Monday, December 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday 12-2-13 & Nov Stashbusting

HEY FOLKS!  It's December!  Yikes! 
Here's what I'm working on, no not piecing it, quilting it on the long arm.  Jenny made this over the last year or so as a quilt along.  Now that it is done I'm doing custom quilting on it.  It's challenging to come up with something different to do in each of the 1" strips between the rows.  Here are some close ups.

I'm doing "water" look in this border.  I'm keeping the lines parallel to the inside of the quilt with the corners done on a diagonal.  I will have to turn the quilt to efficiently do the side borders.  But it is really easy to turn quilts with the snap on system.  

Below is one of the houses.  I am tickled with the roof top.  I carefully marked the places I wanted to start, hit in the middle and end up at.  My "U"s aren't perfect but they certainly look good as a roof! Jenny is going to have a whole lot of threads to tie off on this quilt.  I've been tying off on some but I really need to focus on finishing this as we are going up to Jen's this week. 

I didn't post my Stashbusting stats so here they are. It was a good month. I've almost used more fabric than I have acquired for the whole year.  Yee Haw!  Of course, if I hadn't cut the placemat fabrics wrong I would have USED more fabric for the year.  But I'm getting really close. 
Fabric In Month
Fabric in Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

How about my goals this week?  Most items are checked off for at least working on them.  Some need a bit more to finish but I'm pretty happy with what I got done. 
Week of November 25, 2013
Load and quilt Kay’s green quilt
Make more placemats (I’m aiming for 10)
Finish hand sewing binding on black, white and bright baby quilt
Sew last two rows of x block together and on to the rest of the quilt√ blocks are in rows but not on the quilt
Cook and Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner
Make one more house block and get it in the mail block made but waiting for address – I’ve lost it!
Load Jenny’s Row-by-row quilt√ and several rows are done

And coming up this week: 
Week of December 2, 2013
Finish quilting Jenny’s quilt
Finish and mail a secret project
Keep working on placemats (4 to go)
Make 2 pillow cases for Christmas Quilt
Keep up on the knitting projects
Visit Mt Vernon
Visit with Sophie, Natalie, Jenny and Brian
Sing at the Advent Lessons and Carols service

Check out Patchwork Times to find links to Design Walls across the Web. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Love the bright colors and tiled roof! Great idea, I may steel that one!

  2. Hi Bonnie....You are soooo busy and getting so much accomplished. I was impressed with your organization of lists and stats. So glad you stopped by CollectInTexas Gal today for Design Wall Monday. I have visited your blog before for the Scrap Squad 2012. I thought I had become a Follower then, but am now.

    I know how challenging custom quilting can be to make each section different. I too am a LongArm quilter...her name is QuiltALottie and we do lots of quilts, too. So nice to meet you and Thanks again for stopping by CITexas Gal.
    Sue CollectInTexas Gal
    PS...I like your background...LOL...same as mine...great visual minds and all!!!

  3. Great job on crossing so many things off of your "To Do" list!

    I love the roof on the house, too.

    Wishing you another productive week.

  4. What a great quilt you have on the frame. I love the roof tile! Can't wait to see it done.


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