Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retreat Revisited

Not everyone at the retreat last weekend was working on the Sun/Moon project.  Here's what else was being sewn: 

Jane was designing and making this piece. 

A new member was working on this quilt.  (Sorry, I'm bad with names and I don't go to meetings regularly so I'm drawing a blank.... ) 

Wow!  What a lot of arcs.  I think Mary was working on these.  (Sorry if I am wrong.) 

 A disappearing 9 patch.  I love how the center blocks are different but the other blocks are consistent.  I want to try this.  (note to self, add to want to make list!) 

Mary Beth was working on this cool clam shell quilt.  She finished the piecing and got started on the quilting.  Really neat.

 And two gals were working on this quilt. (Darn, can't remember the name of the quilt but it is in one of Bonnie Hunter's books.) 

The top one is Stephanie's version.  She was sewing like mad.  Every time I wandered by her table she had what seemed like an endless chain of blocks sewn together.  She came with all her pieces cut out. 

Paula, on the other hand, was cutting as she went.

 Something else I worked on last week.  20 or so invitations to a wedding shower.  

Now it is time to get going this morning.  First off today is a neighborhood tea.  Then it's throw everything in the car, kiss Raggs goodbye and head north.  

Happy Quilting All! 


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