Friday, April 1, 2011

March Stash Report

March Stash Report

Fabric used:  7 5/8 yards
Fabric purchased (acquired):  2 yards
Net fabric USED from stash: 5 5/8 yards (yea!!!)
Year to date fabric used: 17 3/8 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 26 7/8 yard
Net Year to Date Acquired : 11 ½  yards

Yep, I bought 2 yards of flannel for a bit less than $2 a yard.  It will be great for the backing of a quilt for the NICU at some point.  Hum, note to self – check to see what goes with that flannel.  Might be nice to get a baby quilt done for charity in April.

I am whittling away on having bought more fabric than I used.  Eleven more yards -- hum -- except I am running out of white on whites. Bummer.  I will try to be good this month or at least find a big quilt to finish. 

Hey bloggers -- did you realize you can copy and paste from Word into your blog? And, it keeps the type face and, in this case, the box I put around the report?  I'd done this once before with a fancy type face and it worked.  And, it worked for this report.  

I finished three quilts this month.  None of them huge but they could be considered baby quilt, mama quilt and papa quilt.  Today, I'm showing the papa quilt. It is the Super Duper Easy Quilt from Mysteries for Relay.  I started it last year in the spring and finished it Wednesday night.  I also tried a new style of free motion quilting on Ruthie.  I only quilted in the beige parts of the top which has left the  four patch area a little, shall we say, baggy.  I may go back and quilt around the 4 patches one of these days. But don't hold your breath. 

I've been chipping away at my weekly goals and several are completely done.  Now to get on to the ones I am not as interested in. 

Happy Quilting!  


  1. Thanks for the tip about using word. I would probably do continuous curves in the four patches and you could do them in one pass from end to end.

  2. Oh dear. And I read in a blog reader that doesn't show all your nifty formatting. :-)

    Wonderful bright quilt!


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