Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Top Done!

That is the top only, not quilted yet.  

I brought Carolina Christmas and Easy Street to work on while providing a bit of coverage for Kevin while Aimee was on a work trip to South Korea.  (Yep, a way far away trip!)  I'm basically dropping off Ellie and picking her up from day care which works nicely for all of us.  I planned to do some heavy duty sewing on these two quilts.  

It was working well until yesterday afternoon when daycare called to tell us that Ellie was puking.  Yuck.  Everything she ate at lunch was gone through the wrong end.  Pat and I scurried over there to to pick her up.  No day care for Ellie for a while.  Kevin made a doctor's appt for us to take her in the next day.  

At dinner she had another "episode"  but it might have been more that she was eating too fast and perhaps too much.  Who knew there was faucet from stomach back to mouth?  

Fast forward to this am.  She slept really well last night.  Drank a tiny bit of formula and a ate little bit of oatmeal.  A little bit more liquid.  Dr. says, sorry, some sort of stomach bug and don't be surprised if you get it too.  OH FUN.  On the other hand, Ellie has kept everything I have given her down today.  I've upped her formula to 4 oz and she slurped it down so fast I thought we might turn that faucet on again.  But, no.  (Thank you very much.)  She's even slept through some work being done on the house.  I can't imagine she'll sleep all that much longer but she might.  

I did get this Carolina Christmas top completely done.  Remember last picture of it here? No one commented about the left border and the right border not being put on the same way.  I didn't notice it until I was fixing the upper left block of the top border.  The whole left side was put on facing the wrong way.  I ripped and re sewed that.  I fixed the corner block.  I've sewn the bottom border together and then onto the quilt.  It is DONE. (subject to careful review to make sure everything is in the right place.)  Once I get backing for it I will get this one quilted and bound.  Hopefully, soon although I have a lot of things planned over the next few weeks.  

Maybe tomorrow during Ellie's naps I can get a bit farther on my Easy Street. I'm at step 6 but I need to review everything from the first clue to see if I wrote notes about how many blocks I was actually going to make of this quilt.  Ellie can use an extra day away from day care so she doesn't get this bug again. (can bugs repeat once you've had them?) 

I'll be going back home on Saturday unless I have succumbed to the bug.  (I'm having very positive thoughts that I won't get this bug!)  I'll probably sleep for several days cause it is tiring playing with Ellie.  I'll be coming back up for her birthday party next Saturday.  Then it's going to be beach time again.  Not as much quilting getting done but having a good time with Ellie. 

Happy Quilting All. 


  1. I'm sure it is a relief to Ellie's mom that you are taking such good care of her little one with the stomach bug, especially since she is so far away.

    Love the quilt top. Fingers crossed that you avoid the bug.

  2. Hope all is well on the stomach bug front. Your Carolina Christmas looks great!


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