Saturday, November 12, 2011


I will be having a bad report on fabric usage at the end of this month.  Just warning you. 

Today was the guild's live auction to raise funds to help pay for the batting for our charity quilts.  Last year I got some fabulous greens which I have been using all year long.  This year more items were bundled together. And, um, er, I bought 4 bunches of fabric.

I've gone through one of the bags so far.  It had approximately 16 1/4 yards of fabric -- for $3.00.  I only bid on it because I thought it was ridiculous to let it go for even less than that.  Turns out that each yard cost appx. 18¢ a yard.  Crazy.  And, that was the small bag. 

The second bag I looked at will no doubt have MORE fabric than the first.  Some of it was fabric book panels... which I'm not all that interested in but I might cut them up and frame with go with fabric and make baby quilts for our charity.  And, one piece was a knit.  Hum, maybe Jenny would like it to make something for Sophia.  We'll see.  

Colleen won the blocks at the retreat -- batiks sewn into these blocks.  She's already gotten the blocks sashed and put together.  Wow.  And, don't they look terrific?  When I saw what block we were using I couldn't "see" how they would be put together in a quilt.  She did a great job and now I wish I had won... but I would have had to enter a block or so to win!  

Happy Quilting All!


  1. I love it when our guild does auctions (we do them semi-annually). They're so much fun! And that batik quilt is gorgeous! She sure did put it together quickly!!

  2. I know you will find a use for every bit of the fabric.

  3. Sure beats $11-12 a yard which is what it's going for at Patches and Seminole Sampler these days (don't ask how I know)


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