Sunday, December 26, 2021

Monday Meanderings 12 - 27 - 2021

How about a post event Merry Christmas?  I failed to get a Friday blog posted.  So I'm hoping you had a wonderful day on Saturday.  Here are the four ornaments I made for my grand kids. 

I took these photos of the ornaments on my tree.  Notice  the little Santa  ornament up on the right. I'm pretty sure that ornament is from my family tree when I was very young.  I'm guessing the green pine cone was from a later time but still from when I was living with my parents.  Sophie loves blue so I always try to make her ornament with blue. The rest of the kids got red work. 

I should have moved the red and white ornament on the right so it showed more.  I bought that when we lived in Georgian in the late 80's and early 90's.  It is a Santa made on a dried okra.  I like to have unusual or handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree. 

We drove up to our daughter and son-in-law's house for Christmas Day.  Wonders of wonders -- the traffic on I 95 was moving at or above the speed limit going and coming.  The trip took the normal hour and 15 minutes.  It made a great start to our day.  And we were very happy it was an easy drive home. Truth told, I fell asleep!

We had a lovely day.  We opened presents. I played a game with the grands. (I will never play a game on the floor again.  Yikes, I just don't move that well any more!) We ate a terrific dinner cooked by Brian with desserts made by Jenny and Sophie.  Overall we had a wonderful time with Jenny and her family.  

We've had Cassie, our son's dog since last Monday.  They went to Tennessee to be with Aimee's family.  We haven't figured out when we'll do the dog swap and the presents swap yet but hopefully this week. Heck, they aren't sure when they are coming home! 

The goal list didn't get everything check off this past week.  On the other hand, I did finish a couple of books which I enjoyed. Here's how I did on that goals list. 


Wrap Christmas presents 

Finish grand’s ornaments 

Finish winter wall hanging — haven’t finished yet but I've decided what to do! 

Make new UFO list — in works  

Have a wonderful family Christmas 

And this week --- 


Finish new UFO list 

Pick 12 UFOs to focus on this year 

Finish quilting and bind the Peppermint Bunny top

Quilt and bind another top 

Work on more ombre log cabin blocks 

Work on Winter Wall hanging 

Here's the fat quarters I was gifted from Jen's family.  They were personally curated by Brian.  I was absolutely tickled with them.  I am now trying to figure out how I will use some of them in their own quilt.  Didn't he do a terrific job? 

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Have you been making goals or quilting plans for the 2022?  I decided I'm going to participate in a UFO challenge where every month we finish a UFO.  I also want to start and finish 2 quilts that I bought the patterns and/or fabric for a while.  It's time to get them started and finished this year. This may be the year to make some year long goals.  I would like to clear out some of the UFOs I have although some I'm just never going to make.  Do you make year long goals?  Are they written or stored in your brain?  How do you follow through to make sure you finish those goals?   Let me know in your comments.   

Happy Quilting All,  Bonnie 



Sunday, December 19, 2021

Monday Meanderings 12 - 20 - 2021

Less than one week until Christmas.  Are you ready?  I'm sure not ready, yet.  But I have this week to finish up some minor shopping and a session or two of gift wrapping.  (Hey, I've even put it on my goals list this week to make sure I do get all the presents wrapped.) 

Last week's goals got overturned because a new quilt came in that I decided to get done as soon as I could.  It was done and returned to the customer on Saturday.  That gave me most of Saturday and Sunday to finish off my goals.  I made progress on all of them.  


Make more ombre log cabin blocks

Finish sewing winter wall hanging together — Not done but further along

Keep making string blocks (it's hard to see them fanned out below but there are lots of finished blocks that just need to be trimmed up. Only 5 left to finish.) 

Make a new “To Be Quilted” list (and I already need to add the one below to it.)

Finish sewing the autumn quilt together

Send Christmas cards out

And here's this week's list. The list is split between quilting and finishing up everything for Christmas.  


Wrap Christmas presents 

Finish grand’s ornaments (actually just one left) 

Finish winter wall hanging 

Make new UFO list 

Have a wonderful family Christmas 

Here's hoping you get all of your holiday preparations done in time. And, everyone have a wonderful Christmas celebration. 

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I'll link up with the other sites tomorrow and Tuesday. (Let's hope I remember to do it too!) 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Ready to Start Something New?

For several months I've been providing information on mystery quilt alongs for the  Faithful Circle Quilters' newsletter. (For those who don't remember, FCQ is a guild in Howard County, MD to which I still belong.) With 2022 just around the corner I thought I would give you the information regarding new mystery quilts that will be starting in early 2022.  I hope you can find one you'll want to start and enjoy. Some are free, some are paid.  Several have Facebook groups to join while doing the mystery. 

First up is Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day one-day online mystery quilt.  The fabric requirements and precutting is available now.  Check back on Christmas Day, 12/25/202, for further instructions.  You have the option of making quilts from baby size all the way up to king size quilts.  Check it out here:  

Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day Mystery 

Pinwheel Mystery is available from Charlotte Hawkes at Making Scrappy Quilts.  The fabric requirements for 3 different sizes is available now.  Scroll down to find the fabric requirements.  Then come back on the second Wednesday in January (and every month) to find the clues.  (No info on how long this will go.) 

Colchester Mill Fabric and Quilting is offering Marvelous Mystery Quilt Program, a year long mystery quilt starting in January.  There is a $25 fee.  Each monthly installment will be emailed to you on the second  Monday of each month.  The quilt is designed by Michele Holt. Visit her website

Marvelous Mystery Quilt Program  

Minnesota Quilters, Inc starts their online mystery quilt, Ins and Outs on Jan 1, 2022 at 11:59 am. With the last clue coming in October.  The mystery quilt comes to you in 11 emails, with the description, fabric choices and cutting instruction sent in your confirmation email after purchasing the $46 mystery. 


Ins and Outs 

“Quiltmaker” has started a year long mystery quilt using Bonnie Hunter’s column Addicted to Scraps.  The first three blocks are shared in the Jan/Feb 2022 Quiltmaker Magazine.  Not a subscriber?  You can get a digital copy from  The mystery will continue for the entire year.  

I haven't decided if I'm going to do any of these mysteries... but they sure sound fun. If you know of other mysteries, especially low cost or free ones please let me know. I'd be happy to share the info with FCQ. 

I haven't finished one of my quilts this week.  But I did quilt a lovely quilt for my local guild, Virginia Star Quilters last week that I really want to share.  I don't know who made the quilt but the guild is giving it to a local senior organization.  I was asked to quilt it.  

Quilter: Unknown

Design: Briar Rose in Winter Edge to Edge by 

Thread: So Fine 524, Lorenzo Lavender 

I was asked to do a fast, loose pattern on the quilt so it could be done faster.  But when I saw all that wonderful white space I new Briar Rose in Winter E2E would be perfect.  It was worth the time to have this turn out so well.  

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some quilts of my own done later this month. I've just finished a big queen size quilt for a customer but I'm holding off until after the holidays to share it.  

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Amid all the bustle of getting ready for a major holiday, take a little time to sit and enjoy seeing what folks are working on these days -- surf the web through the links shared on each party. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Monday Meanderings 12 - 13 - 2021

Lots of sewing has been going on this week.  I've been quilting and piecing a lot.  There was singing happening this week too.  Pat and I were caroling with the Spotsylvanians, a community singing group on Saturday.  It was outdoors with a pavilion. We sang about 2 songs and it started dripping.  And then it rained. 

That's hubby on the left. 

Eventually we moved off the steps to under the roof and skies opened up and poured.  We finally had to sing a cappella and protect the keyboard.  It was great fun to sing again.  Hopefully we'll be singing with the group in the spring. 

It was a great week for getting goals done.  Here's what happened last week.


Update batting pieces Excel list -- started over with a new list

Make more ombre log cabin blocks -- several blocks cut out a few finished

Quilt small quilt of mine ( or maybe charity quilt) -- Two charity quilts were finished

Work on winter wall hanging -- The vertical sashing is done. The horizontal is just a leftover piece to see how it looks. (I like it!) 

These  blocks came from Mary Hertel's paper piecing book Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. 

Keep making string blocks -- only 12 more left to do. 

I also added some of the sashing to the fall animal quilts I showed last week. 

Again, the verticals are stitched on and the horizontals are loose.  By the way everyone was right last week about the brown fabric working well with the rest of the fabric.  A new question.  Should I use the gold fabric for the cornerstones?  Or should I use the orange that's surrounding the animal print?  Let me know your opinions on this one.  

Now on to this week's goals list. I also need to think about quilting a couple of my own quilts this month. But here's this week's list. 


Make more ombre log cabin blocks

Finish sewing winter wall hanging together

Keep making string blocks 

Make a new “To Be Quilted” list 

Finish sewing the autumn quilt together

Send Christmas cards out

On Friday I'm hoping to share pics of the two quilts I quilted last week for my local guild.  They will be donated to a charity this month.  

I'm linking up with my favorite early week parties: 

Have a great week everyone.

Happy Quilting! Bonnie 

Friday, December 10, 2021

Stashbusting Stats and a Finish

 I never seem to get my stashbusting statistics figured very quickly.  Here we are a third of the way through December and I'm just figured out the fabric ins and outs.  And I'm very happy with the results!  I guess I did a good job of not buying fabric last month. Take a look: 


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year







I did put an order in to Connecting Threads during their big sale but I haven't received it yet. It took a long time for me to get notification that the items had shipped and now I'm waiting for them to come.  (Sad, but true, I don't remember all that I ordered. I'll be surprised when it shows up.) 

Here's the last finish from November month. 
This was started in a class in 2015 (I think.  That's when I first found some pictures of it.)  It is a Studio 180 Design called 
Galaxy. You can read more about it here.  I didn't take many pictures of the finished project so I did a bit of searching to find pictures of it as I worked on it. You can see it on this blog.  But here are a few more that I never showed. 

I was getting the inner border on in this picture.  It is cool that the pattern extends into the inner border. 

I was lucky to find this cool fabric to use as the outside border.  It doesn't show up well in the first picture but looks more like the fabric in this one. 

I'll try to remember to take more pictures when it gets hung in the bedroom.  Pat made me a new quilt hanger for it. 

That's it for me tonight. I'm linking up with the following linky parties. 
I'm going to do some surfing between sewing time.  I hope you can find some fun blogs to read too. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Monday Meanderings 12 - 6 - 2021

I had a successful week this past seven days.  How do you determine quilting success?  I base part of my success on whether I've been able to get my goals list done along with moving other projects forward and participate in life activities.  

This weekend I was able to decorate the Christmas tree (standard size) and our mini tree.  But it didn't inhibit me getting everything on my To Do list done plus a little more. 

Here's the list and my results. 


Quilt and Bind small quilt of mine -- Done! Pictures coming later this week. 

Clear off design wall -- Mostly done. I should probably get some more papers cleared off too! 

Finish blocks for Ombre log cabin — Change of plan.  This quilt will be bigger than the size listed in the directions.  I’ll be making more blocks so it can be a big queen.  

Keep making string blocks -- Yep, I've finished several more. Luckily I cut all the paper backing before I started so when they're all used I'll know I'm  ready to start putting them together.

Start new quilt -- Definitely started.  Check out the picture below.

I took this picture to help me decide what fabric to use with these blocks.  The blocks of fall animal fabric with the orange surround are done.  Each block is suppose to be sashed and have setting stones of the orange. But I have no idea what fabric to use.  I really like the gold but I used it on the economy blocks shown here and I need to save the rest of it for the binding of that quilt.  

I have plenty of the brown fabric but I think it is overpowering.  I have a lot of the gray too.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  What do you think?  I'll probably use the brown for the backing if the top doesn't get too big. What I didn't say is I'd like to use fabric from my stash and I don't use much brown. This design comes from Even More Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes although I'm making it with blocks set 3 x 4 instead for 2 by 3. Give me your thoughts I won't get back to it for a few days.  

Moving right along let's look at this week's goals. 


Update batting pieces Excel list

Make more ombre log cabin blocks

Quilt small quilt of mine (or maybe charity quilts) 

Work on winter wall hanging

Keep making string blocks  

That seems like a doable list. The winter wall hanging was started several years ago. I used Mary Hertel's designs in Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas to make the blocks.  I've got the sashing for it and would love to get it finished so I can use it this winter.  With polar bears, penguins and snow men it will be perfect to hang beginning in January.  I'm going to give it a try! 

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To Do Tuesday ** I remembered to link up last week -- on Thursday. 😕

Remember that I was listening to Go Tell the Bees that I have Gone last week? My library purchased another digital copy of the book and I was next in line* so I got it about Wednesday.  It showed up as 967 (or so) pages on my Kindle.  I was able to get some serious reading time in and I finished it in the wee hours Sunday morning.  I really enjoyed the story.  Diane Gabaldon does a great job with the historical part of the story.  I particularly liked this quote from Elizabeth Hand who wrote a review of the book for the "Washington Post": "One of the many things that Gabaldon does superbly is show how great events aren’t history to those who live through them but simply everyday life, with children to be fed, clothes to be mended, the dead to be buried." The only drawback of reading a digital copy of this book is the map and family trees are too small to actually read. If you are interested, I suggest starting at the beginning of the series.  Take your time and enjoy each book. I wonder how long it will take for the 10th and final book to come out?  * I've returned both the audio book and the digital book to the library so the next patrons can enjoy them. 

Happy Quilting (and reading) All!  Bonnie  


Saturday, December 4, 2021

There's a Finish Here

I have been skipping my end of week posts for several weeks.  But this week I took some pictures of a finish. 

This is a 3 yard quilt from Fabric Cafe. It is in the book Pretty Darn Quick 3-Yard Quilts by Donna Robertson. (check out the link to the book to see their version.) Isn't it amazing how different fabric choices changes the whole look of the quilt.  I'm a fan of Fabric Cafes books and patterns.  I've bought several books but haven't made a lot, yet.  You'll be seeing more in the future. And the back...

The quilting is Fern Gully -- one of my go to quilting designs. I love how it gives nice texture to the quilt but doesn't overpower the quilt.   I used the backing for the binding.  If you decide to try any of the 3 yard quilt patterns you might want to have a bit more fabric around than 1 yard of each.  I prefer my quilts to bound with doubled binding rather than single, which the books call for.  I was really squeezing this quilt out of the yardage I had in my stash.  One of the large blue squares was pieced so I had enough squares.  (That was on me for not quite having a yard of fabric!) I like using novelty fabrics like these dinosaurs.

I'm calling this blog done as I'm about 80% finished with the new Outlander book, Tell the Bees That I Am Gone and it's calling my name.  Monday I was at chapter 9. Now I'm on 130. (Remember, 155 chapters?)  The digital version I had on reserve came in mid week so unless I'm sewing (and listening) I'm reading.  I bet I'll be done by tomorrow. 

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Hope you can spend some time surfing the web.  Try some of these linky parties for links to all sorts of quilty blogs. 

Last night I was pulling my hair out and yelling at Blogger because I couldn't upload my photos. At. All. I closed Safari, and restarted.  I tried to move photos from different locations.  I shut off, waited and restarted my computer.  Nothing worked.  I finally gave up and shut off the computer and went to bed. After lunch I tried again, Voila! My photos moved to Blogger as if nothing was ever wrong. PHEW!  I was worrying about never being able to upload a photo again.  I thought I would never be able to post another blog. I thought I might have to buy a new computer. Luckily, no sleep was lost worrying.  All was fine today.  Enjoy the pics and the read. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie