Sunday, September 25, 2022

Monday Meanderings and Statistics 9 - 26 - 2022

Hum, the fourth Monday of September and I am just now sharing my stashbusting statistics for August. Pitiful, isn't it? I think the main issue is I didn't want to figure out fabric usage for my spring sampler quilt.  So I came up with the amount for a 6.5" square and added 25% for seams or appliqué.  It's probably correct for some of the blocks and too little or too much for a few.  But at least I'm moving forward!  It was a decent month when I realized I only brought in a half yard. Whoop! Whoop! Here are the numbers: 


Fabric  In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year


In or Out Year







Fan-tas-tic! I had that big addition of fabric this month and it's nice to have a 17.5 yard cushion.  Plus I did finish quilting a top today. So there will be some fabric used this month, even if it isn't going to be a lot. 

Not the best week for goals but I did succeed on some. Here's what I was aiming for this past week. 


✅Quilt and bind turquoise quilt — it is quilted but binding will be this week

✅Finish card challenge — and on display at Virginia Star’s booth at Virginia State Fair

Make 3 or more composition book covers √ Just 1 finished.

Make Sept BOM from A Quilting Life — oops again - maybe this week it’ll get done

Here's the turquoise quilt on Ruthie, the long arm... 

And for this week I'll be trying to do: 


Trim and bind turquoise quilt

Finish last 3 composition book covers

Make Sept BOM from A Quilting Life

Get projects ready for next week’s retreat

Go to Virginia State fair; man VaStar booth

Several of this week's goals are must do activities.  I've already started some work preparing projects for the retreat.  I'm trying to decide how many I want to take for 4 nights and about 4+ days. It's longer than usual and I'm guessing my stamina isn't what it used to be but I also don't want to run out of projects to work on. Decisions, decisions.

I'm ready to finish my current book. I don't know why all sorts of ebooks I've put on hold at the library are coming in at the same time.  Good grief. I've had to postpone several and they keep coming in even though many were listed to come at many weeks later than I actually was notified they were ready.  I haven't spent as much time reading in the last two weeks so hopefully I'll actually get all of them read before the due dates.  

Here's my favorite Monday Linky parties.  You know the drill -- spend the time visiting some and go forth into the Internet to read lots of blogs. You never know when you'll see a particularly fabulous quilt that inspires you to make one similar! I'll be back to link up the rest once they are available. 

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Design Wall Monday

To Do Tuesday 

Thanks for all the get well wishes for Pat. He's feeling much better but still has drippy sinus.  I plan to test soon before I go to my chorus rehearsal.  Hopefully I'll continue to test negative for Covid. 

Here's a visitor to the backyard this morning.  This is a juvenile mourning dove from what I can tell. He sat at the top of the steps from the studio to the backyard for 5 or 10 minutes all puffed up.  I wonder if he is friends with the squirrel who visited a few weeks ago.

Happy Quilting all! Bonnie 


Friday, September 23, 2022

What? Another Friday Finish?

Yes, I did have a finish this week.  It was small -- about 20 x 20" and it was mostly done by hand.  I finished Ellie's Flowers in time to turn it in to Virginia Star Quilt Guild.  It will be displayed with other "Card Challenges" at the Virginia State Fair that runs until Oct. 3, 2022. 

Here's a picture of the finished project.  I'm sorry but I didn't take a picture of the card that was my inspiration.  I will admit it was mostly the concept of flowers in a vase rather than my making it just like the card. 

I hand stitched all of the flowers, leaves and vase to the antique napkin. The napkin came from one of my grandmothers but I don't remember which one.  I made a couple of the flowers 3 dimensional.  Most were sewn with buttonhole stitches with a few whipstitched down. 

After the embroidery was done I hand sewed the lace to the black backing fabric.  Oh my goodness.  I stitched over every square of the first set of holes. Argh... it took forever.  But I felt it was important to get it stitched down evenly so no section would take the brunt of the weight. 

Next was sewing all the edges of the lace down. Those stitches were a bit farther apart. 

Once all that was done it was time to quilt and bind. I tried hand quilting using the big stitch concept.  Um, no, that would have taken me a lot longer than the time I actually had.  And, it didn't look all that good.  So I ripped out the hand stitches and did some machine stitching as seen above. I didn't stitch in the border. I bound it with the same black (that is more of a very dark grey and black mottled fabric.)  And, unlike what I normally do, I hand stitched the binding on the back.  

I added a little pocket on the back to hold the card from Ellie and a little card with the artist statement.  Both will be displayed with the quilt.  I was very pleased with the finished product.  Hopefully Ellie will be attending the Fair with us Saturday afternoon and will be able to see "her" flowers. 

I also have finished all three RSC light blue blocks over the last week or two.  I've also finished three lottery blocks for my retreat the first week of October.  I hope to make two or three more to enter in the drawing. 

Linda asked about the directions for the colorful star blocks.  I checked the info that was sent with our retreat information.  It is called Criss Cross Stars and you can find a You Tube video by Lori Holt here. I was tickled that I had two dies so I could cut these with my Accuquilt Go.  Whoop! Whoop! 

I'm linking up with the following parties: 

I'll link up to the RSC on Saturday when it is posted.  Take some time to visit these great parties.  You never know what you might see that will get your creativity revved up!  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Monday Meanderings 9 - 19 - 2022

Busy week here -- lots of progress on my goals list. Here's last week's list. 


✅✅Make 3 more composition book covers — 2 done and one turned up too small 

✅Plan and cut one quilt  — finished ready for retreat

✅Make borders for Sept. UFO Challenge — done 

✅Make 1 RSC block & Sept BOM from A Quilting Life — RSC block done but not the BOM

Start sewing down the pieces of the card challenge — most flowers are sewn down 

This week I'm focusing on the book covers and the Card Challenge. So not much on my list. 


Finish card challenge 

Make 3 or more composition book covers 

Quilt and bind turquoise quilt 
Make Sept BOM from A Quilting Life

The first set of blocks from the FCQ Equilters came in this past week.  I am so tickled with them.  Here's a picture of Pam's blocks and a few of my own.  

In this picture you can tell what makes up the block.  But as the piece grows it will look more cohesive.  Go check out The Ultimate Scrap Busting Quilt Block. (You can even view a video of the process.)  Maybe I should cut some of these out to make while I'm at retreat.  

I also made a couple of lotto blocks for the retreat.  I really like this block so I suspect I'll make some more -- I may only enter 5 blocks for the drawing and keep the others for a quilt in the future. It would make a great RSC block too.  This is made with 3.5" squares and 2.5" squares to make the colored triangles.  I've found that I can use triangles made with the Small Value Die instead of a square. I've been cutting scraps into squares and triangles for a while so this is a good way to use some.  (I love when I can use my Go dies. I've also used a die on the 3.5" squares.)

On the home front, Pat has come down with Covid.  Bummer.  Luckily the day or two before he realized he might have it rather than a cold, I was spending a lot of time in the basement (where my studio is...) I've got my fingers crossed that I don't get it.  On the other hand a LOT of things I was going to do I've canceled.  

I'll need to get my finished Card Challenge block to the quilt guild by Wednesday. I may ask a gal who lives fairly close to me to take it rather than take it to the meeting myself. And, that is assuming I get it done. I have 2 small flowers to sew down and back it, stitch down the lace edge, quilt and bind it. It should get done although the quilting might be light.  

So on that note, I'm ready to sign off and get ready for bed.  As usual I'm linking up with the following parties. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Progress Being Made

I've had my nose to the grindstone so far this week.  Here's what I've gotten done or made further progress.

After finding this top I was able to get borders on all sides.  The side borders are the same size as the center sashing.  The top and bottom borders are the same size as the strings in the Roman Stripes blocks. I'd love to get this quilted in the next two weeks but I don't think I have backing fabric. And none of my new backings would work. 

I decided to add a small border on the top and bottom of Picket Stars. You can read about my thoughts and how it looked before the little borders here. I tried something bigger but it took away from the stars.  So this one is also ready to go to the quilt closet.  Yep, no backing for this one either. (Although I could use the turquoise one I showed last week but that means the top I planned to use it for won't get done. Sigh.)

Here's what I've gotten done on the Card Challenge. Doesn't it look weird? 
Every evening I get some of the hand stitching done.  It needs to be finished and turned in Wed, 9/21. Hopefully I'll get all the flowers on, stitch the old linen on to a fabric piece and then quilt and bind the quilt. (Probably by hand. ARGH. Do I really have enough time?) 

This is what it might look like.  Maybe I'll put a few more little yellow flowers in the mix.  After I turn it in I'll post about the finish. It will be hanging in the Virginia Star Quilter's booth at the Virginia State Fair from Sept 23 until Oct 2. (Pat and I will be working the both the evening of Oct 1.) 

Here are the parties I'm linking up to.  Enjoy spending some time surfing lots of quilting blogs and getting all sorts of new ideas. 

Have a great weekend. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Monday Meanderings 9 - 12 - 2022

Ah September -- thank you for the respite from the heat and humidity.  We were suppose to get a lot of rain over several days this last week but it didn't pour -- just heavy mist for the most part. It did help lower the temperature here in northern Virginia. I'm sure we'll get a few more heat waves over the next several weeks. 

Goals for this past week -- some done, some missed.


✅Make 4 composition book covers -- done, more needed

✅Cut out pieces for card challenge -- done, on to sewing

Start on Sept UFO challenge piece -- nothing done, at least I found it! 

✅Complete clue for Melodic Mystery --  done! 

Sew Sept RSC blocks & Sept BOM from A Quilting Life -- Still need to make 1 RSC and the BOM block

Sunday I decided I would get out this month's UFO Challenge project to see what needed to be done.  Except after looking all over the studio I couldn't find it.  It wasn't in the tub of UFOs or in any project boxes or any project pouches. Or anywhere.  Weird.  

Fast forward to the afternoon. Sharon and I FaceTimed so we could do Clue 3 of Melodic Mystery together. As we were talking about the UFO Challenge I looked over my page listing all the UFOs. Low and behold, I listed where I could find this particular UFO.  I immediately checked for it and Eureka!  You can see it early on here. It was just a bunch of blocks then.  I took it to last year's Oct retreat and was able to get it together except for borders.  I hope to get the borders on, quilted and bound by the end of September.  Stay tuned! 

The Composition Book covers are coming along great.  Here's some of the ones I've already finished.  I need to have 12 done by the end of the month. So I'll be working on more over the next few weeks. 

Sharon and I both got the first clue of the mystery done.  Here's mine and the small amount I trimmed off them. Waiting for October for the next clue.

Now on to this week's goals. 


Make 3 more composition book covers

Pick pattern and cut one quilt 

Make borders for Sept. UFO Challenge

Make 1 RSC block & Sept BOM from A Quilting Life

Start sewing down the pieces of the card challenge

OK, that will keep me pretty busy between all the normal things going on. Hopefully I'll be checking off all those goals next week.

I'm adding more fabric to my stash -- a lot of fabric.  I enjoy shopping for fabrics from Connecting Threads, especially their wide backs.  Aren't these fabrics gorgeous?  The bottom two are 2 yard wide backs.  I'd forgotten what fabrics I had purchased while I waited for the fabrics to show up.  Um, sorry to admit, but I have no idea where I was planning to use the center fabric (Sprinkles). Hopefully I'll use the turquoise one before the end of the month. The blue one was bought to use for piecing -- unless I find a smaller top that will fit. I like how all three of these fabrics go together.  Maybe I'll plan a quilt with any fabrics leftover after quilting. 

I also bought one of their Stash and Save specials.  So along with the above fabrics I got 5 yards of white on white fabrics (at a great price.) Don't think I'm trying to sell you on things -- I just like their fabrics. I sure hope they don't wreck my stash statistics.  (Hum, a very good reason to get at least 1 top quilted this month!) 

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Hope you have a great week!  I'll be sewing a lot (hopefully!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Monday Meanderings 9 - 5 - 2022

Do you have weeks where your planned activities don't actually get done, or at least not all of them? That's what I've faced this week. Here's what I wanted to get done this week ---


✅Make some composition book covers - 2 are done and I rewrote the directions to get a nice tight cover.

Continue working on challenge piece inspired by a card - HA! Didn’t touch it — again. (I might make progress after I finish this post....)

✅Finish sewing Ombre log cabin blocks together in columns - still need to get a couple of columns done.

✅Sew 1 Picket Star top together - Done! 

Start on Sept UFO challenge piece. - Didn’t even get it out.  Sigh.

So no, I didn't get all of the goals done but I did make some forward progress. I decided to revise the composition book cover directions I had after Sue Daurio shared she'd just gone to a class on making covers.  She was kind enough to send me a picture of hers.  It looked so different from what I made I decided to try to figure out how to make it.  After many trials and errors I succeeded.  Here's the piece before sewing it all together.

And below is the front of the finish one. I used interfacing instead of using lightweight batting.  Sharon and I are doing these together for an event coming up.  I'll be trying the batting on my next cover.


The Picket Star blocks were made by the FCQ Equilters for me about two years ago.  I have enough for another bigger quilt.  I was able to get these 9 blocks together this afternoon but not until making 2 more and taking 2 apart to the four squares in the block. One block needed each quadrant  trimmed to the right size. The other one had too big of seams. I am happy with the end results. I added two of the gold blocks although looking at it I realized all three of the gold blocks are mine.  Should I add a border to this or let it stand as is?  It is currently 52 by 52". I'm thinking I might want to do borders only on the top and bottom to make it rectangular. What do you think? 

Before the end of August I finished another smaller quilt.  This was a block of the month from the Country Piecemakers guild several years ago. Each participant bought the book The Anniversary Sampler Quilt by Donna Lynn Thomas.  We made a block or two each month.  I decided that I wanted a 5 by 5 setting and needed 25 6" blocks.  As I finished all the blocks I liked from the book I chose blocks from other sources to make up the 25.  I made this quilt specifically to use some of the 5 yards of cotton fabric I purchased at a children's dress manufacturer many years ago. (As in at least 25 years ago!) I tried using it as the sashing but it looked awful. (You can see the "attempt" here.) The purple looks much better.

The quilting design is Random Clams by Jessica Schick.  I used a soft pink So Fine thread. The bat was a Quilter's Dream polyester.  It really shows the quilting well.  The quilt is appx 40" x 40" which fits perfectly above the fireplace. 

Thanks to my favorite quilt holder for once again holding my quilt. It's easier when it is small like this one. After he held it, he hung it above the fireplace.  It's a little bright and "springy" for September.  But I was tired of the quilt that was there. 

Here's the ancient fabric backing!  The fabric is 60" wide.  Um, I have to admit I have about 3 yards left.  I'm going to reassess the tops I have ready to quilt to see if any of them would look good with this as backing fabric. 

I'm linking to my favorite parties for the beginning of the week. You know the drill.  Take some time to visit some of the bloggers who link up with these parties.  I find so much inspiration when I surf these sites.


Oh Scrap

Monday Making 

Design Wall Monday 

To Do Tuesday

I finally remembered what else took up some of my time this past week.  I entered two quilts in Virginia's State Fair.  I've never entered either a state or county fair before.  My local guild, Virginia Star Quilters, has a booth at the fair and wanted members to enter some of their quilts.  I spent part of the week sewing sleeves on, making labels and driving it over to a member who was willing to deliver the quilts.  Pat and I will be manning  the booth at the beginning of October.  It would be fun to win a ribbon but I'm not counting on that happening. But I'll let you know in a few weeks. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Monday Meanderings 8 - 29 - 2022

I was trying to decide what I could type to spell the sound the wind makes as it blows by you. I couldn't decide but I sure feel August has blown by at a rapid speed. Luckily I may have time to squeeze one more small quilt in before the month ends if I really focus on what I'm doing. (I'll let you know next week if I succeed.)  I'm sorry to report the temps are hovering back in the 90s again. At 6:30 tonight it was 91. Good Grief. We're looking for relief after Wed. Back to Quilty stuff: 

Here's the goal's list from last week. 


✅Bind August UFO Challenge Quilt -  Done! 

Continue working on challenge piece inspired by a card - really no actual progress but I've thought about it a bit more.

✅Quilt top from quilt guild - Finished after several days of trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

✅Make a few Picket Star Quilt blocks - ok, honesty here: I sewed pieces of one together and cut out another half block so not a whole lot of progress. 

Forgot to add ✅make composition book covers. - I need to make 12 composition book covers over the next month.  1 is done, 1 is started...

Here's the finished August UFO Challenge Quilt.  I showed it two weeks ago with the backing fabric I picked. (Nann - thanks bunches it worked really well.) 

This was a paper pieced project with not enough blocks at the beginning of August.  I made a couple more and then auditioned the layout.  Went to sew it together and realized I had NOT removed all the paper. Pulled the centers of each block and left the edges to make it easier to sew together.  Spent more time pulling paper and then quilted it.  The quilting design is called Ariana. It has a lot of curvy motion that I like.   Below is the quilt with the backing showing. 

This quilt is less than 40" wide by about 54" long. (That may be off a bit I was typing from memory and that is always questionable!) It will be donated through my quilt guild to someone. 

Here's my plan for this upcoming week.  


Make some composition book covers 

Continue working on challenge piece inspired by a card

Finish sewing Ombre log cabin blocks together in columns

Sew one Picket Star top together (I have enough for 2.) 

Start on Sept UFO challenge piece. 

Another off list item I started working on last week was sewing the Ombre Log Cabin blocks into columns. I'm setting them on point so think of those columns as leaning.  Here's what they looked like before I started sewing them together. 

I laid these out on the guest room bed in hopes I could see more than what I could have gotten on my design wall. So I wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs a lot I set up my Featherweight on the dining room table. I've been having a hard time figuring out what layout will make the quilt the size I want.  I decided to go with what the pattern said for the columns. Then I will lay it out on the biggest open floor area I can find and add as needed.  The pattern calls for 59 blocks.  I suspect I have way more. First I need to get this the right size for our bed.  I guess that means an extra column somewhere. I'll keep you posted on this one. 

The squirrel came back to visit again this week but he didn't sploot.  Nancy who blogs at Wyoming Breezes sent me a link to her local paper that talked about splooting squirrels. Fun to see the word is spreading.  (If you don't know splooting you can read last week's Monday post for the meaning and see "our" squirrel doing it.) 

I'm done for the night but first Linky parties. Enjoy some surfing time this week. 

Oh Scrap

Monday Making

Design Wall Monday

To Do Tuesday 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Monday Meanderings 8 - 22 - 2022

Recently we've had a reprieve from the super hot weather -- ie temperatures over 90 and high humidity day after day. Now the days have been in the low 80s during the day and high 60s at night.  The reprieve feels great. I'd like to say I've been busy working in the studio but I have to admit to reading quite a bit along with going out into the world some.  But I did have some quality time in the studio. 

Here's what I got done on my goals last week. 


✅Quilt charity top for guild — turned in Wednesday 

✅Make August BOM from A Quilting Life — done

✅Quilt one of my quilts — done

✅Make a list of all finished tops and figure out backing sizes for them — list done but not the backing sizes needed

Continue to clean off front of cutting table — didn’t do much on this one Begin challenge piece inspired by a card — pulled supplies   

This quilt was made by Linda a member of Virginia Star Quilters.  She used a panel and the "leftovers" from a quilt class with Debbie Kratovil.  It was a cool class that showed us how to make one top (see mine here.) And used the leftovers to make another little quilt.  Take a look at Debby's class info here. (Scroll down to Pyramids and Jewels.)  Linda used the 2nd pieces in the corners and some of the pyramid shapes in the  border. I thought it was brilliant.  I quilted a basic stipple over it so as not to detract from the piecing. It will be donated to a veteran 

And here is my August block from Sherri McConnel's Quilt Block of the Month. 

What's up for this week? 


Bind August UFO Challenge Quilt

Continue working on challenge piece inspired by a card

Quilt top from quilt guild

Make a few Picket Star Quilt blocks (Here are the directions for the block.) 

I received these blocks from the FCQ Equilter last year.  I decided it was time to get some of these blocks together as I will be receiving new blocks between now and the end of September. I haven't decided if I'm going to add another row to make this rectangle or not.  The blocks are 17" finished.  I'm also thinking of taking the 3 pink blocks out and replacing them with some turquoise to make it gender neutral.  I'll be donating the two quilts (or at least one of them...)  

Here are my Monday Linky parties.  Please enjoy some surfing to see what quilters are doing across the Internet. 

Have you read about splooting?  It's a thing according to the Washington Post and Twitter.  Follow the right ear of the pig up and you'll see a squirrel splooting on a rock in our garden.  He comes from the forest across the street and eats the sunflower seeds that the birds drop from the feeder.  He stuffed himself in the sun and then he splooted.  He stayed there for 15 to 20 minutes.  He's been back eating the sunflower seed that spills out but we haven't seen him splooting again.  It turns out a lot of animals sploot. Our cocker spaniel used to lay out flat with his legs behind him too.  Apparently, laying out flat with legs behind helps animals cool down. According to a lexiographer from the Oxford English Dictionary splooting hasn't been added to the dictionary yet but they are keeping track of it. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Monday Meanderings 8 - 16 - 2022

Quilting seems to have taken a backseat to reading recently. At the end of this post I've listed a few books I've really liked recently.  But now, let's see how I did on my goals. 


✅Finish new charity quilt to top stage -- done, need backing 

✅Sew August UFO challenge together, add borders, figure out backing -- all done backing is ready to load

Make August BOM from A Quilting Life & ✅RSC blocks -- RSC done but need to do A Quilting Life block

Quilt one of my quilts -- nope, nada, didn't do it

Work on grand’s Christmas ornaments -- one is almost all done, second one is in progress

Not too bad.  We also had an overnight visit from our daughter's family on their way to the beach house.  It was a win, win.  They got closer to NC and out of the horrendous DC traffic the day before they had planned to drive and Saturday's drive was much shorter. We enjoyed seeing and catching up with everyone. 

Here's the final top.  The borders were leftover from a wide back. 

And here is the quilt top with the backing I found that will go with it. Thank you Nann, who blogs at With Strings Attached, for the fabric. A surprise box of fabric arrived a year or so ago.  I've pulled fabric from it off and on. I saw this one and knew it would work well with this challenge quilt. 

And next up my goals this week. 


Quilt charity top for guild

Make August BOM from A Quilting Life

Quilt one of my quilts

Make a list of all finished tops and figure out backing sizes for them

Continue to clean off front of cutting table

Begin challenge piece inspired by a card

I'll also continue to work on the Christmas ornaments for the grands but I'm not listing them every week. 

Notice that clean off front end of cutting table.  I spent several hours working on cutting up bits and pieces of fabric as well as putting fabric back on the shelves. I can see the difference but I'm not sure anyone else would notice it!  But I'll try to get through more of the mess on that end of the table. I can almost see the cutting mat under the fabric. 

One of the projects I am working on was making a sample cover for a composition book. Sharon and I usually go in together to make a little gift for fellow retreaters.  We'll be going the first week of October so it's time to figure something out.  She suggested the cover and sent me a link for the directions. Here's my first attempt. 

It looks nice but it took quite a long time and that didn't include the flying geese.  The directions called for binding the edges which just added a lot of time. (You can find the free directions here.) I made this one without having a composition book around.  After I bought one (not on any school special) I realized the inside fold over that went on the covers didn't work because the covers were heavy cardboard.  We'll be changing the width of that piece so it is easier to get it on the book.  And we'll probably be buying composition books on back-to-school specials and they won't have stiff covers. We hope to use up leftover blocks to make these covers.  I think it will be a terrific way to move out some fabric. And, I'll be checking the box from Nann for some fabric too.  I have another one started but haven't been motivated to finish it yet.  We've made some changes to make it go much faster. We'll split the 25 we need between the two of us so it won't be that much work. 

Back to books.  I generally have two to three books going at a time -- generally one audio book and 2 books on Kindle or, gasp, an actual book.  Because I read so many books, I tend to keep a list of books read by year.  It helps me when I try to figure out whether I've read a book or not.  Case in point is Nine Women, One Dress by Jane Rosen. I wanted to read it before offering it up as a book club choice for Sept. I started it and then realized I'd probably read it and sure enough, in 2019 I had. (But I'm reading it again because I don't remember all of it!)   I'm also offering up Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.  They are miles apart in style and story but both are good.  I'm guessing we'll choose Nine Dresses. It's entertaining, a fast read, and our public library has multiple copies of it. Another great book I recently finished is Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.  It was set in the 1950s and '60s and shines a light on how women were treated as "mere" housewives rather than serious scientists. Both libraries I use had long waiting lists for the Kindle books and audio books. (one was over 70 people for 5 Kindle books.) If it sounds interesting to you prepare to wait but it was really worth it.  What are you reading these days? 

Hopefully you are reading some blogs along with interesting books. Here's the Linky parties to check out. 

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That's it for me.  I have a book I want to read now. (Ok, only after I do some blog surfing!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie