Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Wall Monday 6-9-2014

It was a GREAT retreat weekend. 

Here's what I got done:
This is called Two's Company by Karie Patch Design.  Here's the link to Karie Patch Designs.  It really can be made in just a few hours. I had the fish fabric bordered before I got to retreat but I did the rest on Friday. It will go to a NICU at a local hospital through the Country Piecemakers guild. 

Next I moved on to these hearts that I had won from a Faithful Circle monthly lotto block.  I met several of the gals who had made these blocks.  It was great to put a face with a name. 
I'm sad to report that this did NOT become a top this weekend. I'm so bummed!  I failed to cut 4 - 6.5" red blocks.  Needless to say I couldn't sew the top together.  Moral of the story is to bring all of your fabric with you.  And, honestly, I did bring most of the fabric I was working with, just not this red.  It will take about an hour or two to finish this.  I sewed this in columns so all I'll have to do is add the red squares, finish sewing each of the outside columns and then sew the three columns together. Easy Peasy!

Here's what I did with the leftover heart blocks.  It is 36" square so I don't know if I will border it.  It will go to either a NICU or a local nursing home.

Next I worked on a Mystery for Relay quilt I started last year.  I believe it was Mystery 28.  I've had the center done for a while and all I needed to do was add the two borders.  I waited until Sharon got there for a consultation on the color of the smaller border.  She and I agreed on lighter green from the squares but most everyone else thought I should use the beige background.  And, yes, they were correct.   This will be given to my church for their annual auction.  I suspect this will get a goodly number of bids on it. 

I didn't get photos of the last main project I worked on.  I sewed the blocks together for Carolina Christmas mystery by Bonnie Hunter from 2009, or at least that's the date I had on the card that I keep info on what stage I was at.  Before I left I cut the pieces of the pieced border and used those as enders as I worked on the other projects.  This is the only major project I did not get finished.  In fact, I didn't even get a picture of it.  It won't be hard to finish once I have time to get back to it.  

Here's a quick review of my goals from last week and what's up for this week.  
Week of June 2, 2014
Finish pincushions
Sew heart quilt together
Finish Mystery Quilt into a top
Get Carolina Christmas together and make borders
Make backing for Dots for Tots/sailboat quilt still needs 1 seam…
Spend an afternoon with Sophie
Enjoy FCQ retreat in Maryland
Week of June 9, 2014
Quilt charity quilt
Make brown bag blocks
Cut fabric for Mystery of Powhatan 
Send out reminder about CP meeting
Unpack projects
Keep working on pieced border of Carolina Christmas
Write up directions for BOM for CP
Sew last seam on Dots for Tots/sailboat quilt

It was a pretty good week for my goals.  I was very happy to bring so many unfinished projects to quilt top stage.  You'll be seeing some "make backings" goals over the next few weeks.  I would love to get some good finishes so I can start making a dent in my fabric purchases this year! 

I leave with this picture of the sunset over the Chester River.  This was what we saw if we looked out of the windows of the sewing room at retreat.  The weather was fabulous but ugh -- the bugs were annoying.  The only other annoying thing about the retreat was I was catching a horrendous cold.  I didn't realize it early enough so I couldn't counteract it with Zicam.  A couple of weeks ago I did realize I was catching something and took nearly a whole bottle and never came down with anything.  On my way out I stopped at Target and loaded up on stuff I thought I would need to be able to function.  Believe me I would have preferred to be completely healthy but between my pharmaceutical stash and Pat's cough suppresent I did pretty well.  Of course, today I am coughing my head off even with the suppresent which I got early this morning.  I need to be back in shape by Saturday as Country Piecemakers is having a mystery quilt day! 

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times to go to design walls across the Internet.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Good accomplishments. You have been busy. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Great job on your retreat progress.

    Thanks for the link for the Two's Company quilt.

  3. The weekend really was great fun....

  4. I love your auction quilt. The colors go together so nicely. The border fabric is really pretty.
    Beautiful sunset, too.

  5. You had a very productive retreat. Love both your heart projects. Hope you get to feeling better soon. That upper respiratory virus made the rounds at work last month. It wasn't fun.

  6. Wow..look how much you got done! Just LOVE the mystery quilt and I am sure that is going to bring in a nice sum for the church!!


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