Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilts at Appomatox Courthouse

Here are pictures of quilts that are displayed in the houses that are part of the Appomattox Court House  National Historic Park. Friday we all went down there to take a look.  I failed to ask the park rangers about the quilts although it is obvious that these are not old quilts with the exception of a crib quilt.  Some look too crisp and "white" for me to think of them as true reproductions...
This is in the main bedroom which was actually on the right as you walk in the front door. Notice the bear's paw quilt on the chest at the end of the bed.  The McClean House is a typical center hall house.  Across from this room is the surrender room where General Lee and General Grant agreed to the terms of surrender for the Army of Northern Virginia.
This is a beautiful quilt with an interesting use of diamonds on the border.  It looks very crisp and white. It was in an upstairs bedroom that had at least two beds in it and toys.  I wasn't sure exactly what this was suppose to be... it must have been a treadle machine at some point but I wasn't sure there was actually a sewing machine on the table.  Again, this was in the children's room.
The downstairs held the kitchens and a dining room.   I think this cradle and quilt was in one of dining rooms.   The quilt is faded and worn but it looks like it might be an old album block quilt.

This quilt was in the slave quarters.

Pictured below is the McClean family on the steps of the house.  It was taken several months after the surrender, in August 1865.  Sorry it is so small but it is borrowed from Appomattox Court House  National Historic Park website.  Click on the name to visit.
I find it interesting that my house echoes the look of this house with the same steps up to the main floor and a big front porch.  But we have more rooms on the side and, of course, a 2 car garage! 

Of course, I need to spotlight Sophi... she was very well behaved during the visit although she was more interested in the great outdoors than the history or the buildings.

She's really good at posing for the camera unless she has to look into the sun or a flash goes off in her face.  I guess we take her picture so often that she knows to look and smile... sometimes she does it and others ... well you know 18 month olds!  

Happy Quilting All! 

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  1. Great quilts displayed in such lovely period rooms. Ms. Sophi is dahling . . . .


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