Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow and Ice and Snow and Ice and Rain

Yep, we are caught up in the snow mess that hit the deep south.  Overnight we got about 8 to 10" of snow. 

Last week we moved the forsythias from the side of the front of the house to inside the backyard fence in the corner.  They had taken over the bed they were in.  I'm looking forward to seeing them going wild in this location.  And, honestly, if I had been supervising this they would be farther apart.  They'll be too crowded in two years.  Evidently some daffodil bulbs got moved with them.  Should be a beautiful yellow display once spring decides to come. 

The dogs are on my bad dog list.  One went to bed last night without relieving himself.  Then this morning at 7 when they wanted to go out neither of them did their business.  No breakfast for bad dogs.  Heck, no water either.  About an hour later I took Kona out.  Pat had cleared off the deck and walk way by the grass.  She was totally freaked out over falling through the thin layer of ice over the snow.  Grr...  Raggs wanted to go out when I went back for him.  He must have been desperate as he was done and on to breakfast quickly.  

Meantime, I stomped around in the grass trying to make a space that Kona won't fall through the snow. Silly dog kept jumping to the unpacked snow from where I was working and then running back to the sidewalk because she was falling through.  Eventually there was success.  Breakfast was served for her too. Water was restored.  I can't wait until lunch and dinner... right.

Forecasters are calling for more snow, sleet and rain starting around noon and lasting most of the afternoon.  We are thrilled to have power still as trees are icy.  I'm heading up to the studio to work on an embroidery that will say SPRING!  I will be more than ready for it when it decides to come our way.  Now if we can just keep electricity while I work.  Hopefully I can post a photo of my sweatshirt tomorrow or the next day.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. forsythia are beautiful but they are hardy. My dad always said they'd grow on the roof as lon as they had some water! We have a large stand of them along the driveway fence. Paul had to prune them to the ground last year--with a chain saw, but we weren't thinking ahead of how to move the tangled masses. He had to hook them to the tractor and even that was tough going. I'm sure if someone had video taped us it would have been comical (as long as no sound, cuz we were cussing) Hoping we've learned a good lesson and keep up on the pruning...not holding my breath.
    Dogs can be a royal pain sometimes. Just gave Otis a long overdue bath, he's been given daily reprieves because of the sub zero temps. You'd think I was trying to do some kind of water torture on him. And the groomer says he's an angel. They must drug him.
    Hope you're power stays on for you. sorry for the letter. :)

  2. At least the Forsythia are getting some water...kind of.... Nothing like a wet heavy snow though...took me 20 minutes just to shovel about 50' of walkway!

  3. At least your transplants will have plenty of moisture. ;o)

  4. It looks like a winter wonder land. Glad you still have power. Enjoy your cozy stitching time this weekend.


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