Monday, November 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday 11.1.10

The trip around the world is still on the design wall. It is too big to see all of the design.  And, I actually have added a row or two. Who knows where I will need to take it to get a decent picture when the top is together.  With Jenny and Sophia here half the week I didn't get all that much quilting done.  But I did get a lot of snuggling and holding Sophia done.  Go see what is on everyone else's design walls by visiting Judy's site here

I finished the tree skirt but I won't be showing it off until I get all the threads buried.  But I did count it as finished in October.  I'm quite pleased with it.  

Did I admit to everyone I am now playing around with digital scrap booking? I've owned Photoshop Elements for a while and really didn't know enough about it to use it successfully. (I did do my banner for the blog on it...) I've taken a class on digital basics which now makes sense with the other small forays I've taken into the world of Photoshop.  Turns out my version is pretty old. (6th and now 9 is out.  How can that many happen in 2 and a half years?) And, wow, there is a ton of stuff on the web to buy for digital scrap booking.  Tonight I am going to a digi club to learn some more good stuff. 

What's Up This Week?

  • Iron and sew the backing for Million Pieces Quilt. 
  • Load the backing and the top onto Ruthie.
  • Quilt Million Pieces Quilt.
  • Bind Million Pieces Quilt.
  • Pick fabric for a couple of upcoming mysteries.  (There is still time to sign up for Marge's Mysteries for Relay.  The next mystery will be November 10. It is a great way to donate to cancer research.
That's enough for now.  I'm off to move piles of laundry -- washer to dryer, bed to washer.  Yick not my idea of fun but it has been a while.  Then it is on to the studio. 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Your trip around the world is so beautiful. I love your colors.

  2. Your TATW is going to be beautiful!

  3. Your Trip Around the World is wonderful and looks like it is alive with the "arms" hanging off the design wall ;)

  4. Very lovely trip around the world quilt! You're getting along quite far on this top.

  5. Loads of work involved in a TATW so large. I'm anxious to see your tree skirt... Don't let that scrap booking bug dig in too hard!

  6. Your Trip Around the World quilt is beautiful!! :)

  7. love the colors in your trip around the world

  8. Beautiful, Bonnie. Love the colors.

  9. That is going to be a gorgeous quilts. Love the colors.

  10. That is an amazing quilt! Must have taken a lot of thought and co-ordination to create it!


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