Monday, April 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 4-9-12

               A Whole WEEK has gone by?  
                    I'm sure I don't have enough things done for a whole week to have gone by! 

Not much to show on the design wall... it's top secret for another few weeks... 

Ugh, er -- it's so top secret Blogger won't let me post any more pictures.  Any suggestions on how to resolve this without paying the big bucks? (Ok, so it is only $5/yr for something like 20 gig but heck, that's a half a yard of fabric and I'd have something to show for it.)  

My design wall photo would have been a stack of fabric showing what I'm using for Scrap Squad #2.  

On to my weekly goals:
Week of April 2, 2012
Continue on Scrap Squad #2  -- I’m going for a twin size quilt! √
Sew top of Flamingo Baby Quilt
Quilt one charity baby quilt
Make a couple more blocks for FCQ Equilters’ charity quilt – need to finish this off and send it to Pam!
Find some new sandals
Didn't do so well but I am making great progress on the Scrap Squad quilt.  The top without borders will be done this week. And, then I'll decide on the borders. 

Week of April 8, 2012
Continue on Scrap Squad 2 – finish center of top
Find a leader/ender quilt to work on
Load and Quilt Charity Baby Quilt
Package and mail quilt for Alycia @ Quilts of Valor
Make and mail heart blocks
Try to do a block for the FCQ Equilter's charity quilt... 

Short and sweet today folks.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to deal with the dreaded out of photo space on my blog.  Perhaps it is time to move to Word Press but honestly I hate to have to learn new things!! 

Happy Quilting All and don't forget to visit Patchwork Times for some great inspiration. 


  1. sorry about the no picture problem. I'm with you on the dread of learning new things! Really, $5 isn't so much for some eye candy to be able to look back on your projects and progress. Good luck with the list this week!

  2. really there's a limit and you have to pay after that? Yikes! I'll donate so I can see your gorgeous quilts :)

  3. You're really maxed out? Wow. I make all my photos smaller before I post them. I wonder if it's helping? Hmmmm.

  4. When I reached my picture limit I said "ah-ha" I knew there was a catch to this blogging! :) I paid the $5, it seemed reasonable although I try to not post extra not essential photos anymore.

  5. I gave you the Liebster Blog Award!


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