Friday, November 4, 2011

Lavender Fields forever..

Oops, no not really the song but a guild field trip on Thursday. 

A intrepid group of quilters and friends headed out for Glen Allen to 
Lavender Fields to make wreathes. 

This is the beginning of Diana's.  There is floral foam in a plastic ring.  First we put in a base of greenery. 

Then we went over to the home garden to get some greens to put on the top of the wreathe.

Here's Kay working on her

Here's a finished one -- sorry don't remember who it belongs to. 

After the wreathes were done we could wander around the grounds and also check out the river near by. 

We also had a great lunch in the sun room.  Chicken salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit and yum, lavender lemonade.  We had a choice of several different ice creams for dessert.  I chose 1/2 honey and 1/2 lavender.  The honey ice cream was spectacular.  The lavender was good but I wouldn't want a lot of it at any one sitting. 

Here's the group just before we left. 

It was a beautiful day to spend out side and in the garden.  Not sure what our next field trip will be but no doubt it will be lots of fun. 

I've been working on Ruthie today.  I'm about 1/3 the way through a twin quilt.  Hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow -- at least the quilting part.  

Happy quilting all! 


  1. Oh, that looks like fun! Any excuse to spend outside is a great one!!

  2. Oh Bonnie, what a lovely day y'all had! It looks like it was such fun. And I'm sure all the wreaths were as lovely as the finished one you showed. Happy Saturday! :)

  3. It looked like a wonderful day for you and your friends. I wish there were a guild in my area. I would love to share my enjoyment with others.


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