Saturday, June 28, 2014

Color Challenge Block -- Done in the Nick of Time!

Here's the yellow block for the color challenge sponsored by SOScraps.  I'm getting pretty good at these blocks although I still grab my notes for the number of each units I need to cut. All the triangles are cut on my Sizzix which makes them go really fast. 

I'm not sure I shared these blocks before or not.  These chicks are FCQ Equilter blocks and are way overdue! I lost the eyes for the longest time. Pam sent us buttons to use.  I finished the blocks probably after the due date.  Then went to sew the buttons on but couldn't find them.  Yet I knew I had seen them fairly recently.  Fast forward another month or so as June was really busy.  I've been completing several hand projects and was sifting through my pouch of hand sewing stuff.  Low and behold I found the 6 buttons sitting in the pouch carefully put away so I wouldn't lose them.  Forget them?  Definitely.  But lose them -- no!  It was short work to give these chickies sight.  Next week they will go in the mail. They are so darn cute I might need to make a flock for myself. 

Joan's blocks which we are suppose to finish during May and June are also done.  They were fun to do and went together quickly.  No doubt I'll stick these in the mail at the same time I send Pam's and I'll be ready for the next block assignment.  

I'm connecting up with Soscrappy:  Scrap Happy Saturday -- Farewell to Yellow.   Hum, I wonder what color will come up in July? 

It's time to hit the studio to sew.  I've got a quilt to get the binding on and sewn down by Monday.  Another one awaits on Ruthie.  Time's a flying! 

Happy Quilting All. 


  1. Great work on the yellow. Glad you were able to use your cutter. That should help things go faster. Super cute little birdies. They look even better with eyes than they would without.

  2. THose chicks are adorable, so cute. Would make a great kids quilt xx

  3. June's blocks - right down to the wire! I love the yellow.

    The chick blocks are adorable.

  4. Love your yellow block and those chicks are just darling. I have lost fabric or rulers or something I needed for a project, I try to be more organized, but that doesn't always happen.

  5. Great yellows and those chicks are super cute.

  6. Great work on the yellow. That little cutter sure makes quick work of the HST. The little chicks are too cute.


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