide to make decent loops. Although every once in a while I see a great one rather than a lumpy one! Something to continue practicing on!

Today's Plans --
Hair cut... yeah!
Finish quilting Heidi's pineapple quilt -- or at least as far as I can get on it.
Maybe work on a string quilt
Antiques Roadshow -- so glad the final two isn't on during Roadshow.

Have a quilty day everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Stashbusting Report

If I was clever I would put in an April Fools gag... but I'm not feeling clever today so just a fabric usage report...

I'm happy to announce I have used more fabric than acquired for the third straight month this year. Here are the current statistics.

March Fabric Usage Report:

Fabric Acquired: 5 1/8 yards
Fabric Used: 7 5/8 yards
Net Fabric Used: 2 1/2 yards

Year to Date:

Fabric Acquired: 8 7/8 yards
Fabric Used: 18 1/8 yards.

NET FABRIC USED to date: 9 1/4 yards

You bet I am feeling pretty good about this report. I was afraid I had bought more than I had used. Woop! Woop! Now if I can be slightly successful in April. We have several trips planned in April so I won't get much done in the way of quilting/finishing. And, I'm going to be at MQX so there will be fabric temptation. I'll try to be strong...

I have finished the Plaza del Sol quilt which is a fairly large quilt compared to the lap size quilts I have been making. I'll post pictures in the next day or so. I need to find a spot for a good picture. Now that it is sunny and dry outside I might try an outdoor shot of it.

Have to share this Raggs story:

Yesterday I let him out in the front yard to do his business. He got to the end of the garage and stopped. He stood very still and was looking up to the right, not moving. I came down the steps of the front porch and finally saw what stopped him in his tracks.
And, deer's other buddies...
Once Raggs had reinforcements he was quite brave...
It's amazing what is going on in your front yard and you're not even aware of it.

Time to get back to the studio. Happy quilting all!