Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mail Call!

Here's the quilt I received from the latest Doll Quilt Swap I participated in:
 You can't really see the wonderful embroidery Sandy did on this... try clicking on it to see if it will enlarge.  Sandy lives on a cattle station in NSW, Australia.  We had several emails going back and forth to get to know each other better.  It was a lot of fun to learn about each other's life.  Of course, the biggest job for me was to figure out where she lives.  It is a really small town and far from the beaten path, so to speak. 

She also sent a couple of stuffed animals representative of the animals in the area.  And, really neat fabric that shows many of the animals native to Australia.  Way too cool! You can see a bit of the fabric behind the animals.

You can visit Sandy's blog ShiraleeStitches.

Just in case you think I am not multi-dimensional -- Here's my patio tomato plant with a tomato nearly ready to pick. I was afraid we'd only have these few tomatoes but figured out there are several little ones just starting out.  Yum!  I love tomatoes.  

Today I hope to finish the spring quilt I showed last post.  Heck, it's the end of the month and I only have one doll quilt as a finish. So if I can get that quilt done at least it will give me a little more of a finish.  (Hum, seems like I bought a bit of fabric this month too....) 

I'm off for a long walk with the dog.  It's not too hot out yet and I'd like to get some exercise without going over to the Y today.  Poor Raggs will come back panting but he'll sleep the rest of the day!  Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday 6-27-11

A finished flimsie (quilt top but not quilted...) on the design wall today... 
These old swap blocks are taking on a new life.  I added the little basket on the right bottom to go with the rest of them.  And, I used the soft pink with the jumping bunnies for the border.  I hope I have enough of that left to bind it with also.  Go to Patchwork Times to visit other design walls around the internet. 

Next are some of my purchases from the NQA show last weekend.

The back three are cones of thread for Ruthie.  The center one is red not orange! 

And, I bought a new ruler to use with her.  This will allow me to make half circles on a lot of squares.  Isn't it a weird ruler?  Hopefully it will be great to work with although I don't do ruler work all that much. 

I bought a couple of patterns to use.  Sorry about not showing all of them ... they might be presents for the future.  Or maybe not.  Bloomin' goes on a metal triptych.  It's not very big but I have a great place to put it.  I'd like to get something on it for the 4th of July but that may not happen.  We'll see.

am a ruler junkie.  And, I have absolutely fallen in love with all my Deb Tucker rulers.  I was thrilled to be able to meet her at her booth.  I had both of these rulers on my list.  Square2 (pronounced Square Squared) is just what it shows a square within a square but without any waste.  V Block is used in lots of quilts but what comes to my mind is 54 40 or Fight.  I'm going to find myself a block or two to make some quilt using these rulers.  I love my Tucker Wing Clipper and Tucker Trimmer.  Check out her web site for all her rulers.  

Here are a few photos from the shower for Aimee.  We did a craft instead of playing games.  And, it was a hit!  Everybody got to make wine charms.  Very fun and easy to do.  And, some of us used ours right off to mark our wine glasses. 

Here's Miss Aimee opening her presents.  She loved all her new goodies including 5 new trash cans!  It was so funny as she opened all of the trash cans.  And she really needed them. Good thing I didn't buy a couple for her -- I thought about it. 

Miss Sophia was right in the middle of the party looking just as cute as Aimee.  (Sorry Aimee, I think I got more photos of Sophie than you during the party!) 

She finally fell asleep after just about  every one left.  Grand babies are wonderful! 

I didn't get a shot of the cupcakes and the cupcake tree so I'll take a photo from Facebook one of these days to show you how great they looked.  They were gobbled up quickly!  Yum.

Goals for week of 6/20/11
Finish quilting, put the binding on and mail the doll quilt swap quilt. √ all but the mailing part… almost there
Get organized for Aimee’s shower.
Put last border on Easter Quilt.
Make the rest of the broken dishes blocks. A few more were made but not all…
Unpack from trip.
Housework???? (really, a goal of housework?) Not that much done but a little bit… 

Goals for week of 6/27/11
Wash and then mail doll quilt.
Quilt and bind Easter Quilt.
Finish the rest of the broken dishes blocks.
Make the 2nd Quilts for Kids quilt.
Get invites out for July 4 picnic.
Quilt something on Ruthie. 
Make Onesie dress for Sophia.

Hopefully this week won't be as busy as the last few weeks.  And, I hope I get more time in the studio. Happy Quilting Everyone! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooking not Quilting

Today Jen and I are hostessing a bridal shower for Aimee.  I volunteered to do cupcakes for the event.  (Hey, I live next door to a former bakery owner, I'm no dummy!) This morning I went over to Jennie's house for lessons in baking and decorating cupcakes. (yes, it is very confusing having a daughter, Jen or Jenny and a next door neighbor Jennie!)  The chosen flavor is lemon.  Here's what we did. 

 We started with a Duncan Hines lemon cake mix.  Yum! 

Here they are just out of the oven.  

Jennie put in some wonderful lemon filling in them before they were frosted.

Jennie is showing me how to frost them with a bit of panache. 

How many cupcakes? 

Jennie then put a little yelllow dab in the middle.  Very nice looking cupcakes.  (And, almost professional looking!) 

All done and ready to take home. I let Pat sample one last night.  Well, my idea was to split one between us but before I knew what happened the cupcake I gave him was gone.  I got my own cupcake and cut it in half and the second half vanished somewhere near Pat also.  My half was fabulous, if I do say so myself.  

A big thank you to Jennie for teaching me how to frost cupcakes with quite a professional look.  Notice I'm not letting you have a close up view! (honest, I just forgot to take a closeup.  Maybe I'll get one at the shower tomorrow.)

On the quilt front I did get all the hand quilting done on the doll quilt.  Tomorrow I hope to get the binding on and sewn down.  Then I can put it in the mail to Australia on Monday. Then I need to do some serious work on getting a quilt or two done as the month is almost over and I will have to share my fabric ins and outs.  

Happy Quilting All (and baking too!) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not Quite Over the NQA Show

For the last several days I've been doing almost nothing.  Well, except hand quilting on a doll quilt.  I'm more than half way finished, barely.  But hope springs eternal that I will get it finished sometime before Monday.  I've spent time reading, moving furniture (well, mostly Pat) and shopping a little.  Today I finally uploaded pictures from my camera. Here are some of my favorites at the NQA show.  Often I was taking pictures of interesting quilting ideas rather than the whole quilt.  I have no pictures of Sharon and I doing anything.  (how did that happen?) 

Here's a stunning setting of Bunny Hill's 2009 block of the month.  Hum, will I ever finish mine? 

And an upclose with wonderful cross-hatching. 

I really like the use of black and red (hot pink? magenta?) on this quilt.  I've got a nice roll of 5" by width of fabric blacks and whites that Jenny gave me for Christmas recently.  And, I think I might do a mystery that is starting at Fabricholics Annonymous (yahoo chat group) using the fabrics with white and some color that I haven't picked out yet.  

This photo was more about the lovely quiting. I liked the way the quilter changed the direction of the parallel lines in different spaces. Top left and bottom right the lines were horizontal. The other two corners were vertical.  The center was cross-hatched.  The quilting was great on this.  And, it was pretty mind boggling that it didn't win anything.  Sigh. 

Here again was some stunning quilting with an interesting pieced top.  The two went together so well it was inspiring.

Here's a close up of the quilting.  I wasn't trying to get the names of the quiltmakers/quilters but I'm happy I did for most of these.  They deserve much credit for their wonderful work.  

You should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them and thus be able to read the information given. I would love to know which of these were computer quilted and which were hand guided.  

Today I need to move in to a higher gear.  I'm getting ready for a shower for Aimee this weekend.  So, I need to get the fun little craft we're doing organized.  And, I have to figure out what stuff I need to take.  Jenny and I are the hostesses but Aimee is providing the house.  So I'll drive up early Saturday morning to set it up.  Plus, I think Pat and I are going to host a 4th of July barbecue for a few of the neighbors to "christen" the new deck.  (note to self, show some finished deck pictures soon.) 

It's darn hot and especially humid here in Central Virginia so not much is being done outside.  I need to take Raggs for a walk soon before it gets too hot.  And, then on with organizing for the shower. 

Happy Quilting. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday 6-20-11 Or Not

Nope, no pictures at all today.  I got back home last night late and have spent the morning catching up on all my emails.  Yikes... I should have put some groups on digest version.  I did want to do my goals as this really helps me to stay focused. 

Goals for week of 6/12/11  
Mail those SoCal Girl charity blocks... 
Maybe get the other two borders on the Easter quilt.
Pack and drive to Maryland...
Join Sharon and drive to OHIO to the NQA show. 
Take some classes, view quilts 
BUY a couple of the new rulers, some thread for Ruthie and what ever calls my name!
Put a few more stitches in the Doll quilt for the swap! (it's going with me...) oops….Too bad I didn't put knit on socks on the goal list as I finished the one that was in the middle of the sole and got the top 2 to 3 inches done on the next one!

Goals for week of 6/20/11
Finish quilting, put the binding on and mail the doll quilt swap quilt.
Get organized for Aimee’s shower.
Put last border on Easter Quilt.
Make the rest of the broken dishes blocks.
Unpack from trip.
Housework???? (really, a goal of housework?)

If you really want a picture of the design wall click here to go to last week's post. Honestly, I haven't touched a thing! I have to go back to cooking and cleaning along with quilting this week.  And, Saturday Jenny and I are giving a shower for Aimee so I won't be able to just quilt this week.  

Don't forget to visit Judy's blog to see what's on design walls across the internet! 
Happy Quilting All!  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sneak Peak At NQA Show

Prize winning quilt by Susan Cleveland.     
Does this look familiar?  I took at class from Susan Cleveland arlier this year.  The  two curved pieces were the sample for Piping Hot Curves.  This gal made it into this very cute little quilt and donated it to the NQA small quilt auction.  Hum, I wonder where my blocks are?

 We saw lots of these twister quilts.  I finally bought the little tool so I can make some too!  This was another quilt donated to the Small Quilt Auction.

Sharon and I are having a great time.  We have been doing some heavy duty shopping.  Tomorrow we have an afternoon class and will see the last few rows of quilts and vendors. 

I probably won't post again until I get home as this little e-computer is a pain to work on!  Happy Quilting!  Bonnie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retreat Revisited

Not everyone at the retreat last weekend was working on the Sun/Moon project.  Here's what else was being sewn: 

Jane was designing and making this piece. 

A new member was working on this quilt.  (Sorry, I'm bad with names and I don't go to meetings regularly so I'm drawing a blank.... ) 

Wow!  What a lot of arcs.  I think Mary was working on these.  (Sorry if I am wrong.) 

 A disappearing 9 patch.  I love how the center blocks are different but the other blocks are consistent.  I want to try this.  (note to self, add to want to make list!) 

Mary Beth was working on this cool clam shell quilt.  She finished the piecing and got started on the quilting.  Really neat.

 And two gals were working on this quilt. (Darn, can't remember the name of the quilt but it is in one of Bonnie Hunter's books.) 

The top one is Stephanie's version.  She was sewing like mad.  Every time I wandered by her table she had what seemed like an endless chain of blocks sewn together.  She came with all her pieces cut out. 

Paula, on the other hand, was cutting as she went.

 Something else I worked on last week.  20 or so invitations to a wedding shower.  

Now it is time to get going this morning.  First off today is a neighborhood tea.  Then it's throw everything in the car, kiss Raggs goodbye and head north.  

Happy Quilting All! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday 6-13-11

Something new on my design wall --

I've been working on this chunky churn dash from for quite a while.  I got the fabric for the broken dishes blocks on the way to retreat. I substituted a red I had for the red I purchased just so I could keep the larger hunk of fabric. 

Saturday I was able to join with another member of Country Piecemakers to give a short talk on using scraps in quilts and teach how to make this quilt.  Many thanks go to Bonnie Hunter of for giving us permission to do this. 

Visit Patchwork Times to see more design walls this week. 

Here's what else I bought last weekend.  Yes, I kind of went wild buying fabric again.  Sigh.  Of course every thing I bought was on sale -- some was just $4 a yard!  Well every thing except that fun pink, orange, and yellow floral print.  I'm making a onsie dress out of it... and maybe that little hat.  And, then I guess I may make that cute little sun dress.  That pattern covers 6 mo to 5 yr old sizes.  Super deal.  Maybe a dress or two every summer! 

Goals for week of 6/6/11
Sew borders on Easter Quilt√ two of the sides are sewn
Finish hand quilting doll swap quilt. ARGH didn’t touch it
Wash, dry, fold and put away new fabric.
Unpack all stuff from retreat.
Cut broken pieces blocks for Chunky Churn Dash quilt.
Make more chunky churn dash blocks
Mail blocks to SoCal Girl charity challenge yikes, forgot

I'd say it was a pretty successful week for me.  

Goals for week of 6/12/11  
Mail those SoCal Girl charity blocks... 
Maybe get the other two borders on the Easter quilt.
Pack and drive to Maryland...
Join Sharon and drive to OHIO to the NQA show. 
Take some classes, view quilts 
BUY a couple of the new rulers, some thread for Ruthie and what ever calls my name!  
Put a few more stitches in the Doll quilt for the swap! (it's going with me...) 

Yep, I'm heading off to Columbus, Ohio with Sharon.  We're taking a few classes with Susan Cleveland.  We took one of her classes at Faithful Circles a few months ago and really enjoyed it so decided to take some more.  These are really technique classes so you don't end up starting a UFO!  Sharon's brother lives in Cleveland and has graciously allowed us (well, more like me) to stay there. It's another long trip but we should have a blast!  

I won't be doing much quilting but I will definitely be thinking about quilts!  
Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Retreat Report

 Sharon and MaryBeth are goofing off in the room before the sewing begins... 

There was a lot of tracing, cutting, ironing, cutting and layering before the project took shape.  This is the beginning of the sun and moon.  

Mr. Sun is getting more face detail.  

Sheila Reiss designed this wall hanging and taught the class.  Although some of us complained about how much prep work went into it we are thrilled with our projects. Sheila lives in Maryland and would be happy to teach at your guild or retreat.  Drop me a note if you would like her email address.  She's had several pieces accepted in the Hoffman challenge the last few years. 

Here's the background fabrics with the template/drawing we worked from. Everyone got to the point of stitching down the pieces. (Inlcuding me!)  

Here are our projects.  That's me on the bottom right with the loose heads.  I decided I wanted to do the satin stitch on the sunburst before I put the faces down.  

Enough sharing for today.  Not every one was doing this project.  I'll post what others were working on soon. Today I need to work on making some bridal shower invitations.  Hopefully it won't take all that long. And, then I hope to get some quilting done.  Hum, note to self take some photos of what I bought when we visited 2 quilt stores.  (yep, I bought some fabric -- not good for stash busting but fun!) 
Happy quilting all! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday 6-6-11

I'm still in Maryland so I will share Jenny's design wall.  Isn't this a cute little baby quilt?  I'll be quilting it later this month.

Goals for week of 5/29/11
Finish retreat gift swap items.
Finish quilting Happy Quilt and bind.
Work on finishing hand quilting doll swap quilt. Some more done…
Pick fabrics for main retreat projects.
Pick and cut fabrics for backup retreat project.
Pack stuff for retreat.
Enjoy retreat!  Yea!

Goals for week of 6/6/11
Sew borders on Easter Quilt
Finish hand quilting doll swap quilt.
Wash, dry, fold and put away new fabric.
Unpack all stuff from retreat.
Cut broken pieces blocks for Chunky Churn Dash quilt.
Make more chunky churn dash blocks
Mail blocks to SoCal Girl charity challenge

Not much on the list this week as I will not be home until later in the week.  I just might need to, oh NO!, clean the house.  

Don't forget to go to Patchwork Times to see what's on Blogs across the internet~!

Happy Quilting. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Stash Report

It's amazing how much fabric you can use when making a block here and a block there. 
May Stash Report
Fabric used:  5 ¼ yards
Fabric purchased (acquired):  2 1/4 yards
Net fabric USED from stash: 3 yards
Year to date fabric used: 27 5/8 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 38 3/4 yards
Net Year to Date Acquired : 11 1/4  yards

I only got one baby size quilt done this month the rest were little projects or single blocks to mail off.  I guess I made a lot of little blocks to send away! It's really nice to see some progress on using up the stash.  Or in this case using up what I bought this year.  I doubt if June will look this good as I'm going to be out of town a lot.  I should get at least one or two quilts done.  

What I've been doing instead of quilting: 

Making jam with Aimee at her house while the guys did outside work. 

Pat and Kevin cut out the sod and made these beds and then mulched them. 

Now I am getting ready to go to the Faithful Quilter's Retreat in Maryland. 

I've made a few little gifties of the fabric we were given.  I hope to get one more little basket done but I'm not going to stress if I don't get it done. 

I have gathered my fabrics and threads for the project -- a very stunning machine applique project.  We'll see how far I get on it.  Some of the fabric need to bathe in Synthropol to keep from bleeding.  So that is on today's to do list.  And, I need to pack all this stuff up.  I'm not sure what type of Internet access I'll have at the retreat center but I'll try to get something posted this weekend. 

I'll be staying with Jenny for a night or two and then head home.  I'll be teaching a scrap quilt to Country Piecemakers with Sandie next weekend.  Yep, June is an extremely busy month for me.  

Happy Quilting All!