Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday 6-27-11

A finished flimsie (quilt top but not quilted...) on the design wall today... 
These old swap blocks are taking on a new life.  I added the little basket on the right bottom to go with the rest of them.  And, I used the soft pink with the jumping bunnies for the border.  I hope I have enough of that left to bind it with also.  Go to Patchwork Times to visit other design walls around the internet. 

Next are some of my purchases from the NQA show last weekend.

The back three are cones of thread for Ruthie.  The center one is red not orange! 

And, I bought a new ruler to use with her.  This will allow me to make half circles on a lot of squares.  Isn't it a weird ruler?  Hopefully it will be great to work with although I don't do ruler work all that much. 

I bought a couple of patterns to use.  Sorry about not showing all of them ... they might be presents for the future.  Or maybe not.  Bloomin' goes on a metal triptych.  It's not very big but I have a great place to put it.  I'd like to get something on it for the 4th of July but that may not happen.  We'll see.

am a ruler junkie.  And, I have absolutely fallen in love with all my Deb Tucker rulers.  I was thrilled to be able to meet her at her booth.  I had both of these rulers on my list.  Square2 (pronounced Square Squared) is just what it shows a square within a square but without any waste.  V Block is used in lots of quilts but what comes to my mind is 54 40 or Fight.  I'm going to find myself a block or two to make some quilt using these rulers.  I love my Tucker Wing Clipper and Tucker Trimmer.  Check out her web site for all her rulers.  

Here are a few photos from the shower for Aimee.  We did a craft instead of playing games.  And, it was a hit!  Everybody got to make wine charms.  Very fun and easy to do.  And, some of us used ours right off to mark our wine glasses. 

Here's Miss Aimee opening her presents.  She loved all her new goodies including 5 new trash cans!  It was so funny as she opened all of the trash cans.  And she really needed them. Good thing I didn't buy a couple for her -- I thought about it. 

Miss Sophia was right in the middle of the party looking just as cute as Aimee.  (Sorry Aimee, I think I got more photos of Sophie than you during the party!) 

She finally fell asleep after just about  every one left.  Grand babies are wonderful! 

I didn't get a shot of the cupcakes and the cupcake tree so I'll take a photo from Facebook one of these days to show you how great they looked.  They were gobbled up quickly!  Yum.

Goals for week of 6/20/11
Finish quilting, put the binding on and mail the doll quilt swap quilt. √ all but the mailing part… almost there
Get organized for Aimee’s shower.
Put last border on Easter Quilt.
Make the rest of the broken dishes blocks. A few more were made but not all…
Unpack from trip.
Housework???? (really, a goal of housework?) Not that much done but a little bit… 

Goals for week of 6/27/11
Wash and then mail doll quilt.
Quilt and bind Easter Quilt.
Finish the rest of the broken dishes blocks.
Make the 2nd Quilts for Kids quilt.
Get invites out for July 4 picnic.
Quilt something on Ruthie. 
Make Onesie dress for Sophia.

Hopefully this week won't be as busy as the last few weeks.  And, I hope I get more time in the studio. Happy Quilting Everyone! 


  1. I like the idea of doing a craft activity instead of games at the shower. It makes more sense

    Sophie is a cutie and so pretty in her party dress.

  2. Cute quilt top. And DARLING cute grandbaby! They are fun, aren't they?! I'm a ruler junkie too -- I'll have to check these out! Have a happy Monday, Bonnie! :)

  3. Sophia is so sweet in her pretty dress. :-)

    Karen Comstock lives near me and I run into her all the time at guild meetings and quilt shows. She's lovely and her patterns are really nice.

  4. I have a couple showers coming up, and I detest shower games. Thanks for the great "crafty" idea!

    - Mary


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