Friday, April 15, 2011

1/6th Yard?

Yep,  Quilter's Corner in Midlothian, Virginia sells one sixth of a yard.  A bit more than an eighth, less than a quarter.  And, exactly what I needed to finish off the double bow ties.  Yep, sorry to admit it but I've been shopping over the last few days.  Most of them were bargains, but not all.  The pink will be the backing for the last mystery quilt.  I had nothing to back it that I liked.  

Quilter's Corner also had little packs of fabric that were called something like bits of fabric approximately a yard. They were pieces 9 by 12" ... not the strips shown here. So no good if you want a backing of a big hunk of fabric.  These pirate themed fabrics caught my eye for some boy charity quilts.  The best part?  It was $6. I didn't get good enough close up but the yellow and white background fabrics are monkey's with multicolored scarves, pirate style, over their heads.  Really cute.  I'm thinking I can make a couple of Happy Quilts as shown on Mary Quilts website.  Take a few minutes to look around her site if it is new to you.  She has some wonderfully easy quilts that would be great for charities or to keep for your own use.  Happy quilts are fast, easy and happy.  I'm hoping I have enough go with fabrics so I don't have to buy any more. 

That didn't end my shopping spree. Wait for this bargain.  I haven't been in a Hancock's fabric store in years.  Frankly, there were none close to me.  But now there is and I finally visited, and a great time too.  They were having some spring sale and had bolts of various differing fabric on sale for $4, $3, $2 and get this, $1 a yard.  Being a thrifty person I hit the $1 a yard table looking for backing fabrics.
Success.  The fabric on the left is a major name brand fabric which I got for $1 a yard.  I bought enough for a charity quilt -- lap size.  And the one on the right, bears reading books together, was $2 a yard. I bought enough for another charity quilt and to use a bit on the front.  I think I spent $5.50 for all I bought.  And, both were nice quality fabrics.  Overall I feel like I got a lot of very usable fabric for a small amount of money.  Now to make up some quilt tops to go with them.  And, the always present problem do I have enough fabrics in the right colors to go with them?   Time to go find out.  

Happy Quilting All 


  1. Half the fun of shopping is finding a bargain, and you found more than one. Nice job.

  2. Way to shop.
    I used my 50% off Joann coupon today (actually had 2 of them) and got backing fabric for 2 quilts. I just hate it when I can't find fabric in my stash that 'goes' with a top. And I just wasn't up to piecing a bunch of leftover chunks together for a backing.
    I've never been to a Hancocks...sounds like a great place for a bargain.

  3. I love shopping the discounted fabrics at quilt stores. It's fun to find fabric you like that others passed over and even more fun to be able to claim the savings benefit! Toni


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