Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stash Busting Report September - 2014

The tide is turning.  And, no, I'm not talking about the beach house.  I'm talking about using my fabric stash rather than adding to it.  This month's numbers are great.  

Fabric In Month
Fabric in Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

I have been saving quilts all summer waiting for Ruthie to get her computerization done.  Since that has been finished I've been able to quilt several quilts this month.  The great news is I have several more to do.  If I get two or three of the bigger quilts done I will have another fabulous month.  

In other news, my retreat starts tomorrow.  I'll be sewing and talking and eating and shopping for three nights and four days. I have several projects organized and ready to go:  Wild Dogs, Scrappy Gridlock (the new quilt), two of a small secret project which I hope to share next week, and Carolina Christmas.  I will prepare 3 blocks or so from Christmas Favorites in hopes that I make some headway on them.  I always plan too much so that I don't run out of things to work on.  It hasn't really happened to me but I've seen gals who run through their project/s and then start looking for anything others might have.  Some folks bring extra charity quilts for that reason.  

One thing that might happen this weekend is some fabric shopping.  Yikes!  I plan on hitting two quilt stores and I have two different fabrics I'm looking for.  (gah! I hate ending a sentence with a preposition but I also hate the very formal "for which I am looking."  So, excuse the mutilation of the grammar and let's stay casual here.) 

 I leave you with a photo Pat got of a hummer coming in to the feeder.  The hummer is in the bottom right of the pic, just above the .com.  I am not seeing many hummers around any more.  We see one or two but I bet they'll all be heading south by the end of the weekend.  My goal for next year is to find a glass feeder that will hold a lot less food and be much easier to clean. Safe travels hummers.  

Time for me to start cutting Christmas Favorites blocks.  One more sleep before retreat. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. It's fun to see the stash numbers decreasing rather than increasing.

    Have fun at the retreat.

  2. Great stash numbers this month. Hope you get even better numbers next month.

    Have fun this weekend.


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