Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Meandering 8 - 22 -2016

Great things happening here today.  First off my shelving has arrived and is installed. Here's the left side. 

And here is the right side. Now the hard part comes -- deciding where everything goes and getting it all put away.  That may take a while ... lots of other things happening this week.  

Including the first quilt going on Ruthie since we moved in. My daughter Jenny has made a quilt to send to the collection for Pulse night club.  She asked her friends to send her heart blocks and she put them together.  Hopefully I'll have it quilted for her and will be able to give it back to her on Wednesday when we meet for us to take the grands for a few days.  Here's the back being loaded. Tomorrow I'll start the actual quilting. 
I did pretty well on my goals last week but I bet I've put too many goals on the list for this week. 
August 15, 2016
Continue on the RWB project
Work on the “Online Friends” piece
Work on another block from Christmas Favorites- planned one of the blocks
Clean out “stuff” stored where new shelving is going
Finish the last 3 blocks for secret project “B”

August 22, 2016
Quilt Jenny’s Heart Quilt for Pulse
Finish the “Online Friends” piece
Begin Shadow Box Mini Quilt for quilt along
Start filling my new shelves
Enjoy Sophia and Natalie visiting us

Today I'm linking up with Monday Making and Main Crush Monday.  Go take a look.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Lots of storage space, but if your stash is like mine, it will go fast. Good luck with this week's goals.

  2. What a lovely, cheerful quilt.....and a special daughter!

  3. love the shelves! Good luck on your goals this week. ~Melanie

  4. The last item in your list will become your number one priority for the week. Enjoy the Grands' visit!

    Love the two walls of shelving.

  5. How exciting to have all of that storage to fill. I'm an organizational freak, and would love the challenge. Enjoy the grandchildren. Sally

  6. The shelving looks great; I can only imagine how fantastic it will look once you have it loaded with all your goodies! I hope you finished your daughter's quilt and are having a wonderful time with the grandkids!


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