Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday 12 - 1 - 2014

We had a great time at the beach over Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, the weather was pretty cold and occasionally really raw.  Thanksgiving dinner was interesting and we'll probably not do that again.  It was crowded and noisy but the food was plentiful and most of it was really tasty.  Here's my big creative activity this week. 
One sock finished, one at the heal flap. 
I did take lots of pictures of the grands though.  It was hard to get good pictures of Sophie as she doesn't want pictures taken.  Every once and a while I snuck a few pictures.  Ellie, on the other hand, seemed to sparkle when she heard the click of the cameras.

Before Sophie, Natalie and parents got here we went out for pancakes at Stack 'Em High.  We were surprised when they brought out this cute stack of pancakes for Ellie.  We all thought their pancakes were wonderful. Especially Ellie.  She pretty much ate the whole stack. 

It rained all day Wednesday so not much happened outdoors except running the three dogs outside for breaks.  Yuck! 

Thursday morning was cold but clear.  Pat, Aimee and Kevin ran in a 5K. They each earned a T Shirt that said Run, Eat, Nap.  They ran by our house twice so the rest of us stood by the roadside to cheer them on.  I was holding Ellie so I didn't get any photos. 

This box kept their attention off and on all weekend.  Sometimes it was a drum, sometimes it was a present, some times it was toy storage. It was great seeing them playing together so well.  Ok, so we had our share of complaints and catastrophes but overall playtime was great.

We tried to get some pictures for Christmas cards.  Jenny and Brian got some great ones of the girls at the beach.  But I got a picture after both of them let me brush their hair and put in new hair ties with pictures of the characters from Frozen on them. 

Photo shoot at the sound.  She doesn't mind those big headbands that hold her bows. She really is a cutie.  And, has a very even temperament.  When she had a dramatic moment it was because she was either too tired or too hungry.  She likes to eat and then  works it off.  She really wanted to go up and down the stairs which meant everyone had to keep an eye on her.

We took the dogs to the beach one day.  Cassie, Kevin's dog, would chase her ball forever.  She even got soaked by a couple of waves.  We kept the black dogs out of the water although Kona was happy to chase after Cassie for a bit.  Unfortunately, Raggs doesn't hear well (or has selective hearing) so he wasn't allowed to run free.  

Ellie and Raggs were watching what was happening out the front door as the car was loaded up.  Raggs is a great dog with the kids. He's so mellow and doesn't mind them playing with him.  I sometimes think they could use him as a pillow and he wouldn't bat an eye. 

I had very few goals for this week and I got them all accomplished! 

Week of November 24, 2014
Finish turquoise blue sock √
Start second turquoise blue sock√
Enjoy time with the grands: Ellie, Natalie and Sophia√

I've been so focused on finishing that one quilt I haven't shown you yet and then being at the beach house, I'm not sure what I need to do upstairs.  I do know the next item up on Ruthie is a Virginia Tech quilt made by Kay.  The rest of the goals are what I think needs to be done. 

Week of December 1, 2014
Start and finish Hokie quilt for Kay
Finish up blocks that need to be mailed out
Mail out blocks for various recipients
Continue knitting on turquoise blue sock
Order Christmas Cards
Get one of my quilts quilted
Clean quilt studio; put new fabrics away

Take some time this week to visit Patchwork Times to find links to Design Walls all over the internet. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Family time is wonderful! Glad you had such a nice visit with yours. Love your socks!

  2. How I love photos of children and dogs, and the one of Ellie and Raggs is a keeper!

  3. Family time is the best! What a bunch of cutie pies!! Love the socks.

  4. Thanksgiving at the beach with such cuties, goodness what fun!!! That last one of little Ellie and Raggs is so adorable, looks like they are really good buddies, how sweet.

  5. Sounds like you had a very happy, if a bit crazy Thanksgiving.


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