Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Design Wall Tuesday -- A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

Whatever!  Here it is Tuesday and I'm doing my normal Monday post.  I think I would be better off if I actually wrote my Monday post on Sunday.  Maybe then I would get back on track! What's been happening this past week... 

I stitched out a few edge to edge designs on Ruthie.  I figure it is nice to be able to show someone what a design actually looks like on fabric. This is called Chamomile, designed by Denise Schillinger.  I bought it at DigitechPatterns.com.   

My order came in from Connecting Threads.  Oooh boy!  What was I thinking?  I sure bought a lot of fabrics.  One thing I was thinking was these prices were too good to pass up. I ended up with over 12 yards of fabric.  Mostly in fat quarters so I got a good variety.  
I spent some time drawing a little 9 patch quilt in EQ.  I don't use EQ as much as I should but I was super tickled I was able to draw what I really want to make with those cute little 9 patches I showed you in my last post.  When I get the ok from my customer I'll get going on this little one. 

I thought I hadn't done well on my goals this week but when I looked at them, I realized I actually had done ok.  I'm making forward progress. 
Week of November 2, 2015
Quilt samples of various different quilt designs
Quilt one charity quilt
Cross Stitch – FINISH it NOW! √ all stitched now to make them up!
Easy Street – make setting triangles -- 2 done, 10 to go
Add border to Zig Zag quilt nope!  
Here's this week's goals... 
Week of November 9, 2015
Quilt donation quilts (acually 2)
Finish setting triangles for Easy Street
Make up cross stitch ornaments
Finish another pair of mittens
Add border to Zig Zag quilt

Here's a picture of Sophie reading a book given to Ellie for her birthday.  Sophie loves books! She's sitting in a little recliner we gave Ellie for Christmas last year.  It gets used a lot! 

That's it for me today.  I'm linking up with Love Laugh Quilt, Freemotion by the River and Blossom Heart Quilts.  Take a look at what's going on in studios across the internet. 

Happy Quilting! 


  1. okay busy girl, still getting it done aren't you!
    the fabrics look fun, and if you got a good price, then, they'll keep. LeeAnna

  2. The nine-patch design is wonderful and looks like it would be fun to make.

    I love to see children reading books at a young age!

  3. Good to see a little one reading already ... nurturing a life-long love of books and of reading. I love how you're going to use those nine patches.

  4. OK, fellow UFO Buster! That is some stash building you are doing! That is fine, because they are not started projects yet, right? :-)

  5. Beautiful quilting pattern. I really like that plan for the 9 patches. Hope you get caught up this week.

  6. You know when I see some sales on fabrics I can't go through and just HAVE to buy something. Mostly my "something" means a lot!)

  7. Beautiful quilt design and wow....look at the neat fabrics!! Have fun with them!


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