Friday, April 15, 2016

Faithful Circle Quilters 2016 Quilt Show

The Maryland weather has been beautiful this week.  I arrived in Columbia with plenty of time to deliver my small collection of items I want to sell at the Peddler's Table way before they planned to quit for the night on Wednesday.  

If you live anywhere near Columbia, you should make an effort to come see over 300 quilts hung for the biennial quilt show put on by Faithful Circle Quilters.  It will be open from 10 to 4 on Saturday, April 16th at the First Presbyterian Church of Howard County at routes 108 and 29.  Watch for the signs directing you to the show. 

Here's a peak at some of the quilts on display:
Building Friendships by Beth Bohac 
These rail fence blocks were exchanged at a retreat.  I like how the black sashing sets off the blocks.  I know I have a collection of these blocks. So, why I haven't I put these together in a pretty quilt like this? I love the lime green and tangerine borders.  This quilt just moved these blocks up a notch or two on my to do list.  Hum, retreat is next month.  This would definitely be an easy quilt to make during that.  
Aunt Grace: Simple Sampler By Debbie Jensen
I was really taken with this quilt.  I have a lot of 30's fabric.  But the part that really pricked my imagination is all of the appliqué blocks were preprinted.  Somewhere I have a Baltimore album preprint, hopefully of blocks, and this would be a great jumping off point to use my blocks.  So, another idea to add to my to do list. 
Scrap Quilt I couldn't read the name on the tag and didn't take a close up of the tag. 
I thought this was a wonderful way to use up a lot of small squares.  If you save your scraps and cut into various size squares, this might be the way to put them to use.  Do you participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge?  I say I do but I've never made more than 4 or 5 blocks.  But couldn't you just see a quilt like this with each block was made of one color from the scrap challenge?  Am I talking myself into another quilt I need want to make? Here's a close up of this one. Ah yes, this is actually a 9 patch made from 9 patches.  Too clever. 

That's it from me tonight.  I'm linking up with Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? and Fabric Frenzy Friday from Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  I hope to post more pictures from this show during the next week or two.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I love that scrap quilt with the tiny squares of course! I never even thought to put my postage stamp blocks on point - that would be another wonderful way to make one - must keep it in mind

  2. I love the Scrap Quilt made of nine patches. Must save onto the bucket list, now about two miles long.

  3. Oh my, the photos certainly do inspire thoughts of future projects. The show must be filled with tempting ideas.

  4. nice photos...I didn't get there but maybe next the way, how did your sale go?

  5. Some gorgeous quilts at the show. Hope you had a wonderful time.


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