Monday, November 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday 11 - 30 - 2015

We had a nice Thanksgiving -- just Pat and I.  Dinner was small but delish and wasn't overloaded with carbohydrates.  Pat brined the turkey which made for a really juicy turkey.  The kids were off at their in-laws houses which means we'll be together for Christmas.  We trade holidays each year which works very well for all of us.  

I was reading a blog this am and the blogger said there were 3 weeks until Christmas. Well, as of this Friday. But ARGH!  Three weeks?  Is that all?  I've been making progress on Christmas presents but I'm no where near to finishing all the things I'm planning on doing.  Here's the start of a pair of mittens I'm making for the girls.  One pair is done.  This one I started 3 times before I got the size right and followed the pattern correctly.  The girls will be getting mittens with a fleece hat to match.  Well, as well as I can match the fleece to the yarn I picked out. This yarn is Jelli Beenz by Plymouth Yarn Company. It is fun to see how it knits up.  Feels so soft.  My plan is to eventually make 3 mittens for each girl. Since the mitts can be worn on either the right or left hand I figure an extra one will come in handy if one is lost. 

As long-time readers know I have 3 granddaughters 5, 3 and 2.  I generally make things for them in their favorite colors.  When I embroider items on things I generally pick a design for each girl.  I'm considering using the same design on the fleece hats I'll be making rather than using different designs.  I have a snowman design that will look really cute on the edge of the hat brim. You can see the directions and the darling hat here. I have several on the edge animals I could use but I have no idea about favorite animals.  Which is why I'm thinking the snowman will be easiest especially since I'm doing appliqué instead of stitching out each design.  I'm thinking I need to use a fleece for the appliqué design and I'd only need to buy one set of colors. (Or beg scraps off a friend.)   Any thoughts?  Anybody do machine embroidery? 

Last week most of my time was spent finishing quilts for customers.  I forgot to take pictures of one of them so can only share this one.  The quilt was wonderful to begin with and she picked a perfect pattern and thread.  I'm sorry the quilting doesn't show well on the front in the picture. But the back is wonderful.  The design is African Samba, So Fine thread in a dark brown, Warm and Natural batting. You can see African Samba on the green, blue and beige quilt here. The design is so much better on this jelly roll race quilt.  

I did pretty well on my goals last week.  The hardest part is I'm getting busier and I can't remember if I did something last week or the week before.  Sigh. 
Week of November 23, 2015
Quilt Jelly Roll Quilt 2
Start Twinkle quilt√ finished
Continue sewing Easy Street together nothing done!
Make more mittens√ another one is started
Start some embroideries
Quilt charity quilt

Here's what's on tap for this week. 
Week of November 30, 2015
Bind charity quilt
Do more embroideries
Finish 2 pairs of mittens
Finish snowballs
Work on quilt/s for Stacey
Try to squeeze in Easy Street

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Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I like the ombre effect in that quilt. The samba pattern looks like one I could sew with my DSM. Thanks for the idea! Glad you and Pat had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

  2. I love the idea of knitting three mittens for gift giving. The extra one can become an ornament, if not used.

  3. Very pretty quilt! Your quilting design choice was perfect.


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