Sunday, November 27, 2011

T-Day & Black Friday All Over

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with your neighbors at Jennie & Del's house.  I didn't get photos of the food before the feast but I did get a picture of the desserts.  Yum!

 From left to right Chocolate Gingerbread cake, pumpkin pie and apple pie.  Look below to see how beautiful that apple pie was. All those little leaves.  I mean, honestly it was too beautiful to eat.  NOT! And the ones I had tasted fabulously.
 We even went outside to play this crazy game.  Let's just say I didn't win.  You can't tell from here but the bean bags were in Virginia Tech colors.  Someone is a big Tech fan.

We briefly talked about doing some Black Friday shopping but really, going out at midnight to try to buy stuff?  Not me.  Pat and I were ready for bed by about 10.  Well stuffed and tired. 

I spent Friday in the studio working on the FCQ Equilter's donation quilt.  I am making blocks to go around the applique piece.  I was tickled to use my V Block Trimmer by Deb Tucker when making a block. I really like Debbie's rulers.  I get really accurate blocks using them. Here's the section I was making. 
 I used the ruler to cut the correct pieces.  Then I trimmed it down to the correct size.
 And, with very little effort I had my pieces sewn and trimmed.  I like that the pointy parts are trimmed while cutting the pieces.

Here is the block that I made.

Which way do you like best?

Does it even matter?

Check back tomorrow to see some of the blocks I've already finished.

Did you support the buy local Saturday?  I did!  I grabbed Diana and went off to our local quilt store.  Jennie met us there because she wanted to buy some fabric for a winter quilt.  I bought some blue fabric to use for a baby quilt and two pieces of red.  Yes, I know I'm adding to my stash but I've blown my acquisitions out of the water so why not buy what you nee  um, want to get?  They were also having a great sale buy two of anything and get the third free.  So I bought 2 half yard pieces and got the third one free.  And, I never have many reds around cause I use them so much.

I've been bad about blogging.  So I'm hopeful I can get about 3 blogs a week written for the rest of the year.  I always do Design Wall Mondays but I need to add a couple of more postings.  Sounds like a great new year's resolution. But let's see how well I do for December.

Happy Quilting All.  


  1. I actually did go to a local quilt shop on Saturday! Otherwise I hadn't thought about it. We just planned on no shopping at all.

    Isn't that game called cornhole? We had no clue what it was when we moved down here and had to look it up when we saw some signs for cornholing!

  2. No shopping on Friday or Saturday, but I did go for a long walk each day.

    Great progress on the blocks. I like both settings.

  3. Wow, that's the most beautiful pie I've ever seen. CORNHOLE!!! It originated in my neck of the woods - Northeast Ohio!!! Fun game. I like both colorways on your block, the one with the yellow inside obviously makes the stars stand out more, but I also like the more subtle stars with the green. I started on Larry's quilt, I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the top - hopefully I'll get it done before Christmas. See ya!


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