Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thailand Treasures and a Purse

 Kevin and Aimee spent over two weeks in Thailand for their honeymoon. We were able to keep up with them through their Facebook posts.  Now they are home, back at work and trying to get back to their normal lives.  We had several large wedding presents stored in our back guest room which I begged Kevin to come retrieve as guests are coming in a week or so.  What I didn't realize is how much stuff Kevin would bring for us!  Fun.  

Thailand Deluxe is chocolates with nuts shaped like elephants. Too, too cute. The can is curry paste. They also shared some interesting chili peppers.  Hum, we'll need to search for recipes for these.  

Kevin says I'm easy to find things for -- look at this gorgeous cotton fabric they found.  It desperately needs to be washed as it has a strong chemical smell.  But, will it hold up to machine washing?  I think I'm going to try a small piece first.  If that goes well then I'll wash both pieces with lots of color catchers included. 

They also got me this gorgeous shawl with, yes, elephants on it.  

And yes, I've been doing some sewing. 

This is The Potato Chip Bag designed by Paula Hughes. Wow!  It was so easy I can see why it's called the Potato Chip Bag -- you can't make just one.  I picked three fabrics hanging around the studio and voila! A bag in not that much time.  I worked on it in small spurts for 3 or 4 days.  Nifty. There are four pockets in it. The strap is long -- I will probably wear it across  my body.  I like orange but this is really bright.  I may need to tone it down a bit on the next one. 
 Inside has two pockets.  There are pockets on the front and the back.  The front pocket is shallower than the back and inside pockets.  Here's a pic looking down at the purse with the flap opened.  (Hey, I'm trying to be artsy with the photogs!) 

The whole purse takes 3 fat quarters and lightweight interfacing.  I used a fusible fleece on the actual purse body and interfacing on the pockets.  I haven't loaded it up and tried it yet but I will soon.  I'll keep you posted.  I am thinking it would be easy to make it slightly larger by increasing the size of the front and back purse pieces. But, this may hold just the right amount of "stuff" for me. 
I was reviewing my weekly goals and was very happy to see I worked on everything listed with one exception... getting that little quilt quilted.  I've still got a few days so maybe I'll succeed.  

Happy quilting all!  


  1. Oh Bonnie, what fun treasures! Love the colors of that gorgeous elephant shawl!

  2. Love the Potato Chip bag. Is the pattern available online?

    Elephants are good luck and revered in Thailand. Your gifts represent a lifetime of good fortune! I think the fabric will wash nicely for you. I am curious to see what you make with it.

  3. cool elephants-love the shawl.
    I made a Potato chip bag last year I think, actually I made 3! Perfect name for it! I even made one out of baseball fabrics the same day we had been invited to a Pirates game-they are the perfect size for that kind of thing

  4. Maybe try treating the fabric with Retayne or Synthropol to deal with the dye?

    Love your purse! I'm always a sucker for bright. :-)


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