Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday 10-17-11

Hum, I just threw this up on the design wall and took a picture.  This is from a Terry Atkinson book.  I thought it would make a great quilt for Quilts for Kids or some other organization that needs quilts for teen boys.  My starting fabric was the beige, brown and rust print in the lower left corner.  It's actually cowboy things.  I pulled other fabrics from my stash.  Looking at it here I think I might have too much contrast.  It's made with fat quarters.  I've had to augment it with yardage.  I've been calling this the beige and turquoise quilt.  I really hope I like it better after I get more pieces sewn together. Go check out Patchwork Times to see other design walls. 

Goals for Week of 10/10/11
Make up Potato Chip Bag
Work on stars for stripes quilt
Quilt Quilt for Kids quilt, bind
Work on beige and turquoise
Make cupcakes
Decide on UFO to work on and do something on it

Yep, I did pretty well on my goals.  Just don't ask how much I got on open ended ones starting work on....  I did get the Quilt for Kids quilt done really fast.  I think I had it completely quilted in 2.5 hours.  Amazing. Then we went out of town and I didn't get it bound.  

 Here's the Quilts for Kids quilt -- stippled (or is it meandered?) Used Glide thread with Magna Glide bobbin.  I love the sheen on this thread. The color is  Mango.  

Click on the little pic to see a close up of the meander. 

Goals for Week of 10/16/11
Bind Quilt for Kids
Make snap bags
Make wine gift bags
Change guest beds
Make shopping list for Mary Jos Cloth store trip
Put outdoor cushions away (make big bag to store them in?)
Work on beige and turquoise quilt
Work on stars for stripes quilt

Pretty weird goals list.  I agreed to do some products to sell in my neighbor's booth for the Powhatan Wine Festival.  So, I need to get some done NOW!  I'll be making a bunch of snap bags and wine gift bags from my stash.  Hey, I might actually make a dent in my stash.  Um, er, except I'm going to Mary Jo's this weekend.  And, if that falls through I'm working the booth at the festival.  Either way I'm having a great weekend. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Wow you have lots of goals to work on.

    I like the quilt and like my hubby always says just because it isn't my exact taste doesn't mean that someone else won't love it.

  2. I think turquoise and brown is going to be great. good for you on all your finishes.

  3. The brown and turquoise quilt is very attractive and will definitely be teen-friendly.

    Great job on completing your goal list.

  4. I like weird goals -- it makes for an interesting week, right??! I like the combination of browns and blues -- it's yummy! :)

  5. Looks like an eventful week ahead of you. Love the kids quilt. Too fun.

  6. I kind of like all the contrast. Makes it very interesting. :-)

  7. Oh, I want to go to Mary Jo's with you. I love that store. The first time I went there I was so overwhelmed I almost couldn't buy anything. The important word is "almost." Good goals. I need to get back to making some.


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