Monday, December 7, 2015

Design Wall Monday 12-7-2015

I've been busy this past week, however I have nothing to show for it.  Sad, sad state of affairs.  What I can share is a top I quilted for a customer and friend.  It is a cute panel that she enhanced.  She chose Twinkling Snowflake for the quilting design and a grey So Fine thread.  Unfortunately, the fabric has so much going on you can't tell how cute the quilting design is.  It was fun to work on this cheery quilt. 

My Christmas present arrived on Saturday. Pat and I have ordered our own presents this year. Some times we keep secrets but not this year. 

I didn't take it out of the shipping box until Sunday afternoon.  I don't plan on taking it out of the box until later, much later!  I have to clean off a space for it...and really haven't decided where it will go. 

I've got these pieces of fleece ready for the next round of present making.  They will be very cute when done. But no peeking until after Christmas! 

I've done well on last week's goals.  
Week of November 30, 2015
Bind charity quilt
Do more embroideries
Finish 2 pairs of mittens
Finish snowballs – ready to stuff but not finished
Work on quilt/s for Stacey
Try to squeeze in Easy Street

And, I'm all ready to tackle this week's goals. 
December 6, 2015
Quilt charity quilt
Finish another mitten pair
Sew rows together of Easy Street
Fabric Shopping with the girls
Work on quilts for Stacey
Get packages ready to mail
Keep counting those cross stitch items!

I'm connecting up with Monday Makings,  Main Crush Monday and Design Wall Monday. (I'll come back and update Monday Makings as it isn't up yet.)  Take a look at what is going on all over the Internet.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. You will love your Accuquilt Go cutter. I love mine. Love the snowman wall hanging. Hugs

  2. You GO!, girl! Cute snowman. Did you do the embroidery or did your customer?

  3. P.S. What did you get for Pat?

  4. Cute snowman wall hanging. The closeup shows some of the quilting - it's adorable.

  5. Nann, thanks for asking! Pat is getting the outdoor shower at the beach house painted by a professional, and not have to do it himself... ;-)

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  7. Cute snowman, and I like the quilting! You're right, it was hard to see but worth the peering!

  8. You will love that cutter! I never want to be without mine!

  9. Doing the happy dance here for you Bonnie! I hope you love your new cutter. :) That snowman quilt is really adorable, and I can see a bit of the quilting in the second pic. Thanks for linking to MCM and have a great sewing week!


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