Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip Part 2

Lunch came after our exhausting time in Mary Jo's.  Well, not all that exhausting we just needed re-charging for the next challenge.  We hit this barbecue restaurant.

 The help tried to talk us into barbecue with slaw.  Not my cup of tea but I did agree to slaw on the side. In fact most of us did.  Along with hush puppies, onion rings and fries. Nancy shared some of her fabulous chocolate chip cookies with the guys working at R.O.'s.  
Here we are regaining our strength and chowing down on everything.  The slaw was not the green cabbage type you'd normally expect.  It was more like a chili-flavored french dressing and it was fabulous. We all ended up putting it on the sandwiches.  Yummy.
After lunch it was on to our next destination. 

Nothing like a store with a big sense of humor.  Sharon immediately forwarded the picture to her husband.  I'll let Pat read it when he checks my blog next. 

Long Creek Mills sells threads.  Lots of it.  So we spent at least an hour, maybe longer trying to decide what to get.  If I had an embroidery machine this would have been heaven.  I ended up getting some cotton yarn in hopes that I can make Sophie a hoodie.  Probably will start later this year and try to get it to her in Feb/March.  I picked red and white varigated.   

We were able to peak in the back room and saw the cones being filled.  Not all that much to it.  Big cone of thread ran through the guides to fill little cone of thread. 

And here is one of the rows of thread -- the blue row.

They also had a few notions and ribbons.  I bought some ribbon, the red and white yarn and one spool of thread to try on Ruthie. 

We eventually headed for my house to hopefully get a good night's sleep and then my travel buddies headed north to Maryland.  Could this become an annual trip?  Maybe. 

Here's the results of our shopping at Mary Jo's.  Well, at least my purchases.   

From the Civil War row: 

A bright orange, a pale orange and a couple of yellows. 

A bright blue to replace the one I bought in August and all but used up... a couple of black on blacks and a cute black and white.
 Do you remember this green, red,white and gold fabric Kevin and Aimee brought me from Thailand?   Look at the gorgeous red and the gold and white go with fabrics I found.... Should be stunning when I find the pattern I want to use with it.  Now, where did I put the thing? 
 Here are a few of the items from the notions wall.  Chalk refill for a chalk marker.  A Row Marking Safety Pin set --  designed to let you pin an ID letter on your rows so you don't have to leave them on your design wall forever.  I am going to mark a 16 patch and take it off the design wall.  Of course, I've been telling myself to finish it for pity sakes.!  Sharon and I split some Genie washers. But the item I am tickled about is the mini scallop ruler.  I hope it will work really well on my little quilts.  I'll let you know later this year when I get to use it. 

The last part of the Mary Jo collection was some fabrics.  The royal blue is a wide back for the twin quilt that is ready to be quilted.  The rest are smaller pieces to use as "go withs." 

I have to admit I haven't used any of these since I got home.  The backing will be put to use as soon as I finish the quilt currently on Ruthie.  I've started Kay's quilt and hopefully will have it done by tomorrow.  I am not a really fast quilter but I work steadily -- with enough breaks to read or check my email. Now it's time to get back in the studio. 

Happy quilting all! 

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