Monday, November 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday 11.8.10

Not much different from last week.  I haven't been piecing all that much so maybe one strip was added to this quilt. I really like the colors and how they resonate.  I was afraid that they would be ho-hum when I first began putting it together.  No ho-hum but I think they "sing."

Woke up earlier than normal today -- must be the time change. So wanting to get a lot done today before the hair cut I ran up to the studio to grab this picture.  Yikes, the emergency heat was on it was all of 55 or so in the room.  And, then I noticed I'd left the blinds opened.  EEEK!  I won't be doing that again when I have a quilt on the wall. 

That's not so good for color retention. I was pretty good about closing the blinds during the summer because the room would get so hot.  But now that it is cooler I haven't been as vigilant.  Sigh.  One more thing to remember: turn off sewing machine and replace dust cover, unplug iron and close the darn blinds.  

I did make one pillow case this week that I will drop off at the local quilt store for the Million Pillow Case challenge. (yeah, a yard of fabric used!) I should probably make one a week and then I would make a dent in my stash.  Even though the Million Pieces Quilt will be done this month I won't see all that much of a benefit as I bought two borders and a piece for the back. Oh, who am I kidding I should be in the used more than acquired range quite well after that one!  Check back for how well I've done on Dec. 1. 

Speaking of that quilt -- I'm done with everything except the side borders. Today I will take it off Ruthie, pin the zippers on the sides and reload it.  Then I'll have to do three passes on each border and yippee!  The quilting will be done.  It'll probably take me all day.  I am marking some of it with chalk just to keep it looking more even. 

Do you want to see some more eye candy?  Visit Judy's site to see what other bloggers have on their design walls.  

Goals for today -- finish quilting the Million Pieces Quilt, hair cut and a quick grocery shopping trip.  

Happy Quilting All 


  1. I have a sticky note on my door which reminds me to close the blinds, only way I remember. Love your trip and good luck on the Scrappy Bricks!

  2. I think it does sing. Especially in the morning!


  3. Your Trip Around the Wfaorld could never be described as ho hum. Especially with the light shinning through it. It just glows with color. Good luck with the Million Pieces, not much longer now.

  4. It is singing, that's true! I need to make a pillowcase too for my local shop. They are still a couple hundred away from their goal.

  5. I know it's not good for it at all, but the sun looks so pretty, filtered through the top! :)

  6. Your trip around the world is incredible. I know what you mean about the time change. One little hour really throws us for a loop!

  7. oh your quilt is stunning!! love it. One of the other blogs I visited (Timber Hill, I think) has a little sign next to her wall lightswitch that says "did you turn off the iron?" I need to do that too.


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